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Dog's N-Word Victim Bites Back with Lawsuit?

11/8/2007 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman whose relationship with Duane "Dog" Chapman's son Tucker pushed him to bark out his now-infamous N-word-laced rant against her is planning to growl back with a lawsuit of her own, according to the National Enquirer.

Monique Shinnery, against whom Dog used the racial epithet several times during his taped tirade, tells the tab that she's going to sue for slander. "I want justice," says Monique. "He has slandered me, stated that I have bad character and repeatedly lied about me on national television."

Chapman has said on his recent whimpering tour that he apologized to Shinnery, but her lawyer tells the Enquirer that Dog reached out through his lawyer, not personally.


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Colored people are not the only race that has been enslaved in history, okay let's get that point on the table, Irish people were enslaved, jews been enslaved, Asian people been enslaved, the list goes on and on so colored people need to get over it like the irish, jews, asians, etc, have gotten over it a long time ago!

2537 days ago


"colored people". Oh my word. We really are regressing. I'm confused, why does anyone care that he used that distasteful word? You'd think folks would focus more on the "you can't work for me if you're with a black woman" part. The N word pales in comparison!

2537 days ago

Shannon N    

Please, get over it B*TCH! I am black and how is it we can get away with saying the N- word but white people can't? I love DOG just please know until he comes back on the air myself, my friends or family will be using ANY of the sponsors of A&E's products. Just please let him come back on the air! Leland get at me boy! PEACE!!!!!!

2494 days ago


Dog your son and that girl should hang their heads in shame!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a private phone call between you and him, I have 5 children and feel the same way you do. My relatives are born and raised in Hawaii and the philliphenes. My brothers know your son Leland very well. But I and many of my friends and relatives, will continue to pray and send good wishes to you and your family Aloha----------- I live in Mass.

2536 days ago


The only effective way to fight biggotry when it reveals itself, is to hit them where it hurts. Period! And that would be to expose them so that it can damage their career (if they have a career), and go after their money. Ouch! Thay way they will think twice before spewing out their racist thoughts, and it will send a message to other biggots that the same thing will happen to them if they expose themselves. It won't change them being a biggot, but it will make them keep their racist thoughts to themselves!

2536 days ago


Tractor, I think most people are well aware that blacks weren't the only ones enslaved. That is irrelevant to this case. You pointing that out serves no purpose, other than to invoke more hate. I wouldn't agree with people discriminating against any race, whether they've been enslaved, or HAVE enslaved. Hate is hate. Irish people have been enslaved, and they have enslaved. That's how you get black people with names like "McNabb", and "McGrady". Black people haven't claimed to be the only enslaved race. You saying that like that's what they think only shows your ignorance even more.

I'm pretty sure blacks find "colored people" just as offensive as the N word. Also, Tractor, you're ignoring the whole "you can't work for me if you're dating a black girl" part. Your tiny mind can't come up with an excuse for that one, can it?

I see paranoid white racists on television talking about "we're getting out numbered. they're taking over". After reading these posts, I sure hope that's true!!! Society is regressing, and in my opinion white people should have lost their power decades ago. I love seeing biracial couples, because in all my years I've learned that until we're all mixed with something, there will be hate and ignorance.

2536 days ago


#701 (Tractor). I am full-blooded Irish, and I can tell you with certainty that Irish people have NOT gotten over being enslaved, or opressed. That's why we're a bunch of angry drunks. Japanese people are still suffering from the effects of the A-Bombs that were dropped on them, and I doubt they've truly stopped hating America. The Chinese are still oppressed, so you can't really say they've been over it, because it hasn't ended. What other Asians? Indians, still oppressed (the whole caste system thing, and womens' rights are a joke). You're speaking for entire races and nations ... you sure you're qualified? I think black people will get over their issues with racists once the racism ends. It's really hard to like people who don't like you. I think #704 is right about us all needing to be mixed. Reading this garbage makes me want to go wash the white out of my genes.

2536 days ago

Dontae Williams    

Thats right #702 and 704#!!!!!! Racist whites listen to them they can
teach u somthing, But also alota white people on this site proves
that something seriously needs t be done about racism , In a certain
way we needed this to happen to expose what other white people think
, The racist people here would rather look at everybody else except
for the Racist "Dog" that started all this , U think people who were
offended care about Tuckers image or his Girlfriends rapsheet? man
who cares , only thing that matters is a huge public figure that had
everyone thinking he was a good guy turned out to be worst than the
guys he was arresting. The Dog and the rest of white people that
support a Racist need Jesus

2536 days ago


y'know, 704 and Dontae have good points so now they got me thinkin

Thinkin of a number... oh, yeah.

Say it with me now.

Ladies and gentlemen, Big Brother and the Thought Police have arrived! Watch what you say, and remember - Big Brother sees and hears everything that you say and do. Be good, or the Thought Police will come for you...

2536 days ago


I talk about white people ( I learned to look out for them at a very young age). White people talk about black people ( they learned to hate black's & any non-whites at a young age). These people talk about those people. She talks about her . He talks about him. They talk about each other. We all talk about everyone there is to talk about & none of us are truly sorry unless it's gonna hurt, especially in the pocket!. We were all taught that way. WE live that way. WE ALL need constructive learning on how not to be a hater. Let's start the teachings in pre-school for our future hater generations ( because we are breeding them right now) . Let's teach how diverse our universe is in all religious gatherings & protests, or however we're able to teach our young! Let's just do it. The world is becoming smaller & smaller & we are finding a lot more people to hate that we didn't even know existed .
Forget about us. We are a lost cause.
Teach our young how not to hate simply because "that's the way it was". We learn from tradition & carry it on. Tradition teaches the same old same old same old same old............................
But I do like the "vanilla gorilla comment". It fits,(no hatred involved )(smile).

2536 days ago


Dontae..... you are an instigator.of fraction Are you working for NOI........or are you just plain delusional. Iwould opt for fit the pattern You twist everyone's it because you have acerebral deficit, and cannot comprhend....Oh I am being kind.!.............Or are you just stupid, bitter, & cannot function in life unles you blame someone else for your failings. You think that you are so clever...............smarter than everyone you bait them....certain that you can entrap them by their then twist their words, to suit & validate you own opnion..& then you post that twisted version, smug & self satisfied with love to debate on the blog.........because you believe that you are more intelligent than anyone else. You narcissistic, pompous arrogant....piece of NOTHIng. Do you really think that intelligent people, will give you creedence. You are an amoeba.......lowest form of cellular life. Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

2536 days ago


Dontae Are you working for the NOI ,,or are you just nasty in your own right, Perhaps you have a cerebral deficit, & cannot comprehend or perhaps the cerebral deficit has just made you nasty. I think that you warranta lobotomy, Do you not work ? Or.are the blogs, your work. You are an instigator........but you are stupid. You like to debate because you believe that you are more clever than anyone else. {erroneous }. You bait them, & then twist their words to suit your own opinion. You are so pompous, arrogant selfcentered & narcissistic, that you have full faith in your own delusion..............You of course are all knowing......& so ,like to "play" people. It reaffirms your cleverness...You pat yourself lovingly on your back because afterall...........You are so, insightful & Omniscient. How dense do you think that the general public is. ? You are recognized for what you are. You are an imbecile.

2536 days ago


Awe, how cute. Shug has a thing for Dontae. His obsession makes that obvious.

2535 days ago


Shug is Tractor. That much IS obvious. Be careful, Kim, he's probably homophobic as well.

2535 days ago


Baffled Granny No I am not tractor.& thank God that I am not you either.

2535 days ago
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