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K-Fed to Brit -- Can You Pay My Bills??

11/6/2007 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained more documents released in the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline divorce-- and now the popwreck has been ordered to pay Fed-Ex's legal bills. Gimme more!

The request was made on November 6 by Federline, seeking payment of $160,000 in attorney's fees.

The court docs state that Federline, perhaps best known as the musical genius behind "America's Most Hated," is "self-employed as a performing artist" and that "he does not earn any income."

The judge ordered Spears to pay $120,000 of those fees.


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wow hes such a LOSER!!

2545 days ago


"spend time digging up dirt"?? All you have to do it watch the internet to see how screwed up Britney is! No one has to dig, it's all out there for everyone to see. She's a slut who only cares about herself. She answers to no one, thinks she's above it all.
What would you have him do, crawl under a rock? Slink away and never see his kids again? HE DESERVES SUPPORT AND SHE DESERVES TO PAY. She spent a lot of time humiliating him and walking all over him. He stuck by her, he didn't screw around, he didn't parade the kid around for the media, he didn't go around mostly naked and sleep with everyone he met in clubs. He NEVER says anything bad about her.
You need to look at what's REALLY going on here. He is only asking for what he legally is allowed to receive. SO WHAT? What about Tori's ex? He got a TON of money and no one griped about that.

2545 days ago

papa bear    

It's kinda funny, because if the situation was reversed, people would be shouting 'good for you girl! Get your money!'

It's nice to see the law being applied equally for once. It's a lame law, but at least it's being applied equally.

2545 days ago


Why should she have to pay? He doesn't even TRY to work.

2545 days ago


Good for him!!! Britt is a terrible mother and should have no time with the kids. Britt spends more time shopping, eating fast food, tanning and going to clubs than she does with her two boys. And its not like she doesn’t have the money, she beyond rich, for what? A couple cds from when she was thin and had some talent? If Britt would just listen to the judge and do what he wants, drug/alcohol test and spend time with the kids she could have them back, but ya all know she is not going to do that cuz then how is she going to go to the clubs every night and drink? Britt is a complete looser and a horrible parent and I really hate to say it but k-fed is an excellent dad and he deserves the kids, not Britt. Im on team k-fed!!!!

2545 days ago


Never thought I would defend Kevin, but the court ordered Britney to pay because her conduct was the reason the proceedings have been prolonged. No reason it should be him paying that price when she caused it. Stay home and bake cookies and take care of the kids, Britney, and save your money.

2545 days ago

Blah blah blah    

I don't care for either of them, but why would or should she be responsible for his legal tab? If he wants to fight that moron, he should have to pay his own legal fees.

2545 days ago


I don't care if she makes 7 million a month he wants a high priced attorney then f'n pay for it his self this just pisses me off, the lawyer is over charging so k-fed can have some of that money I really believe this. brit has some issues but she is a good person and has never needed someone else's help to support herself. she most certainly should pay a reasonable amount of child support but that's it............BE A F'N MAN K-FED ,GET A DAMN JOB.

2545 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Okay-I am NOT a Britney fan-put to have to pay HIS bills to sue her???? That's crazy. He should get a public defender,move out of a sevarel thousand $$$ a month house with pool etc. quit partying and GET A FRICKING JOB Loser!!!!!!!!! PS castrate him also 6 kids all under 5 -bet 4 are on welfare!!!!!!!!!

2545 days ago


MOOCHER? Are you really as nuts or as young as you sound? His job is as a DANCER. Britney KNEW he was a dancer when she married him. GET IT? She knew she made more money, GET IT? She knew that it would be HER money that would be supporting them, GET IT? It sounds like you nuts think that ALL MEN should support themselves and their wives but ALL WOMEN should get support even when they make $16,000 a week or what ever it was. How smart is that? You must live in an undevelope country to think that way! She has the money to support him, will never even miss it. If he was the big earner and had to pay her would you think that was alright? The 1950's are gone and women are big earners now and everyone needs to get off it and adjust!

2545 days ago


You can't use logic or explain The Family Court system to Brit fans, most are young
and or blind by their love for this nitwit. Don't try and confuse themwith the facts.

2545 days ago

Reeda Jordan    

Britt doesn't mind helping her baby daddy. I deep down in side would help my ex if I was rich. Cant take it with you.

We're Americans, we love a little drama.............

2545 days ago


papa bear* No i would be saying the same damn thing... woman can get a job to.

2545 days ago


its not "can you pay my bills," its "I wouldn't have these freaking bills if it weren't for your crazy a** so you pay them b****."

2545 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Her obligation to pay spousal support and child support is one thing but the legal fees is another. Is ist CA law that she is obligated to do this? Seriously, I don't know if this is the law or him just trying to get more. But if she doesn't have the sense to clear her head and put up one h3ll of a fight, she deserves what she gets.

2545 days ago
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