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Don Vito Collapses after Conviction

10/31/2007 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Vito has been found guilty of two counts of sexual assault on a child. He was acquitted on one count.

Vito, real name Vincent Margera, who is Bam Margera's outrageous uncle on MTV's "Viva La Bam," was accused of fondling three girls during a public appearance at a mall in a Denver suburb. The victims of the sexual assault were 12 and 13. After the verdict was read, Don collapsed to the floor and yelled, "Just kill me now!" Deputies restrained him -- and took his ass off to jail.

celeb mugshots - click to launchThe crappy uncle still faces 12 felony counts for allegedly violating his bail; he was to have no contact with children under 18, and not consume drugs or alcohol, and was to provide detailed information on any business travel. The verdict on those counts is still pending. Vito will be sentenced on December 20.


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I cant beweve dat he did dis!!! fiojn ip fipfnpioo ipfv ipvnipvn-9n enipvnincibibvo ipn p nipvnipnpivn n iidopvniniop nnvipvnipnipn

2525 days ago


Response to Alexander Dunetz's Comment:

You're just angry because that old *** geezer pervert was not fondling you, your grandmom, mom, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, etc. all at once! Us mature intelligent people on this blog do not like dirty old perverts looking at our young girls let alone fondling them (you dumb ass)!

2525 days ago


Chester the molester...I can't stand them!!!

2525 days ago


Most here don't realize that it is common for Colorado to pass out life sentences for this type of activity over 1,000 at last count. A real perv wouldn't have done this in public. The sentence will not match the crime in Don's case. Don actually did something and there is evidence. This is not always so. Some poor unfortunate souls have been convicted by juries and received life sentences when the only evidence was the allegation of spoiled, out of control teen. Colorado teens know this and have used this as leverage against their parents. In my mind this is equivalent to a mob lynching or the Salem witch hunts. While almost everyone is in agreement that our children need protection and child abuse should be dealt with severely; at the same time we should turn on our brains and not go bezerk. Don is looking at the possibility of life in prison. Death for many would be a much kinder punishment.

2523 days ago


The "little"girls were little skanks trying to cash in on some $ &/or publicity. They tricked him. And I read that his sentence can be anywhere from 2 years to life. Are you kidding me? Life?! That's a little extreme, you have pevs who actually molest/rape children under 12 & get less time. What's wrong with the justice system? I hope they free him I don't think he did anything that he wrong, these girls falsified their ages.

2518 days ago


Thou shall not judge. Don Vito is many things but a molester is NOT one of them. He was at a Public Appearance & was in full character. Someone else on here made perfect sense, something should have been addressed after the 1st incident. This is NOT

2518 days ago


Oh my God,I can't believe!That's imposible,I thought that he is strange and ccrazy,but never think that he can do something like this.I still can't believe in this!

2514 days ago


Oh my God,I can't believe!I thought him for strange and crazy,but nevet thought that he can to do something like this.It's imposible!I still can't believe!

2514 days ago

A Friend From West Chester!!    

No one really knows the real Vito!! He is really a good guy!! If you really knew him you would believe that he would NEVER hurt a child!!!! And I know him well!!! He doesn't deserve all of this!! None of you know him!!!!

2514 days ago


fat disgusting, ugly as sin, despicable hillbilly fukface s*** of the earth. rot in prison you molesting pervert.

1567 days ago


Alia...shut up you dumbass your only entitled to your opinion if your not retarded...which clearly you are so please stop breathing and do the world a favor.

1559 days ago
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