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Dog Barks Back -- I'd Kill Myself for Forgiveness!

11/7/2007 10:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Dog has only one excuse for dropping the N-word in a leaked phone message -- "I thought I was cool enough to be able to use" it.

Duane "Dog" Chapman was on "Hannity & Colmes" last night for his first interview since his son sold tapes of an N-word littered rant to the National Enquirer, and tried his best to defend himself against and apologize for the hate-filled tirade.

Chapman will continue his tour of contrition tonight, in an interview with Larry King.


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Scoobys mom    

I always knew he was a phony, never liked the guy. Something about him has always bothered me. He gets praised as this awesome dude but I knew eventually he would show his true colors and low and behold he has done that. If they don't cancel his show I will never watch that station again.

2478 days ago


In the interview last night, Dog stated that he never even met or saw his sons girlfriend before last night. All of you that defended him should all feel like fools.

2478 days ago


All he is and does--is reflected in his face. He looks EXTREMELY unhealthy. You gotta wonder why.

2478 days ago


Don't kill yourself Dog, just go away.


2478 days ago


I forgive go kill yourself. PLEASE

2478 days ago


Cece-I am a parent and I pay for my children's insurance
I made that choice to support my children the day that I became pregnant for them

2478 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I think we all need to be equal-opportunity forgivers. Mr. Vick stepped up to the microphone and apologized for abusing and killing dogs. Now, Mr. Dog has done the same for repeatedly using the N-word. Let's accept their apologies and let them handle the consequences of their actions; no need to add injury to insult by throwing stones at either of them. Life is too short to keep dirty laundry from being tossed into the washer.

2478 days ago

Still Ignorant    

Dog - There is a fundamental and distinct diference between 'ER' and 'A'. When black men endearingly use the word they are not saying it with and ER ending, as you were. Your argument does not hold water, well it does to ignorant white men such as yourself. Nice try though... those who watch your show may buy it?

2478 days ago

NO NO NO    

As an African-American I appreciate all the "positive" posts about this situation. As of lately we have seen a lot of people's ugliness come out (on both sides). The Dog's comments didn't bother me as much, probably because I don't watch the show. Kramer's comments were very upsetting to me because I loved Seinfeld. Unfortunately I can't look at the show the same way anymore since his racial rant. One thing for sure is that Racist attitudes still exsist in America.

If someone personally doesn't like me because of my color...fine. But if the person at the bank I'm trying to get a loan from doesn't like Black people, or if the cop who pulls my husband over for a traffic stop doesn't like Black people, or a Judge doesn't like Black people....that is where the problem comes in. Racist attitudes like the Dog and Kramer just happened to be caught on tape. This is not going to happen to the average racist that walks around us everyday. But yet in still we think that we are going to be treated fairly in the U.S. We are never going to be treated fairly as long as these racist, ugly, unjust attitudes are imbedded in our society. I am educated, married with children, own a home and never been arrested. ALL of my friends are the same. We don't go around gang banging, blasting rap music or robbing people. What about the millions of African-Americans who are upstanding citizens. We don't deserve this and we are tired of it.

2478 days ago


I have posted several comments from the beginning of this news story. Last night on the Fox interview, Dog gave an apology to his son and his son's girlfriend during the interview. I do not condone just language ever, this, however, was a private phone conversation in his home. I believe Dog to be sincere in everything he said on Fox last night. My thought, though, is this, if his son and his son's black girlfriend were so hurt and insulted by Dog's words during that taped private phone conversation (which took place last MARCH), why did his son wait so long to sell the tape and why did his son not speak out in some way before now????? Dog deserves an apology from his son AND his son's girlfriend FIRST, not from Dog first. To tape something you claim you are hurt and insulted by, and then wait for months to bring it out in the open, by SELLING it, and then claiming to be so hurt-----I don't for a second believe his son or his son's girlfriend. Dog is no perfect human being, nor are any of us, he now wants to explain, so that is is understood, what, when, how and why he is the person he is. I learned to enjoy Dog, the Bounty Hunter, and you that are saying Duane Chapman is an actor? Get real!! He is just being himself, sure he knows he is being filmed, but it is not a written script, and he is simply being himself. It is a REALITY show, not a written, word for word, script. I hope someday his show can return to tv, if not A&E, some other channel, because what Dog is---is what you get to see and watch---finally a REAL person. That is why his show is so popular---most can find something in his show that actually relates to them or someone they know or what is really going on in life!! My vote and my support for Dog and his family---live and learn---grow----whatever!!! At least this news story is one that so many can relate to-------my family is dysfunctional too-----and most people I know come from a broken home with plenty of "what in the world" relatives.

2478 days ago


When you hang around people enough you pick up certain things about them, can you really blame him for acting how he does with the low lifes he has to deal with each day? No one can say they dont have skeletons in their closets and if you were famous, you would be picked on too so leave him alone if you dont like him, dont watch him!

2478 days ago


Dont Apologize, You are a complete idiot! The constitution has nothing to due with this. This is a business decision by A&E. Racism is not good for business. In addition, I havent heard any black person say anything about slavery. This is about a racist who was exposed for what he is. I don't think you paid enough attention in school because your comprehension skills are terrible.

2478 days ago

Walmart Shoppers United    

WOW. What a liar! There's no way he thought that he was cool enough or being cool by using the N word. Its an degrading term period, and he was but was WAY too concerned about the girlfriend hearing and reporting it. Maybe its cool to say around other ignorant rednecks, but I'm white and would never think it's cool to use! He is so busted.....let it go and let's move on!

2478 days ago


Man, you really embarrassed yourself on TV last night. No, do not apologize to me! I will not sign this stupid petition you have posted here, and hope that any intelligent person out there will not either!
Go back and listen to what you said again. I am a Caucasian female and mother. I live in Louisiana. This state has already suffered too much in the national spotlight because of racism. Now this. Racism is a form of ignorance. What would you say to the family of a black soldier that has been killed serving his/her country? Is their blood not as red as yours? Is their life not as precious?
So many people can forgive you, but will not forget. You can still be a bounty hunter, just not on TV holding yourself up as a role model.
I do not like hypocrites!

Donna in Louisiana

2478 days ago

blah blah freakin' blah    

56, your an idiot. Watch the interview, listen to the tapes, read the 200 + comments posted on this site since the story broke. Idiot!

2478 days ago
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