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Dog Begs for The Rev

10/31/2007 7:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DOG CHAPMAN, AL SHARPTONTMZ has learned that Dog the Bounty Hunter has already contacted Rev. Al Sharpton, hoping to explain the racist telephone call Dog made to his son.

We're told The Rev, who is currently preaching in Daytona Beach, Fla., and hasn't heard the tape, is considering having a dialog with Chapman, but will not make his decision until he has a chance to listen.

UPDATE: TMZ has received the following statement from The Rev:
"Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network and the organization's Decency Initiative are unequivocally against the use of the "N" word in any context. While people have the freedom to express themselves in any matter in private, when those private conversations become public, it becomes our responsibility to state, as we always have, that we condemn the use of this word as racist and derogatory. Dog the Bounty Hunter has reached out to Reverend Sharpton who is traveling to promote his March on the U.S. Justice Department on November 16th against Hate Crimes and Racial Attacks and therefore Rev. Sharpton has not had a chance to hear the audio of the remarks. However, until he does hear the audio, National Action Network maintains that is against the use of the "N" word."

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Al Sharpton is a big Racist he cares only about Blacks

2547 days ago

Cali Queen    

LMAO fry him Al.

2547 days ago


Obviously based on the fact that there is a tape of the phone conversation make sme thing his son's girlfriend has a motive. This IS a private phone conversation, whih was taped and is an invasion of privacy. They better look deep into this girlfriend.

2547 days ago


what a stupid-ass that sharpton-fat ass any credibility. why even validate sharpton's existence!!!!

2547 days ago


Leave Al alone. Him need to get busy with him rappers singing and naming albums after them words
No big deal to them-no big deal to me

2547 days ago

Always Curious    

I am tired of B I G A L he needs to go get a real job either that or start cleaning up his own yard before he points fingers at other!

2547 days ago


Al Sharpton is a freaking racist

2547 days ago


Give Dog a damn break! this man was having a PRIVATE CONVERSATION with his son and was not voicing his beliefs on the public. Someone taped this conversation and made it public!! What a man says inside his home, office and to his family should not matter, how he acts to the public should!

2547 days ago


Anything said in private should be left that way. Looks like he was set up by his own kid.

2547 days ago


Is Al Sharpton the emperor of black people? I guess he's not getting any publicity from the cake riot in Palmdale

2547 days ago


Why is it that when celebs screw up and use this offensive word and go on a tirade like this, they call Al Sharpton? Why is that? Who appointed Al Sharpton to be the Grand Poobah of race relations? I don't get it. Al is a publicity-seeking opportunist who likes nothing better than to be in front of a camera and/or behind a microphone. How did he ever become the offiicial go-to guy for repentence of racial tirades?

2547 days ago

Lenn K.    

Bad move, kissing the butt of a black racist.

2547 days ago

oj simpson    

hey dog it's me and sit by me bro, boy we smoke a little herb drink a little henney and talk about how the world is out to get know i didn't kill nichole and i know that wasn't your voice on that recording either........i feel ya bro and you are right here ...peace, love and soulllll train

2547 days ago

oj simpson    

this world is heading for a race war at 100 m.p.h......and i would hate to be white cause i heard mike tyson is off his medication again

2547 days ago


Go with the flow thinks dog said this to Sharpton's son this was to dogs son...who sold this conversation to the enquirer magazine...Not much of a family. I read last year his x wife and x girlfriend a his drug dealer say he still does crack...I believe this dog man is a hypocrite...thats what I think...maybe this is Karma, what goes around comes around. People should say as they wish in private, but he proclaims to love all people...I think he's trash that got opinion

2547 days ago
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