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Britney Who? "Blackout" Drops Like a Rock

11/12/2007 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After just two weeks, it looks like Britney Spears' new album is sinking fast down the charts -- and now the record's facing competition from a couple of serious divas; Alicia Keys and Celine Dion.

Various music industry sources predict that Brit's week two sales will be somewhere less than 100K, about a 70% drop (which is not unusual), and with the big albums from Keys and Dion coming, sales could be a lot more grim here on out. It's a good thing, then, that someone in the Spears family is trying to make some money -- Page Six reports that Britney's mom, Lynne, has actually hired her own manager, to presumably help with her new career as an author of a parenting book.

Rosie – Who Needs TV?

Rosie O'Donnell might've flubbed that rumored deal with MSNBC, but she'll be going to "blogville" to put on her show.

In a clip on her site, O'Donnell asks, "Who the hell wants to work for a company with three letters that's going to get mad if you tell people what you're doing?" So, as a result, says Ro, "I am going to figure out a way to do a show here in my blogville."

Party Favors: Paul: No More Golddiggers ... Alicia Is Very Glad She Listened to Her Mom

Paul McCartney likes his ladies with loot, a "friend" tells the UK's Mirror. "He will certainly now only date women who have their own means," says the friend, explaining his current fling with Nancy Shevell. ... Chanteuse Alicia Keys almost became "Alicia Wild" when it came time to pick a stage name until her mom told her it sounded like a stripper name. Either way was probably better than her real name: Augello-Cook. ... And finally, props -- and thanks -- to the vets.


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Whatever - Britney's back, suck it!!!

Blackout is the best - do yourself a favour and buy it!!!

2503 days ago



2503 days ago


GOOD GRIEF---Brit's mom is writing a parenting book!!! That is news to me--and what exactly are her credentials?? Kind of like OJ writing a book about marriage--eh?

Hope folks are smart enough not to actually BUY this piece of crap.

2503 days ago


Rosie,maybe you ought to "figure out a way" to express yourself without cursing -like educated people do.......oh,that's right,forgot,you aren't.

2503 days ago


Britney and Rosie can both go to hell for all I care.
two ho's.
send them to china, as revenge for all the lead tainted toys.

2503 days ago


Once the dirty old men and pre-teen wannabes bought the CD... of course sales plummeted!!! Anyone who actually LIKES to listen to music isn't going to buy that garbage!

2503 days ago


Don't forget the couple thousand her record company bought back,
as promotion, and probably the 50,000 she bought for herself!

2503 days ago


The fact that Britney's mom Lynne is writing a book about the life of her family in the frenzy of tabloids at this particular time when her daughters life has run amok is not only shocking but stupid and inane. This speaks volumes of why Britney's behavior is the way it is. Rosie continues to whine and blame everything and everyone else for her erratic and big mouthed behavior. She needs to follow Ellen Degenerous's (spelling?) example of moving on and being successful after her first TV show 'Ellen' was canceled. I salute our Vets today and although I don't support the war--I do pray for our troops safe return.

2503 days ago

Lenn K.    

#7 Marsha, that is sooo true and she really can't sing a lick. Rosie is just a pig!!

2503 days ago


Heres to Freedom of Speech,right to differ, and peace for America.

2503 days ago



2503 days ago


its true i don't like 3 letters
blog has 4 letters
i dint flub
tom brokaw is the 1

im visionary amember
my broadway show tatoo
boy george
the real deal
now hes tabu

kids played with matches
now molten steel all over
craft house
must go 2 see

by a chicken
milk a cow

tink lied 2 blog
tattle tale ginger ale

see 4 ur self

pancakes time

2503 days ago


Rosie thinks she is above having bosses and following rules. You know, the kind that make the world go around. It is called business Rosie and you are not above your bosses. She makes me sick that she thinks she is such a big success. A blog? RFealy. Bet that rakes in the dough. She will undoubetedly stir the pot with controversy to bring in the money when she realizes no one really cares any more. I feel sorry for her that she is spiraling down and doesnt even notice it. She could have been so successful but got really yucky with her foul mouth and elitist attitude. She failed to realize it is entertainment driven by FANS. She turned many off withy her ways.

2503 days ago

Alex Trebec aka Kandi    

I think all this Brit stuff is all for publicity. I wouldn't be surprised if her and K-Fed are still happily married. It reminds me of Micahel Jackson in the 80's when he had the elephant man's bones and all that. I wonder how it's gonna take for Brit's little sister to act out on a grand scale. I mean really her Mom can't be serious, it's got to be a big gigantic prank.

2503 days ago


good im glad her album will go down the toilet. SHE SUCKS. i haven't even heard the CD and i dont want to! i've said it before and i'll say it again- i'd rather spend my money on an album with music done entirely by trained grasshoppers. that's better music than this skank. i am not an alicia keys fan but i will gladly buy her CD if it means putting trainwreck spears away. i want her gone for good.

2503 days ago
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