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Drew Carey's Got the Right "Price" for Pot

11/3/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget controlling the pet population, new "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey has his own cause -- medical marijuana. Come on down!

The funnyman teamed up with to take a look at the trendy area of Brentwood, Calif. to show how someone can find a place to buy an alcoholic or heavily-caffeinated beverage on nearly every corner -- while the federal government is cracking down on something that can treat the effects of cancer, glaucoma, HIV-AIDS, chronic pain and nausea. Let's see a mocha frappuccino do that!

Carey is hoping the government will reclassify medical marijuana so that those who need it can get it. Maybe he should just give an ounce away in the Showcase Showdown!


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For Julie: Who cares what the bible says! Here in the USA, we have our own laws. Stop messing them up with mythical nonsense.

2511 days ago

Karin B.    

Pot is supposed to help Fibromyalgia Pain and MS Pain.
Why would we deny help from suffering?
I bet if the president came down w/MS he would be sure to legalize it!!

2511 days ago

Karin B.    

In response to Julie...HUH????
Are you high?

2511 days ago

Well, Duh!!!...    

Wow! all those raw nerves here...-it's just freedom of choice, people,

-of who gets to regulate how and which chemical substances you may choose to explore your own psyche.

'Cause gosh, if you actually did use a natural, unaltered Mother Earth/Jesus and god's own grown homebud, well then you might chose your own path instead of the mainstream consciousness...

FREEDOM of your own body and mind...hummmm,

Let all americans grow it and sell it as person income as support for our lost jobs due to the crappy, shrinking middleclass jobs base. Keep big tobacco out of it right now! right at the start. also i agree with the better use of our law enforcement, and unneccesary overcrowding of prison populations!

Hemp paper to replace trees for paper pulp, hemp to be converted into feuls as it grows much faster replacement than corn for ethanol. It's a fast growing weed vs. a slow growing tree or corn plant.

Seems mighty American to me!

2511 days ago


Well Magic Man - pain is frequently a part of DYING, not only living. I watched my fiancee die from a horrendous cancer that just squeezed the life from him - slowly. And NO pain pill could help him. He could not eat, he could not even keep the pills down. Wouldnt it have been NICE if he could have had some of this "wicked weed" to help him to feel better in his last hours rather than be in such torturous pain? And I personally have NEVER smoked pot or had a drug in my life so guess you were wrong about the BURNOUT part too !!!
There are exceptions to every rule and I wholeheartedly support Mr. Carey here. For medicinal purposes - I think it could be a true blessing. There is no rule in life that says you have to leave it screaming in pain!

2511 days ago

Karin B.    

#91 magic Man
You need to have a conversation with Montel Williams dude!
He'll set ya straight.
Of course someone who does not suffer from disabling pain has no clue or room to talk
Magic Man, get a life!.

2511 days ago


To Julie and all of you guys who don't get it!!! This discussion is specific to the use of marijuana for medical purposes not for getting high!!
Getting high is a side effect when marijuana is useed for medical purposes. In California physicians can write a medical marijuana letter for patients whom they think can be helped by the drug. In Canada there is a pharmacologic preparation made from marijuana which contains a broad range of cannibinoids and is useful for many of the same problems that marijuana is used for. Don't confuse Marinol in this country with the same type of preparation. Marinol has very few cannibinoids and is only useful for a limited range of medical problems.
marijuana was demonized by William Randolph Hearst and many others who viewed marijuana in the early 20th century as the drug of choice of illegal mexican immigrants. I also have a feeling thast the alcohol industry has had something to do with keeping marijuana illegal. that aside even if marijuana was removed from a class one narcotic and made legal for medical purposes only, it would a rational choice for our government

2511 days ago


Regarding "PenisforBrains", WOW, I don't know why I'm so shocked at how ignorant our society is, but I am. Listen, YOU personally may not like to "get high" by smoking pot, but I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you don't think anything is wrong with downing a six-pack of Coors light or Bud, huh? Yet, alcohol ruins lives by how highly addictive it is (I enjoy Corona as much as the next person, I'm just trying to make a point). Percocet, Vicodin, and hundreds of other pain killers are also highly addictive, yet just because a doctor says it's OK makes it right? Those pills are SO bad for you - do a little more reading than your monthly Playboy and you'll see just HOW bad. Another point is, some people have bad reactions to narcotic pain killers, and can't take any of them without it making them sick! A friend of mine with cancer was horribly sick during chemo, and the only thing that helped her not feel like puking was POT! It also was the only thing that helped increase her appetite, as she got down to 90 lbs! If you don't like it, don't smoke it, but keep your uninformed comments and opinions to yourself until you know what you're talking about!
P.S. Drew Carey ROCKS!!

2511 days ago


My Father had (he passed away) Cancer and was prescribed Marijuana to help stimulate his appetite and control nausea for the chemo. I wonder how many states have it as illegal for medical purposes? I agree for medical purposes it should be legal and prescribed by a doctor like any other drug. As far as comparing marijuana to coffee that is a bit silly in my opinion. I have not seen anyone who drinks coffee move on to illegal drugs due to the high of coffee, but I have seen friends who started with marijuana and moved on to other drugs and 'better highs' (Yes, I know not all people do, but it is a risk that I feel requires it to be a prescription drug). For one of my friends the 'better high' was crack, for another heroin, and yet another cocaine. I don't think statistically you can compare coffee with marijuana as a gateway drug or its potential for abuse.

2511 days ago


If alcohol were up for legalization it would have to wait in line behind marijuana since the medical uses for alcohol are fewer than for marijuana no matter what the wine industry says.

2511 days ago

Marlb Man    

Mary and Really,

I broke both of my sholders, left leg and wrist at the same time. I did not use any pain killers, or resorted to alcohol or weed to numb the pain. I delt with it until it went away. Sorry, I did take motrin. My point is that in my OPINION, it isnt very smart to become dependent on any numbing drugs or substances. I think society would be better off if more people helped themself's instead of taking drugs to "help them". And I think I will pass on that conversation with Montel Williams, there's a real talent for ya! Maybe you should talk to Jerry Springer, you sound like a great guest for his white trash festival of a show!

2511 days ago


it should be ok for medicinal purpouses,,,,and in home private use....go drew love you on theprice is right.

2511 days ago


Ok everybody my research show if it wasn't for the pot some of us wouldn't have been born. Babies born from pot smoking mothers are smarter then breast fed babies. Pot turn out good leaders to run our country. If it wasn't for pot we wouldn't have the computer, pot make good inventors. And the chief ran good tribes. Pot turn out good doctors, the next time you get ready to go under the knife ask the doctor what kind of pot did he or she smoke today. And most of all it is what God created

2511 days ago


I'm wondering where the idea came from that pot relieved tremendous pain as I see claimed in some posts.
There is no pain killing property's in pot and most people dealing with surgery's or treatment for cancer require morphine for pain not bud.
Weight gain and control for nausea yes I agree it is beneficial to some but pain management no way I dont buy it ( literally:)
Anyone who says it does relieve their pain is not suffering pain above a level 2 on the scale to 10 which in that case a low dose pain pill would most likely give better relief.
I say if a person is terminal give them what ever they want But they wont be asking for a dube for pain.

And 115 "Beefcakes"
You cannot epress yourself without being a bully, Sure sign of low self esteem and social skills. Your post reflects like a mirror right back at you.

2511 days ago


Go Drew. We need more celebs willing to stand up for this. Can you get some of your famous friends to stand by you? That would be great. Keep it up!!!!!

2511 days ago
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