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Sean Penn's

Hitleresque Bodyguards

11/12/2007 11:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actorvist/director/former Madonna boytoy Sean Penn had his army working overtime outside of the Kodak Theatre last night -- a group of bodyguards proffering a one-handed salute in an attempt to block Sean's face from photogs.

Almost as bad as the one-fingered salute TMZ got from him last time!


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Is there a more conceited idiot on the face of the Earth than this guy? lol ...wait, oh yeah, .....Richard Gere. I forgot!

2539 days ago


In response of #20-3D GLASSES

The problem with Sean Penn is that he also went to Iraq, 2 or 3 days before the war, to "show the world" how nice people lived under the dictator. He always side with our enemies. It's not Chavez, is Castro, is everybody who hate us. His father was a communist and his son is a communist. He is full of hate and violence, ask Madonna. He used to hit her.

2539 days ago


The only political statement sean, naomi, and the rest of the leftist hollywood elite make is that they are "anti-american". Oh yeah sean chavez really deserves to be listened to. NOT! Do you think your hurting george bush by hanging out with hugo. If anything you and all the other hollywood has beens are hurting your own public images. Most americans like america. It's not a perfect country, and many don't agree with the iraq war, but for the most part middle america the real people who matter love the USA. What next sean, a vacation in Iran.? you can tell the world how misunderstood the president of Iran is.

2539 days ago


This idiot needs to get a life. He is a total ass and is hated by anyone that has a brain. He needs to move to a Communist Country since he loves them so much.

2539 days ago


:-) guys ... the americans and the world ware 2... - it has to be the right arm to be a nazi-salute!!!

2539 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

to REAL VICTIM OF DEAD MAN WALKING@ 2:06 PM - You wrote: 'Oh, and 21 poster "Glasses", doesn't matter how much you gush you over the guy he's still no gonna sleep with you. But hey, if that's what it takes to get you through the day ...'

You're projecting, dude. Apparent, tho, that's what it's all about for YOU, since you're the one who had some WTF bizarre need to inject your sexual reference; you really don't lend any intellectual credence to your posted opinion creeping people out here. Too bad you couldn't do any better than that. What's with your handle, Sean Penn undertip you at MacDonald's?

2539 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

COCO@6:33PM - No, the problem is that you and others like you are absolutely inventing history. He did not go to Iraq to, as you say, 'show the world how nice people live under the dictator.' He was (prophetically) trying to stop the rush to war citing a baffling lack of evidence regarding WMD, and felt a personal responsibility for any future action his Gov't. should take, and cited concern that America was being duped by the media.

2539 days ago


Go back to Venezuela, dude. Chavez needs you to help him handle his loyal subjects.


2539 days ago


Sick of this douchebag and all his douchebaggery.

2538 days ago
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