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Petra Stranded at the Door

11/1/2007 5:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Supermodel Petra Nemcova's Halloween disguise worked too well last night -- she was confused for a regular clubgoing peon! Oh, the humanity!

Dressed as an Egyptian goddess, the gorgeous 28-year-old tsunami survivor went unrecognized outside NYC hotspot The Box, and had to wait amongst all the little people. I'm on the list, I swear!

Petra was forced to get on her cell phone to get the proper authorities on the line, but luckily, Sebastian the door guy finally figured out who she was. And she thought hanging on to a tree for eight hours was tough!


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fha secure rates    

what did she do to her face?

2551 days ago

fha secure rates    

that's a lot of makeup!

2551 days ago

just wondering    

...thats not funny tmz!!!!!!!.." and she thought hanging on a tree for 8 hrs was tough"..!!...normally I look for humour from the postings and the bloggers...but that is VERY insensitive too something so horrific!!!!!!!

2551 days ago


I agree, that is extemely insensitive. Plese don't forget that her boyfriend DIED in that Tsunami and she was devastated.

2551 days ago


real class. wont be back to this site !

2551 days ago

just wondering    

..Lori...also the other quarter of a million souls who lost but fought for their lives!!

2551 days ago


Yeah you guys might want to check out your facts before you make those kinds of jokes. She was eventually found on a beach if I recall, with devastating injuries and it was several months before her fiance's body was found. She has gone on to do work for charities to help people affected by the tsunami. TMZ, you're out of line and you deserve every blasting you get from people over this.

2551 days ago


Class act, Harvey. What's next, Holocaust jokes?

2550 days ago


You are so completely out of line.

Not only with regards to the woman in this picture - what about her boyfriend, who died? And the countless thousands of others.

You are disgusting.

2550 days ago


insensitive? that was how many years ago,,,and after how many hundreds of parties and job offers,,,that girl is fine....i just wish she didnt get into the box,,,a little embarassment wouldve been fun...

2550 days ago

just wondering    

..I think #11...just possibly , ur comment is the most ignorant and stupidest I have ever read on TMZ and that says alot...good luck buddy!!!!!!

2550 days ago

Always Curious    

Oh the injustice!

2550 days ago


Get over it. You people prob voted for Bush. Take a joke, already! She is a beautiful girl that has had everything in life handed to her because of her outward appearance. I wish she wouldn't have called someone and instead waited in line a bit longer. I had a lot of admiration for her but I lost some respect for her after watching this video. She was unrecognizable in that costume, though.

2550 days ago

who dat    

Her bj's need work if she has to wait in line. How about all the other pathetic people waiting in line who have no self respect.

2550 days ago


TMZ, why are you making jokes about the Tsunami in which hundreds of thousands of people and where Petra lost her boyfriend?? Not funny at all!!!!!!!!!!!

2550 days ago
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