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Lindsay's Love Lays Down the Law

11/4/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paparazzi darling Lindsay Lohan has bodyguards and assistants to keep photogs at bay, but it was the new man in her life, Riley Giles, who stepped up to the plate yesterday.

Lindsay was getting her hair did at Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills. As it came time for Lindsay to make her exit, Riley decided to take it upon himself to let the photogs know what time it was. He's more than just a pretty face in mugshots.

And maybe Riley's little chat worked. When LiLo made her exit, the paps were nothing but nice, shouting things like, "Your hair looks great!" and "Hey, sweetie pie!" A little kindness works every time.


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I prefer the drunk driving crazy coked out of her mind tweeker Lindsay. This one is boring.


2512 days ago

just wondering    

...aww..that was sweet !!..he is getting into the LA paps groove..why does he remind me of K-Fed in the beginning??

2512 days ago


She will be back and up on her knees in no time ;)

2512 days ago


If these celebrities complain about the obnoxious paparazzi why do they live in Hollywood? They only make one or two films a year at most so why not live elsewhere away from the limelight and photographers, lead a completely private life and fly to L.A. when you need to work? Obviously they LOVE the attention and need to be in the news all the time. If they choose to stay in L.A., eat in the hot spots, dance in the in clubs and shop in those trendy boutiques they should stop complaining about the get what you seek!

2512 days ago


Violation of California law to hang dingle-dangle from your rear-view mirror. Cops will bust other people real fast over that violation. So, why are Lindsey and Britney getting away with the violation? Any answers?

2512 days ago


If this kid is not another Kevin Federline, I don't know who is!

2512 days ago

She Never Learns    

Lindsay has no working brain cells. The more she is in the press, the less Hollywood execs will have any real interest in hiring her. She needs to move to a ranch in Wyoming and detox.

We know EVERYTHING about Lindsay. That's the problem. She actually CALLS the papz to let them know where she will be as if the media attention HELPS her declining career. Paris Hilton, hotel heiress and socialite NEEDS Paparazzi to maintain her Celebrity Personality.

Lindsay is just plain DUMB.

2512 days ago

just wondering    

..Randi...won't be long now until a reality show is pitched on these two.." Driving Miss Daisy"....

2512 days ago


I thought it was supposed to be ''laying down on her back". this chick is so hungry for attention, she would sleep with a homeless man , and say it was a reality show.

2512 days ago

just wondering    

...I just wish she and this guy weren't living in that town right now..they have no hope of staying sober in the long run..he must love his new lifestlye and the novelty of having him will only last so long for her...and they r just right in the middle of this breeding ground for all the things she should stay away from..oh well wishes too both...they would have been better off stayin in some cabin in Utah and her flying in for shoots...

2512 days ago


Someone in recovery can not go back to the same life that led them to their addiction. She is going down the same path again baby stepping her way into it...and this new kid who left his g/f to be w/ her is just a tag-a-long KFed wanna be and will be cracked out before she is

2512 days ago


he's got a DUMMY FACE.

he looks like an overgrown little boy - a "baby huey".

he does nothing all day but hold her bags and go to the beauty salon !!!

lindsay: find yourself a MAN. someone who's allowed to drive.

2512 days ago


those two should cuddle up, ice down a bottle of vodka, order in an 8ball of cocaine and have a nice Sunday of "me" time.......

2512 days ago


Hope she gets pregnant fast then he and K Fed can move in together after the divorce.

2512 days ago

BOEING 787    

Why doesn't Lindsay Lohan do something productive for once, stand for something
that inspires other people, all she does is chain smoke, call papz, and hang out with bad influences like this dude.

Like #7 has just written Lindsay is just plain DUMB.

2512 days ago
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