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A&E Still Making Money Off The Dog

11/7/2007 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A&E pulled Dog Chapman's show off the air, but that's not stopping the network from continuing to make a buck off the scandalized bounty hunter.
Ultimate Dog The Bounty Hunter DVD Collection
One can still visit the A&E web store and buy such delights as "Ultimate Dog The Bounty Hunter DVD Collection" -- for a mere $35.95. Arf. The collection includes such gems as the Dog's book, "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" and the Dog's favorite episodes, plus his charming wedding video.

The question is, who wants this stuff?


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What's the big deal?

Simple people also buy RAP cd's that say worse things....

and it's not even a private conversation...

2521 days ago


What the Dog said was a personal conversation between him and his son and it should have been left that way. We have probably all said something in our personal conversations at one time or another in our lives that we did not want repeated so give the guy a break, he is human.
If A & E had to taken a vote on whether or not to suspend the TV show, I would have voted to leave it on. He has helped alot of people. I support the Dog.

2521 days ago


So, what....? I'm on Dog's side. He was stupid on the phone with his son. But, I don't believe he's a racist. If I did think him to be a racist, I'd be the first in line to give him the business end of my boot. The KKK is all vigilante thugs and cowards.

2521 days ago


10. A&E has the right to recoup their losses-

RECOUP THEIR LOSSES??!! It was THEIR choice to pull his show...and it was a HUGE mistake!! I doubt any of us could stand up under the same kind of scrutiny this man is under. They need to put his show back on, let him go about his life, and leave him the hell alone!!

2521 days ago


Don't think A&E has sold many Dog videos in the last few days. They cut off their nose to spite their face and like another poster stated - put a lot of little people out of work.

2521 days ago


You can't say how you feel in this country anymore. He had a PRIVATE conversation and then losses his job in the great old USA. This is baffling to me.

2521 days ago

know it all    

Disgusting..This man is a total phony..created by T.V. in a MANAGED reality show..He does nothing more or less then any other bounty hunter who earns money on the backs of unfortunate (mostly drug addicts) people. This private tiraid is the REAL DOG showing his ugly teeth,and trying to blame it on some passing "I don't know what got into me" moment..And as for his "black spiritual advisor" another FOOL looking for the spotlight..As far as I'm concerned the less of THE DOG, his STRIPPER WIFE,and their PUPPY DOG man of god...THE BETTER

2521 days ago


TMZ, I am starting to lose interest in you. Dog is getting a bad rap for this. We have all said the N word, what's the big deal? If certain people had thicker skins and higher self esteem, this would be a non issue. Maybe the girl he was talking about is a low life and he doesn't want her as part of his family. He has every right to say what ever the hell he needs to say to convince his son. This was a private conversation. I do not support A&E's stand on this and will no longer watch that channel. I have nothing against black people but I too can't stand low life's.

2521 days ago


It really ticks me off that there is such a big deal about Dog using the 'n' word. African Americans (I guess is proper) call themselves and/or their friends the 'n' word. But that's okay - just don't let a white person say it. Granted it is not a nice word but haven't you used a word or two that was not 'nice'? Where is Al Sharpton when his 'own' people use the word? Media and A&E are making a big deal out of nothing and ruining peoples lives (their livelihood) over a private conversation that should NOT have been heard by the world. A&E grow some you know what and bring DOG BACK! Don't be like MSNBC!

2521 days ago


You cannot tell me that A&E wasn't aware of the problem until after the tape became public! If they were okay with the man when his problem was secret, why are they NOT okay with him now? Why have they abandoned the monster they helped to create? A&E are the bigger hypocrites here. They have a responsibility to the public and should be punished instead of Dog! Dog is just one man. A&E is a huge team of people that should have known better and done better.

2521 days ago

Put down this dog    

If Duane Chapman's attorney is any good, Duane is getting a hefty percentage of all merchandise with his name or image on it.

I saw him crying on TV last night over this. He seems sincer but who knows. The Enquirer has witnesses to the contrary, who have passed lie detector tests.

His show is just a live action cartoon anyway.

2521 days ago


I just can't understand Dog. Why would he ever use that terrible word. He knows at any time someone will take the opportunity to share anything objectionable he uses with the media. Why would Dog be so careless with his career? I guess this should teach him.

2521 days ago



I support Dog completely. He made a mistake (as we all have in life), I don't think he's a racist, he just made a bad judgement!
All the "HATERS" are coming out to the wood-work, doing interviews, etc. They are all Haters, looking to make a buck!!!!

Hang In There Dog!!!!!

2521 days ago


I love the Dog. He made a mistake. Deal with it. A&E are a bunch of hypocrites and business men! Who in their life has NEVER made a mistake?! COME ON! Give the guy a break! He deserves it. I would buy his stuff.

2521 days ago


Thank God that aggressive breeder is off the TV. No more hot air from that stupid blow hard bitch. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

2521 days ago
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