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Star Jones -- The Plot Thickens!

11/2/2007 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The founder of Full and Fabulous says Star Jones stiffed her organization and partied on their dime -- and TMZ has the documents that seem to prove her point!

According to Sharon Dumas Pugh, Full and Fabulous hired Star to speak at their function during the Super Bowl. She says that for nearly ten months they sold dinners, did car washes and even found sponsors to help raise the cash to bring Star to Motor City. We're told they also sold tickets for the event, but when Star was a no-show, they had to return ticket money. As first reported by Steve Wilson of WXYZ, Sharon says they gave Star a $10,000 deposit, and sent her an additional $6,000 -- which Sharon told us Star claims she never received. TMZ has obtained several emails and letters that show the back and forth between Sharon and Power Performers, who brokered the deal. Oh no they didn't!

They also purchased first class airline tickets from NY to Detroit for Star and her husband, Al. Sharon was thrilled when she scored a great deal on the tickets, only to be disappointed when Star or her representative, apparentlyStar Jones upset with flight times, changed the tickets without Sharon's consent -- and charged an additional $900 on her credit card! Sharon says Star then reneged on the whole deal and used those tickets to promote her book (check out the picture!), party it up during the Super Bowl, and not show up at her event.

Sharon has won a $20,000 default judgment against Star, but hasn't been able to collect because they can't afford an attorney. Now we've learned Full & Fabulous is throwing a bowling party to help raise funds to hire a lawyer so they can recoup the money they say they're owed.

TMZ obtained the contract for the event between Star Jones and Power Performers that ndicates if the "event purchaser" fails to pay the $25,000 appearance fee, Star is under no obligation to proceed with the appearance and she can retain any amounts paid to her or on her behalf -- such as plane tickets. The contract also indicates a $10,000 deposit was to be paid by August. We're told that payment wasn't made until January.

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John Wilson    

Has-Been Star Jones!!

Shame on you Star!!! Shame on You!!

You even had the "Nerve" to use the plane tickets that you "SCAMMED" and even UPGRADED (LMAO) and could "Show Up" for $16,000.00? YOU'RE NOT EVEN WORTH $100.00 AND A ROUND TRIP GREYHOUND BUS TICKET!!

Where is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton when we need them?

NO SHOW JONES!! (and that's STAR not George)

2497 days ago

Howard Cossell    

Thanks for taking a nickname (No Show Jones) I've been trying for 30 years to shed !! Now you can wear it for the next 30 years.

It cost me millions of dollars and more embarrassment than you could imagine.
I gladly give the title "NO SHOW JONES" and "NO CLASS JONES" to you free!! The only thing is that it cost those poor girls in Detroit EVERYTHING!!!
No amount of money will overshadow what you have done.
You're a disgrace!!!
I see why they booted your BUTT off of The View, now it's time for Court TV to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George Jones
(The Ex-No Show Jones)

2497 days ago


When Star was on The View I couldn't watch it because she was so fat. I saw her on Larry King and she was skinny so you could tell exactly how ugly is really is. I won't watch her on the TV Court channel. Her husband does seem gay. She has had her 15 minutes of fame. Now she needs to disappear.

2440 days ago



2515 days ago


Maybe she had to put the money towards her plastic surgery....what is a girl to do!?!?

2515 days ago

Crawford County Resident    

She probably ate the money

2515 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Star's approaching the Oprah ugly stage. Big head and eyes spread too far apart.

2515 days ago


She's a joke. I don't know what's worse, this situation or them televising their wedding. I always thought she was tacky but this is the icing on the cake. I hope the organization gets their money back.

2515 days ago


I felt Star Jones was full of herself, before she ever lost the weight. I think she beleives herself royalty now. Please get this charity and these children their money back!!!! Star should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. She acts like she's an example, but I certainly hope the judge uses her as an example of what not to be.

2515 days ago


Low class, Star.

Really low.

2515 days ago


She thought she was all that when she was fat and ugly, NOW she is thin and ugly with a gay husband and is worse yet! UGH!!!

2515 days ago

Mr John    

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2515 days ago


That doesn't make any sense. If they have already gotten a judgement then why do they need a lawyer to collect? And if they owed Star 30k and only gave her 16k then where is the other 14k? Something smells fishy.

2515 days ago


# 6 JC

Lean over here . . . . . . . *SMACK!*

Go play somewhere else.

2515 days ago


That's too bad. That lady is STILL workin hard to raise money just to COLLECT her money and Star isnt doin anything to make things right. Shame on her. Seems she didnt only have her tummy tightened....think she got a bonus sewing of the ass!!!

2515 days ago
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