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Neverland in Foreclosure?

11/6/2007 10:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumors have been rampant for months that Michael Jackson's Neverland estate was about to be foreclosed upon, but now comes the first concrete evidence that Jacko's home is about to go back to the bank. Who's bad?

The Implode-O-meter has obtained the foreclosure and Notice of Default report for Santa Barbara County -- and Neverland is listed. According to that report, Jackson is, as of October 12, delinquent $23,212,963 on a $23,000,000 loan.

Notice of Defaults in the state of California typically go out when a homeowner misses their third payment. After another 30 days, the homeowner is issued a foreclosure notice. According to this document, it appears that the King of Pop is $212,963 delinquent on the loan's principal of $23 mil.

A rep for Jackson did not immediately return our call for comment.


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Now all of you that hating, put your money together and buy the ranch. It comes with everything and guess what with all of you there the world would be a loving peaceful place to live. Say after all you was the ones buying VIP, now why want you all buy the ranch and have a sheet wearing day parade among yourselves. I love it when one of your children bring what you hate home to meet you. Have a chocolate pudding with whip cream on top with me. That a good treat

2489 days ago


I wish this scary individual would leave the country permanently. I will never understand how he is able to retain custody of his children. They can't possibly have a shot at a normal childhood. Sorry MJ fans, there won't be a comeback here. This man is in his 40's , and way over the edge.

2489 days ago

5 cent    

Michael Jackson likes to play with little boys
He dangles his kids like they were just toys
But while satisfying his lust
Neverland has to go bust
and the Prince of Bahrain became a little less coy.

2489 days ago


Oh my Gosh #10!!!!!!! If you think Micheal Jackson is dreamy, I can't believe what you must be like!!!!! There must be something very wrong with a guy who wants to look like that!!!

2489 days ago


# 6 I agree wholeheartedly. He was the the King of Pop and with losing his reputation,
drug problems, spending habits and attorney fees. Here we are. Sure sounds like she's following in his footsteps doesn't she?

2489 days ago

Nancy S    

Someone must have traumatized him as a kid, cause fame and money can't possibly mess up someone this bad.

2489 days ago


This is just twisted!!! Michael Jackson doesn't lose custody of his children, but Britney Spears loses hers??? Something's wrong here!!

2489 days ago

just wondering    

..DJ #21...don't forget...the mother of Michaels children signed a contract and SOLD her kids to him basically!!!!....she gave them up before they were even the poor kids don't have a mother fighting for their well being!!! the heck does school and friends work for them????..must be horrible!!!!!!

2489 days ago

Lenn K.    

All that money and he just pissed it away. What an idiot and child molester. Join the MC Hammer club of financial planning, other members, Kareen Abdul Jabbar, Mike Tyson, Darryl Strawberry, and too many others to mention.

2489 days ago


Surely this comes as no huge surprise to anyone!!!
Michael Jackson is truly mentally unstable given to his many quirks, and of course the "Baby Dangling" certainly did not get him the "Father Of The Year Award".
I too hope that Sir Paul McCartney will be able to get back the Beatles Memorbilia and would even like to see some of that go to the surviving Beatles and their children.
MJ is so eccentric that he truly has a personality disorder along with mental health issues.
The one thing the foreclosure will do is keep those looking to sue him, prove to them he has NOTHING, not even his dignity or self respect. A TRUE man can be financially destitute, but if he has his dignity, self respect and self worth, he truly is the richest man on earth. Michael Jackson will NEVER possess those traits and will always be a poor excuse of a man or human for that matter. His legacy will be that of a PEDOPHILE. Truly sad for his family to have to bear that disgrace.

2489 days ago


He doesn't live there so he shouldn't care anymore.

2489 days ago


slomoe #27: So, how long ago did you get that giant bump on your head? Did you black out, too?

2489 days ago


TO SLOMOE Entry # 27.......................

Are you trying to incite a race war? This issue has NOTHING to do with what race Michael Jackson is. I could care less who it is race wise.......FACT IS FACT and the individual spoken about is truly mentally ill and a freepin PEDOPHILE. Personally I could care less if the person is white, black, brown, pick, beige, orange, green, red, purple or any other color you think of. A PERVERT IS A PERVERT and color has no clear distinction. There are many whites/caucasians who are PEDOPHILES, but I could care less what their color or gender is. Once a PEDOPHILE...........ALWAYS A PEDOPHILE and color has no distinction, so behave and put the race card away.

2489 days ago


To bad Elizabeth Talyor dump him, he could have gone over and sober about the good old old time and asked for a hand out. He could try to work, but no one wants to touch him. What about his family, the seemed so close in court , I guess money a different story. Did Peter Pan? Commit suicide, or was he in for closeure too. He could move to Africa, the rent is rely low in some of those counrtry, and some don't even have one homosexual. Sound like a night club job to me!

2489 days ago


SLOMOE..............................I am sure that I have more CLASS in my pinky than you will ever have if you lived to be a thousand. As for race and my looks..........wouldn't you be surprised to know how so very very wrong you are!!!!!!!! Just goes to show that jerks like you make stupid dumb statements without having ALL your facts and figures present and accounted for. I don't know what race you are and quite clearly I do not care one iota. As for looks, I'll bet your Mama thought the Doctor threw away the baby and kept the placenta instead. Take it from a SISTER are NOTHING!!!!!!

2489 days ago
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