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Drew Carey's Got the Right "Price" for Pot

11/3/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget controlling the pet population, new "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey has his own cause -- medical marijuana. Come on down!

The funnyman teamed up with to take a look at the trendy area of Brentwood, Calif. to show how someone can find a place to buy an alcoholic or heavily-caffeinated beverage on nearly every corner -- while the federal government is cracking down on something that can treat the effects of cancer, glaucoma, HIV-AIDS, chronic pain and nausea. Let's see a mocha frappuccino do that!

Carey is hoping the government will reclassify medical marijuana so that those who need it can get it. Maybe he should just give an ounce away in the Showcase Showdown!


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Standards are badly needed.    

Penisforbrains, you could do the very same cut and paste jobs regarding many drugs pharmacies kick out at outrageous prices with as many or more harmful side effects. I've seen the miracles of medical marijuana use first hand over and over, and am thankful not to live in a seemingly backward country that would have it's sick suffer needlessly while maintaining an ignorant and ultimately harmful holier than thou attitude on one hand while it despenses 'legal' drugs with the other. Common sense and mercy should prevail with treatment available for the debilitating medical conditions medical marijuana helps.

2514 days ago


Holy Smokes, check out amsterdam they have worked out the kinks! and one more thing, has anyone ever heard of an accidental death due to marijuana? I think Drew has it right, we start out with baby steps; however legalize marijuana and watch a country change to the better!

2514 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

The problem with the pills that the doctor wants to get me addicted to is that they cost a lot more money than pot and they cause liver and kidney damage. I'd rather smoke pot.

2514 days ago


Those of you who are saying that pot is harmless, that one can't OD on it or that it doesn't harm you ought to really do some research. I guess if things like sterility or "man boobs" or the fact that one joint is the equivelent of 20 cigarettes, plus many other health and mental consequences of it's use think that isn't harmful, well, just continue on with your ignorance!
And if you also think it doesn't impair your senses like reaction time and general perceptions while driving ............... again, continue you with your mis-information. Drugs are drugs - PERIOD! And they're ALL toxic to the body and mind.

2514 days ago

d malt    

hey deb lighten up

2514 days ago


Magic Man(?)/Beefcakes -
I would HARDLY compare breaking ones shoulders to Stage 4 CANCER - after it has spread from the esophagus to the liver and the bone ! Please - are you serious???
And as far as calling someone WHITE TRASH unless you personally know where and how they live - I think that is ignorance beyond belief. How can you call someone a name or judge them when you dont know what you are talking about? As far as my "poor, pitiful life BEEFCAKE (yeah, I bet!) - you have NO idea what I do for a living, where I live or how much money "I" take home on my paycheck - so again, we speak through IGNORANCE !! For your information, I have never smoked pot or done drugs - AGAIN, I was speaking from a subject which I PERSONALLY know something about and neither of you obviously can say the same. Are you guys related or something? Or do you two just share the same trailer?????
And by the way - I have never seen "The Jerry Springer Show" - why, were either one of you on it? If so, sorry I missed you!!

2514 days ago


72 --- pot heads thats name calling i dont know what you look like but im sure if somebody put you in a catagory you would be complaining and protesting that not everyone gets treated the same ..... if anyone close to you was dieing of cancer you would want them to get the craving to eat because alot of pain medication numbs that feeling ..... and if it gave somebody a happy high feeling 1 more time before they meet there maker who are you to decide they are pot heads i would consider my father (lukemia) a fighter and now resting in peace brother (HIV) blood transfusion when he was 12 now 40 i dont blame or point fingers but pass that man a joint those pills dont work the same sometimes he cant keep anything down long enough to work sssssssssooooooooo no name calling

2514 days ago


Bob Barker is going to be pissed about this. Bob provides all the soap in jails.

2514 days ago

Peter Greenwood.    

For anyone who has lost a family member to cancer...anything that eases their pain is worthwhile.
Weird???TMZ??? oh yes..that makes total sense helping people to deal with cancer is weird based on the Harvey Levin scale of human kindness..why don't you just stay on your Britt Spears garbage and leave the real stories alone.
You don't have the chops for this kind of heartfelt story, parody human suffering really great stuff...go hang out at some clubs with Gummy Bear(who the hell cares).
Celebrity TMZ tv.

2514 days ago


d malt #126 -- thanks for the laugh, doc!

2514 days ago


# 132 - Peter Greenwood - thank you for your empathy. How anyone could compare breaking bones to dying of cancer is beyond me! How these people can speak on this subject unless they have ever seen a family member wasting away and dying of a horrible cancer - is beyond me! You will give them ANYTHING (any drug - yes I would) to just ease their pain for even five minutes. When they cannot even swallow their pain pills or their pain is beyond that pill, you will do anything to help them. And when someone with cancer is in Hospice, believe me, their pain is beyond compare to anything else (especially broken bones). But I chalk it up to the fact their are a lot of ignorant people in this world - and these are the same people that are so quick to judge people and scream "Trailer Trash" when they dont even know where or how these people live!

2514 days ago

Coward k Stern hater    

As far as medicine goes I have 4 screws in my back still have serious pain at times and it is impossible to get a doctor to prescribe meds. You have to practicly beg for pain meds these days and then u look like a drug addict. mj is down the street with no hassles Do the math no not meth

2514 days ago

Marlb Man    

Lets all smoke some weed man! You pitiful pot heads are so f****** obvious! Just more hippie b.s. Drew carey would say anything to get some attention! Your all a bunch of trash--the potheads that is.

2514 days ago


So we mention the issue about second hand smoke from MJ but what about the second hand deaths from alcohol. Around 6,000 people die each year in car accidents this does include the abused. Hell we went to WAR with less people dieing. (Thanks Soldiers). Maybe some of those drivers might have wanted a second choice of what drug they wanted to get High on. But you do have a good point second hand smoke from MJ but we still let cigarettes legal.  Yeah let’s try to stop one but keep the other. Cigarettes are more addictive then the others.

Anyway, Drew thanks for standing up.

2514 days ago

Marlb Man    

Weed RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im smokin some now--O Man, its so GOODDDDDDD! Im getting a woodrow. Cool. Gotta go rub one off. I hope my mom doesnt catch me again. that would suck. Cool here comes my dad, he wants to smoke some gonja with me. He is really cool. He lets me drink with him to. i hope he has some cigarettes, i need one after i diddle with myself!

2514 days ago
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