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Brit Back in Court Over Drug Testing

11/7/2007 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned that K-Fed is going back to court tomorrow, arguing that Brit is violating the Commissioner's drug testing order.

Sources say K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will go before L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon tomorrow morning, arguing that Britney has failed to respond in a timely manner when she is called for random drug testing. We're told Kaplan will ask to modify the existing custody order, giving Britney limited visitation rights.

We're told neither Britney nor K-Fed will be present. And, we're told, this could be a real dogfight.


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If you had kids that were in a car driven by a person who might be on drugs then you would be negligent if you didn't do whatever to make them get tested.If she isn't on drugs,then why doesn't she comply?Likewise,if she thinks Kevin is using,then her lawyer should request testing for him.

2542 days ago

Vintage '51    

Here they go again. This is getting as old as the Rocky sequels. Hope someone (authorized by the court) watches her actually urinate. I used to work for a lab which does drug testing and you wouldn't believe what some people try to pass off as urine. Never ceases to amaze me. Make sure she doesn't have her boys around when the sample is requested.Better yet, get hair samples.A sudden, surprise request is always alarming and with all the Starbucks Britney drinks, peeing shouldn't be a problem.

2542 days ago

Truth Is    

Love it! Spare this trick NOTHING Kevin! Get her, don't let her think she's getting over, stay on her a$$.

2542 days ago

ME're the idiot...parents all over the states continually defy court orders and keep custody...even drug users keep some form of visitation...

2542 days ago


his alimony is gone as of Nov 15th... he's a loser wh just wants her money

2542 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

C'mon now, so you think Fed Ex's lawyer is out of line for making sure Britney does what she is supposed to do? That's common sense. Britney should just be doing what she is supposed to be doing so that the lawyer won't have to call her on it. She's been ordered to do certain things and that is what she is expected to do, not what she wants to do when she wants to do it. Her children's custody depends on how she complies or not.

Take a little responsibility for yourself, Britney, and stop blaming your problems on your mother. If you' think your mother messed you up, then how do you think your behavior and parenting will affect your two boys now and in the future? Think about it.

2542 days ago


#20 rock and are spot on!

2542 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

K-Prick and Kaplan are the BIGGEST money mooching lowlifes in the country. I hope the courts can see through this sham. K-Prick wants more of Britney's money to pay for his FOUR (4) other little bastard children. Even the current child support money she gives him go to these other children and his drugs. What he really wants, of course, is more spousal support so the deadbeat doesn't have to look for a job - not that he could find one., he's such a dumb-ass.
I think her mental health issues are a direct result from being married to such a sleaze bag. Most decent lawyers would never take this case but Kaplan is as big of a sleaze bag as K-Prick.!!!!!!! Everyone in Hollywood knows that.

2542 days ago

Texas Girl    

Good SOMEBODY needs to make her accountable. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU BRITNEY! She thinks she can do whatever she wants and the world will bend at her beck and call.

PS.. and what mom after getting increased visitation to see her kids go CHANDELIER SHOPPING.

Do those kids a huge arse favor and take em away from her for good.

2542 days ago


hey thats typical Britney, she still thinks she can walk around with her nose up in the air, thinking she can do as she please's. Her album is a real stinker. 296,000 copies the first week, terrible, the bitch is lucky if she gets 500,000 total.

2542 days ago


I don't understand WHY BRITNEY'S ATTORNEY isn't DEMANDING THAT KFED BE TESTED TOO!! Afterall, HE HAS CUSTODY OF THE KIDS RIGHT NOW!!! Shouldn't he have to be tested to make sure he ISN'T USING ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS????

Sounds like Brit needs an attorney who is a fighter!!!! Either that, or something is REALLY FISHY WITH THIS JUDGE!!!

2542 days ago


Kevin hasn't seen the Britney out in the media for a couple days, so he automatically assumes shes doing drugs and needs to be tested right now.

2542 days ago

janet jackson    

If the shoe were on the other foot (and Brittney wasn't trailer trash, there was really a tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny) Brittney wouldn't want K-Fed around those kids high on drugs/alcohol or having tons of women around her kids.

K-Fed is only protecting his sons! $ or no $, Brit has it, he didn't......she got into this marriage knowing it. If she was that DUMB......she should PAY for her ignorance.

You guys all think K-Fed is out for the $ but what if the 'no-licensed (now licensed) drug/alcoholic addict ditz wrecked her car (we know she knows how) and killed her children??
You'd all be asking "Where was K-Fed?" "Where's the baby daddy?" "Why didn't he DO something?"
It will be TOO LATE then won't it?
She wont take her drug tests on time, blatantly ignored the Judge.......she shouldn't get her kids back EVER. She's worthless.

2542 days ago

Britney Supporter    

#29 Duh, your the idiot, the drug user usually does get the kids and the real parent gets all the crap from the courts! Who has the kids???? KFed!!!! Who is getting trashed by the courts Brit!!!!! I should know, I have 8 years of experience dealing with these kind of husband kids are with their meth drug addicted, alcholic mother when she isn't in jail because the courts said the kids should be with her, my husband doesn't even so much as have a parking ticket let alone been to jail or does drugs, hmmmmm....what does that say about our Family Law Court System here in California.....idiot #29!!!!!!!!!

2542 days ago


You got to love careful GayFed you know she is the one keeping you up!

2542 days ago
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