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Nick Hogan Rocks Hot Rod Show While Charges Loom

11/1/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan made a very public appearance with fast cars at the big SEMA car show in Las Vegas yesterday, just one day before Florida authorities say his criminal case could be moving forward -- and a short time later, Polaroid, the sponsor of his drift car, dropped him from its roster.

While his pal John Graziano, the former Marine who was critically injured in the souped-up car Hogan crashed on August 26, remains in a coma in Florida, Hogan spent the day kibbitzing with fans in the NOPI Drift Racing Booth at the show.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the case against Hogan could go to the State Attorney as soon as today.

Meanwhile, Nick's dad, Hulk Hogan, spent Tuesday night partying at the Playboy Club in The Palms Hotel.


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This is a recent event that just took place in Tampa and they are already charged,

So why is this A-hole still not charged?

2514 days ago

Ya Think    

I'm so glad Polaroid dropped his azz. Let's hope the State of Florida follows suit and does the right thing in arresting and prosecuting Nicktardo. I hope he goes to jail just like Lane Garrison did. 4 years, 40 years -- makes no difference. This kid will be as clueless and immature when he gets out as when he goes in.

Great parenting job there, Linda and Terry.

2514 days ago

just wondering    

...has it been determined if Hogan was speeding??

2514 days ago

My Two Cents    

He's a pathetic piece of crap.

2514 days ago


My heart goes out to Mr. Graziano and his family, and I do hope this uncaring piece of trash Nick doesn't pollute the planet by producing more of this tribe. What a selfish, uncaring, self-centered no good pompous piece of filth. His day will come. And when it does, I will have no compassion at all for him or anyone in that family. What goes around comes around....eventually.

Seems like Father like son...Pops is showing his old ass at the Playboy Club and baby Nicky is showing his ass waiting for people to tell him how wonderful he is. Get a clue, you idiotic morons. I sure as hell wouldn't be "living it up" while I knew my friend was in the condition he/she is in. With "friends" like them, who needs enemies. They thoroughly disgust me.

2514 days ago


I think the determining factor that Nick was speeding with the fact the car was MANGLED you idiot. Cant remember the last time a car hit a pole at 20 mph and was totaled.

2514 days ago


jr - see this link. In short, yes, he was speeding in the rain and totaled his car.

2514 days ago


Anybody in the car or racing industry that affiliates themselves with him is as big an ass as he is. Poor "friend"! More reality shows will play out to show you what these jerks are really like...DOG the Bounty Hunter, the Carter boys, and the Hogans.

2514 days ago


Nick doesn't seem to care that his friend will never be the same and looks like he will not be coming out of the coma. I'm from Fl. and the laws here suck!!! They really need to throw the book at this kid because it's really plain as day he has no feelings for what he did at all. And for any company to sponser him in anything he does now or ever wants to do, they too need to check themselves. At least this sponser did the right thing by dumping him. I'm a Hogan fan from way back but this makes me sick.

2514 days ago


why isnt he in jail, he should have been put in jail when the accident happened. after what he has done to the other guy that was in the car, he should be inprisoned for life.

2514 days ago

Um OK    

Thank you Polaroid for removing your sponsorship with this irresponsible, wannabe drifter. The whole Hogan family looks so stupid marching around the country living it up after their son has permanently disabled someone.

TMZ - please continue your coverage on this story so the Hogan family can't sweep it under the rug with their money broom!

2514 days ago


Why not lay off Nick!! The kid's got enough on his mind, as his is. Some of you people, and your sick comments, shouldn't be allowed to post. Hard to believe you can get so much enjoyment, out of someone elses suffering. Keep in mind.., it's was Nicks friend's choice, not to wear the seatbelt. My heart goes out to both boys.

2514 days ago

Rosie O'donnel is way too gross for words    

He should be in jail!

2514 days ago


The money will be flying of Hulk's bank account. Since his son is a minor, he's financially responsible for his actions. I'm sure the police will be sued as well for being so lenient with his speeding.

It this kids in a coma for the rest of his life that equals to tens of millions of dollars in medical care.

2514 days ago

thats right    

skhg shut the hell up

2514 days ago
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