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Don Vito Collapses after Conviction

10/31/2007 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Vito has been found guilty of two counts of sexual assault on a child. He was acquitted on one count.

Vito, real name Vincent Margera, who is Bam Margera's outrageous uncle on MTV's "Viva La Bam," was accused of fondling three girls during a public appearance at a mall in a Denver suburb. The victims of the sexual assault were 12 and 13. After the verdict was read, Don collapsed to the floor and yelled, "Just kill me now!" Deputies restrained him -- and took his ass off to jail.

celeb mugshots - click to launchThe crappy uncle still faces 12 felony counts for allegedly violating his bail; he was to have no contact with children under 18, and not consume drugs or alcohol, and was to provide detailed information on any business travel. The verdict on those counts is still pending. Vito will be sentenced on December 20.


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The girls were 12 & 13, a little old for Don Vito.

2546 days ago


I am SO SICK of people playing the victim. "Just kill me now!"?!?!

Shut up! He shouldn't have been touching girls at the mall in the first place, 18 or not! And that crap that "they told us they were 18." That's like selling liquor to someone who "told us they were 21" without seeing an ID first.

2546 days ago


Maybe someone in prison will pound him up the butt until his eye is back where it should be.

2546 days ago


roflmao @ fatguy

In a minute, his roommates will teach him what happens to grown men that mess with underage girls. Wish I was a fly on the wall for that one. Disgusting, fat ass slob.

2546 days ago


NO Not can't send him to jail..the guards won't understand anything he says and there is no Veal Scalipni there

2546 days ago


I say we accommodate his wish of "just kill me now"! Perv.

2546 days ago


Castrate him and assault him with his own weapon...Let's see how he likes it.

2546 days ago


sure looks like Bam made a mint off his making fun of his obese, drunk, disgusting uncle and now where is he? Maybe he posted his bail, maybe he's been there behind the scenes- I do not know. Don Vito has always grossed me out. he's a pig and a pervert, was he found guilty by a jury - did I miss that or it didn't say? He is not a victim, he's a dumb arse who can't keep his hands where they belong. I think guys in the pokie aren't even that desperate to go after him. They'd have to get through too much fat - ewwwwwwww, I feel sorry for the correctional officers who have to do his cavity search.

2546 days ago


even if they said they were 18....theres a big difference between 12 and 18..or 13 and 18...thats just gross...hes still a pervert for fondling them in the first place...but hes so nasty he tries to get what he can...apparently they didnt say they were 18 if they are doing this to him...makes me wanna throw up...its really excuse for this kind of a mother of 2...this is sickening

2546 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

When a pedophile asks you to kill him, just do it!!!

2546 days ago


"Just kill me now!"

What a good idea!

2546 days ago


Glad they convicted him....YAHOO!!!!!!!

2546 days ago

Triple Play    

Don Vito? Oh my God I thougt i was Brittany

2546 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

There has to be something in the water in Hollyweird.

2546 days ago


Didn't bam say when the evidence was put foward to the jury he would be aquitted? I guess the evidence was Don Vitos "persona" was touching 12 year old girls on tv therefore he did it all the time.....good job bam i think you may have just "ollied" over the shark tank on your skateboard.

"During the two-week trial, his attorney had argued that Margera's vulgar, obnoxious actions were part of his outrageous "Don Vito" persona. Prosecutor Jim Stanley countered that argument, according to the Rocky Mountain News, saying, "this man was out of control during this public event. He was so intoxicated that he peed his pants while with these children."

2546 days ago
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