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Drew Carey's Got the Right "Price" for Pot

11/3/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget controlling the pet population, new "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey has his own cause -- medical marijuana. Come on down!

The funnyman teamed up with to take a look at the trendy area of Brentwood, Calif. to show how someone can find a place to buy an alcoholic or heavily-caffeinated beverage on nearly every corner -- while the federal government is cracking down on something that can treat the effects of cancer, glaucoma, HIV-AIDS, chronic pain and nausea. Let's see a mocha frappuccino do that!

Carey is hoping the government will reclassify medical marijuana so that those who need it can get it. Maybe he should just give an ounce away in the Showcase Showdown!


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I've always LOVED Drew Carey, and now I know why!

Thank you!!!

2545 days ago


What lame @ss people are still against medical Marijuana? I think the country has spoken out in numerous local elections. The Feds should concentrate of more important matters like Meth producers/dealers.

2545 days ago


i dont know why pot is illegal and alcohol is

2545 days ago


oops why alcohol is legal and pot not

2545 days ago


oops why alcohol is legal and pot not

2545 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

This is kind of controversial..CBS doesn't mind????

2545 days ago


I dont know why people would be against this anyway

2545 days ago


it's still illegal for medical marijluana in America? It isnt here (canada), and it's being decriminalized for recreational use. It saves our criminal system stress, and redirects our police resources to more pertinant areas. Has anyone seen the effects of meth? It's freaking scary! Let the police use their resources where it matters. If all of the drug forces were able to concentrate on dangerous and devastating drugs while issuing a mere ticket for other less dangerous drugs society would thrive. The ripple effect would be tremendous.

2545 days ago


i hope drew carey can be the voice of many...the gov needs to realize there is people who can not take "legal" drugs...and that marijuana is the only thing they can use to help them....alcohol is far worst for you than marijauna is...i've never heard of anybody od'ing on marijuana...or dying because you consumed too many kids die from too much alcohol??????

2545 days ago

been waiting since '69    

Medical or otherwise-just legalize it already! The government always needs $-wake up people. Heres an opportunity thats a money machine. Ban cigs but legalize the joint.

2545 days ago


Here is why Medical Pot is such a lame ass argument. You all just want to get high,,,,,,,,,,,,thats the REAL reason., you know it, we all know it. A few companies in the USA have already put the chemicals that dull the pain of everything that pot does in PILL form,,,,,,,,,,,,OH but it wont get you HIGH!,,wheres the fun in that. You know You CAN go to your doctor and get these pills to combat your illness but it WONT get you HIGH!,,,,,THIS IS WHY MEDICAL POT is such a JOKE inthe medical and law enforcement and political arenas.,you people just want to get HIGH,,,,,,,,,,,its NOT about any medical issues.............YOU JUST WANT TO GET HIGH!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU NOT FOOLING ANYONE!

2545 days ago



2545 days ago


TMZ is not making it, I watched your show one time and the group of young mis informed people working, shows me, how desperate TMZ is.

2545 days ago

Gumba Daddy    

Drew Carey, is an "Idiot" and will be the deciding factor on whether Price Is Right will live or die, hiring him to fill Bob Barker's Shoes was "Assinine and Moronic". The original Drew Carey Show was an insult to the general common sense of the viewing public, Who's Line Is It "Ditto". Marijuana is illegal and should stay so and anyone who thinks different must think this Iraq thing was a good idea as well.

2545 days ago


I'm not up to date on all of this but isn't there a mj "pill" that's out there for the patients?
I believe I read about that a while back, not sure.

How does our government approve the "weed" when every week another state/city in our
country is banning cigarette smoking? What about the effects of mj second-hand
smoke? Where are these patients supposed to smoke the weed: in the hospital, in
the car, in their houses (oh no, not with the little children, ya know)? 20 feet from a
bar entrance? What's a government to do????? Hopefully, someone has worked out
the little kinks. Gotta run, need a cig.

2545 days ago
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