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Nick Hogan Rocks Hot Rod Show While Charges Loom

11/1/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan made a very public appearance with fast cars at the big SEMA car show in Las Vegas yesterday, just one day before Florida authorities say his criminal case could be moving forward -- and a short time later, Polaroid, the sponsor of his drift car, dropped him from its roster.

While his pal John Graziano, the former Marine who was critically injured in the souped-up car Hogan crashed on August 26, remains in a coma in Florida, Hogan spent the day kibbitzing with fans in the NOPI Drift Racing Booth at the show.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the case against Hogan could go to the State Attorney as soon as today.

Meanwhile, Nick's dad, Hulk Hogan, spent Tuesday night partying at the Playboy Club in The Palms Hotel.


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The posts in support of Nick (toward the end) are clearly from the Bollea Camp. It just screams of personal innuendos, justifications based only on emotion and not logic, as well as the same undertone of denial. Keep digging Bollea family.

2499 days ago

Alana Joy    

Riding the coat tails of Daddy's fame can only get you so far, kiddo....

*click on my name to check out my blog!

2519 days ago


Does he have any inkling of what he did? I mean, seriously. Has he not grasped that his arrogance and fast cars are what have his friend in a state worse than death?

2519 days ago

Insert comical name here    

I always laughed off the posters that called this guy mentally retarded but I'm starting to think maybe they are right. What a idiot. He basically killed a friend and learned nothing? What a waste of air.

2519 days ago


This kid is a complete and unrepentent jerk. I've seen his flip comments on the Toyota forum. He dismisses his friends nearly-fatal injuries and coma and then parties around town.


He deserves whatever he gets. And hopefully his daddies million-dollar lawyers won't win this one..

He should be in jail. He not only nearly killed his "friend" but endangered the lives of everyone in that area. And he certainly has done this many, many times.

2519 days ago


It's nice to know that the Hogan's can get on with their life while the victim of Nick's stupidity is laying in a coma...what a shame.

I hope the court system punishes Nick severely and not just give him a slap on the hand because of who is his. He acts like a complete ass...

2519 days ago


That clueless look on his face says it all....

2519 days ago


wtg polroid i wold have dropped hia ass too !!!!!

2519 days ago


His mouth says he is sorry.

His actions say that he has blown the incident off.

And the cops are partially to blame for letting him get away with his dangerous behavior/driving numerous times.

Daddy needs to be smacked for buying him fast cars and encouraging his antics.

Sad. Just sad.

2519 days ago


This mildly retarded idiot has no shame.

2519 days ago

Jake Jerlomeis    

Good for poloroid

2519 days ago


Congrats and thanks to Polaroid! How in the world cold thy sponsor tis kid?? Kudos to tem for pulling the sponsorship! Nothing can repair the pain of his victim or he vicims family but COME ON...this kid is living the life...a good one at that..not laying in a bed fighting for his life.

2519 days ago


This guy is a major loser. Add to the fact that his dad, the Hulk is a washed up has been. He is yesterday's news if he ever was news in the fake world of wrestling. Everything about wrestling is so bogus. Added to the fact the mother is absolutely hideous. She is so pathetic that it is hilarious watching her whenever I may channel surf. And if you want to go even further, Brooke is a wanna be strarlet with very little if any talent who is riding her dad's coattails in trying to make it in Hollywood. She is not even attractive to the slightest degree. In fact she is borderline ugly. And Nick....He hasn't even grasped the fact that he is responsible for crippling his so called pal John for the rest of his life. You can't call him his friend though or Nick would have taken some responsibility and been there for him. The entire Hogan family belong in a trailer park somewhere.

2519 days ago


Enjoy prison and bring an econo size jar of lube axxhole....

2519 days ago


This family is acting like they already bribed all of the people that they needed to bribe to ensure no one goes to prison or lose major dollars. Nick going back to fast cars so soon is a total insult to his "friend".

2519 days ago
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