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Seinfeld to King: "Do You Know Who I Am?"

11/3/2007 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard to tell when comedian Jerry Seinfeld is joking and when he's serious, but he looked a bit perturbed when Larry King mixed up his details about Jerry's classic show. What's the deal with that?

On Thursday's "Larry King Live," the King asked Jerry if "Seinfeld" was canceled back in the day, and Jerry seemed genuinely shocked that Larry (his "Bee Movie" co-star) didn't know. "You think I got canceled?" Jerry shot back. "=I was the number one show on television=, Larry ... 75 million viewers in the last episode." Clearly, Larry is not master of his domain.

As Larry played it off and went to commercial, Jerry threw in one last zinger: "Can we get a resume in here for me for Larry to go over?" Zing!


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I saw Jerry on another show the other night, and I was a little shocked by his appearance. He is not aging well. His posture, glasses and necktie made him look like a little old man. I think it might do him good to get back into doing television or something.

2490 days ago


There is quite a difference between having one of the most successful TV shows of all time, and being fired. I know the guy is out of touch, but if you are interviewing a celebrity you should know the bare essentials. The question is rude because it shows Larry didn't take the time to do any research or preparation beforehand.

2490 days ago


Also a word to Jerry....need to remember it's not all about you every second of every day...your wife is a tramp and so are you for taking another man's have NO CLASS! At least you could have waited until she was legally separated. The whole book thing was a sham. Do you think anyone would have cared how she used her food processor..but becase she is married to YOU her book get published right away. Plus her little shoe fetish escapade with Oprah and the $1,500 a pair gift was absurd. I hope the Bee movie tanks and you go back to helping Jezebel oh sorry Jessica chop those veggies

2490 days ago


Jerry is still one of the funniest human beings on the face of the earth! You people who think he's arrogant might need to look up the meaning of "sarcasm". He's acting for God's sake!

2490 days ago


I think he should have worn the puffy shirt to the interview. Anyway, sometimes interviewers ask questions they already know the answers to so they can make the guest look good, allowing Jerry to reiterate that "he" walked out, not canceled, as is rare when a show ends. However, with Larry you just never know, ha. I also agree that his wife has a serious screw loose.

2490 days ago


To the person who called Larry King and Jerry Seinfeld "hasbeens." I just hope you can laugh all the way to the bank like they can!!

There was no arrogance in Seinfeld's response to King asking if his show was cancelled..I think Seinfeld he was in shock!! I think he couldn't believe that someone who is supposed to be so smart is actually is DUMB!! Ignorant! even the frequenters of the "soup kitchens" know that Jerry Seinfeld's show closing was of his choice...Not the networks!!

I watch King's show and I have noticed for the past year or so he seems to slipping, not as alert, and asking dumb questions of his guests.

2490 days ago


Watching an entire episode of Larry King is like torture! That is the absolute worst show ever. So boring!

2490 days ago


"16. Seinfeld needs to be careful about those zingers. King was getting repect when Seinfeld was in diapers."

And now Seinfeld gets respect while King's in diapers. Oh, sweet irony.

2490 days ago


JERRY thanks for showing us that money & fame really can not buy class, u can not take the insecure nerd out of this man. Everyone makes mistakes, even LARRY KING--a classy man that knows he really is talented doesn't need to get one up on the KING. Respect JERRY should have been learned from Dangerfield. U are on KING's show, his guest, not vice versa.

2490 days ago


"Seinfeld," along with "Friends," is the most overrated television show in the last 30 years.
Before that, "MASH."

2490 days ago


I am NO fan of Larry King - he asks questions that are out of sequence, and he is a bore. BUT Jerry Seinfeld has a MASSIVE ego and it's to the point where I change the channel when he comes on because I cannot stand how full-of-himself he is. That's why he stole another man's wife - SUPER-SIZED ago. He's just a comedian - he never saved a life or contributed to the bettering of society. What a cad.

2490 days ago


I have watched Larry's memory slowly disappear over the last few years and see him struggle at times, Other times he is ok but all of his questions are scripted now for him.
When he goes off the paper and tries something on his own, Well this is what may happen.
lol @ the resume remark from Jerry.
Have enjoyed many of Larry Kings shows over the years and I like his casual interviewing style, But it may be time to enjoy these last years with the family.

2490 days ago


If you have ever watched Larry King you know he asks stupid questions its about time someone called him on it. Go Seinfeld!!!!!!

2490 days ago


Uh, sorry Jerry, NEVER saw your show. Will I see any of your twit movies, etc, never.....Larry, consumate professional, go read your 'wifes' cookbook, boring!!!!! Just like you, go peddle Kosher hot dogs on Delancy St.

2490 days ago


Bottom line is Larry was unprepared for this interview. He gets paid millions to interview celebrities and yet cant be bothered to do his homework. I am with Jerry. I love his spunk and intelligence. Jerry is competent and a professional. King not so.He showed up the media for what it is.

2490 days ago
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