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Liv's Two-Year-Old Manhandles Paps

11/2/2007 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liv Tyler's adorable son Milo is not yet three years old, but he's already a seasoned paparazzi handler!

Heading home after dinner last night, Liv and Milo were swarmed by paps, prompting Liv to say, "You're not going away ever. What's the big deal?" Then, Milo took charge, screaming at them like a grizzled advance man, "Stop the light! Stop the light!" and then, just to clarify, "Turn the light off! Turn the light off!" Baby's first words!

Shocked, our lensman and others obliged, prompting Milo to express his gratitude with a gleeful, "Pleeeeeze." Ok, so he meant "Thank you," but, c'mon! He's two!


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So cute

2555 days ago

Goldie Hand    

Ya gotta agree, What is the big deal? Seems like too many Paps and not ANY stories. Oh wait, here comes a lady walking with her kid!! HUEEY RUN - GET THE SCOOP!!! Sheesh

2555 days ago


That is a beautiful little boy first off. But that's my concern for these children of these celebrities. My daughter is 2 years old, and she's 34 lbs. (my lil chunky booty) I couldn't imagine carrying her through a crowd of flashing lights and people all around me. She's scared of big stuffed animals. So I'm sure flashing lights and unknown people all in her face would scare her to.

Milo has good manners already...Good Boy

2555 days ago


That was cute!

2555 days ago


I'm sorry I watched it. As cute as that boy is, if people(myself included) didn't watch it, then their would be no story and no upset little boy.

2555 days ago


TMZ doesn't even have respect for children. I can't wait until the tables are turned and crowds of parasitic paps start stalking your TMZ headquarters. I hope you all get famous enough for that. Maybe then you'll realize what it feels like to be stalked. Weirdos.

2555 days ago


Huge transformation since last time and marriage. Good to know she's still as pretty as before. I think she's the prettiest overall, with photos to prove.

2555 days ago


NEWSFLASH Liv, like your pops Steve Tyler said we are"livin' on a edge". Relax it's just the paps togs trying to snap a pic of your tot. Armageddon it?

2555 days ago


Geeeez, I'm sure this was newsworthy enough to upset that child for.


2555 days ago

aa girl    

Britney take a cue from this lovely mom.

2555 days ago


No, TMZ, he meant "Pleeeease"! Considering most of the paps did NOT "turn off the light"! I think maybe one or two stopped, but I watched that video and most of the stalkers kept right on flashing - talk about obnoxious! If the pleas of an innocent little child are not heeded, what hope is there at all? So ridiculous!
(I, too, am sorry I watched it. I adore Liv and her career, but maybe I should stop reading things about her, in the hopes that she will be able to raise her son in a healthy, safe environment! Somehow, I just don't think we could convince the rest of the public to stop as well.)

2555 days ago


For all of you complaining about this story and TMZ disrespecting children. Get off your high horse and take a look in the mirror.

WE are all to blame. TMZ puts these videos and stories out there because people come on this site and others to sit there and pass judgement on those stories.

This is not one sided. The public is as much to blame for those kids having to deal with paparazzi as TMZ or X17 does.

2555 days ago


The paparazzi are little more than sub-human parasites. They should be arrested on site with a minimum of a year in jail and a $10,000.00 fine for every unauthorized picture that take.

2555 days ago


Actually, If one listens, you can hear Liv tell her lovely boy to say please when requesting the lights be turned off. Ah, manners in the face of un civilized action by paps. A good mother teaching proper manners and civility....what a concept!!!

2555 days ago


Good job little Milo!

2555 days ago
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