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Star Jones -- The Plot Thickens!

11/2/2007 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The founder of Full and Fabulous says Star Jones stiffed her organization and partied on their dime -- and TMZ has the documents that seem to prove her point!

According to Sharon Dumas Pugh, Full and Fabulous hired Star to speak at their function during the Super Bowl. She says that for nearly ten months they sold dinners, did car washes and even found sponsors to help raise the cash to bring Star to Motor City. We're told they also sold tickets for the event, but when Star was a no-show, they had to return ticket money. As first reported by Steve Wilson of WXYZ, Sharon says they gave Star a $10,000 deposit, and sent her an additional $6,000 -- which Sharon told us Star claims she never received. TMZ has obtained several emails and letters that show the back and forth between Sharon and Power Performers, who brokered the deal. Oh no they didn't!

They also purchased first class airline tickets from NY to Detroit for Star and her husband, Al. Sharon was thrilled when she scored a great deal on the tickets, only to be disappointed when Star or her representative, apparentlyStar Jones upset with flight times, changed the tickets without Sharon's consent -- and charged an additional $900 on her credit card! Sharon says Star then reneged on the whole deal and used those tickets to promote her book (check out the picture!), party it up during the Super Bowl, and not show up at her event.

Sharon has won a $20,000 default judgment against Star, but hasn't been able to collect because they can't afford an attorney. Now we've learned Full & Fabulous is throwing a bowling party to help raise funds to hire a lawyer so they can recoup the money they say they're owed.

TMZ obtained the contract for the event between Star Jones and Power Performers that ndicates if the "event purchaser" fails to pay the $25,000 appearance fee, Star is under no obligation to proceed with the appearance and she can retain any amounts paid to her or on her behalf -- such as plane tickets. The contract also indicates a $10,000 deposit was to be paid by August. We're told that payment wasn't made until January.

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just sayin    

I'm always weary of people who constantly play the "God/Christian" card. Seems they are trying to cover up shadiness with "I'm such a good person, trust me". Didn't the sewer rat's auntie ever tell her that God don't like ugly? She's the poster child for ugly in every way and that's what she should be famous for! ...posters, milk cartons, billboards. This could be full and fabulous, y'all!

Another thing, why didn't the F&F people request a charge-back on their card for the plane tix since it wasn't a legit approved charge? Then, it falls on the credit card company to go after Star for payment and/or credit card fraud action.

2543 days ago


You are a disgrace to black women everywhere. The story must be true, I saw comments you made in the Post about that lady in Detroit. All the money you are suppose to have and you had to smear that lady in Detroit. I hope you get what you deserve. You dirty B.

2543 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Dog the Bounty Hunter has a name for people like Star.

2543 days ago


did you ever posted your profile to a celebrity and millioniare dating site called I just saw your profile yesterday on that site.

2543 days ago


These people must have known she's LOW and I mean really LOW class. All you had to do was watch her on the View....To late now. Now ya gotta sue the bitch. Ask for Barbara's help.....

2543 days ago


Another reason why Ms. Jones should be "axed" from CT TV. This woman is all about "freebies". And she's not ashamed to admit it. That just shows one, how "tacky" she really is.

Running from an interview never is the answer Ms. Jones. It just makes you look MORE guilty.

2542 days ago


She was so much better on the View and before I am watching now for the first time her show on Court Tv . She is like dead, Her face has been so retouched she doesnt have expression. Lay off the plastic surgeons

2542 days ago

shannon k johnstone    



SHAME ON HER!!!!!!!!

2542 days ago


Star was on shaky ground from a reputation standpoint in the first place. One of the reasons the view let her go. Now, she seems to want to lose this job too. If Star valued her public image, she would have settled this matter. The fact a judgement has been rendered change the dynamics. At first, I thought this organization was trying to get something for nothing. But, It seems Star is the one on the take. Where is her ethics. Her law license and court tv contract should be in jeopardy. Also, I think it's time for Al to get off his ass and get a job and help out.

2542 days ago


OMG # 165... Do we need to take some grammer lessons? BTW.... It is
our business when someone in the public eye is clearly using others
for profit and gain... Yes, it is our business. or as you wrote, ((or
if he wears a blidfold?)) which come to think of it, I wonder why he
wears a blindfold? Ha... Nevermind I got it. STAR Jones shows no
class, shows no integrity, and this Miss LaToya, shows her true character which is a
big ZERO....

2542 days ago


I don't know exactly what happened in this situation with Star Jones and Sharon Dumas-Pugh. What I do know is that Ms. Dumas-Pugh is not an honest business woman. I participated in her Full and Fabulous Pagent in 1990. I was the winner that year but I never received the total prize package that was promised.

If you were to talk to other winners of that pagent I know some had the same experience as I did. During the time I participated, the underpriviledged children waere not her top priority.

Everyone is condemning Star Jones but let's take a closer look at Sharom Dumas-Pugh and her motives.

2540 days ago
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