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Takes CNN to the Mat

11/12/2007 4:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a case of "he said -- but you didn't get to hear it."

Quizzed by CNN about whether he has ever used steroids, pro wrestler John Cena quickly responded, "Absolutely not!" -- then offered nearly three minutes of follow up. But when CNN made its edit to their special, "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling," Cena's response was replaced with: "People conceive things because performance enhancing drugs have got the spotlight. It's a hot thing to talk about. I can't tell you that I haven't, but you'll never be able to prove that I have."

Needless to say, the folks at World Wrestling Entertainment are pissed! They've posted the original, unedited video on their official website, along with the following response:

"In a country in which the news media is highly suspect, and the quality of unbiased reporting has been thrown into the trash can, CNN has stooped to new depths. Notwithstanding the fairness, or lack therein, of CNN's recent piece entitled "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling," perhaps the best example of how CNN misrepresents and unfairly presents their biased, if not illegal, point of view is the comparison of WWE's unedited video above to CNN's edited version. CNN's depiction of John Cena as it relates to steroids is not only professionally and morally wrong, but damaging to his character." Now 'dems fightin' words!

UPDATE: A rep for CNN has issued the following statement: "CNN has reviewed the footage of Mr. Cena and additional video from that interview has been added to the program which aired in replays of the program on Sunday." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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2501 days ago


Now honestly i am a supporter of wrestling 100% and fell Cena has an amazing point. You people dont kno him but still you gaurentee that he is on drugs. How do you know? Have you personally met him do you personally know his history no you dont so you have no right to acuse him. Everyone has a right to an opinion but you dont know the facts and you dont know if it is "Humanly possible" nothing is impossible. If Cena says no i will take his word. You go wwe!

2501 days ago


don't let friends watch wrestling.

2501 days ago


Live it to CNN to try to make John Cena look bad, i think they are trying to blame someone or some organization for Benoits actions and we are all human and it goes to show you how easy a news organization can change things around for their own benefit, if John says he doesnt take steroids, who are we to judge him or the WWE. Keep strong John and heal fast we Miss you................

2501 days ago


John Cena is totally doable.

2501 days ago


The John Cena interview was so "edited" that it appears to have been done simply to feed the media frenzy about the steroid use. They news media has no concern whatsoever about destroying a person's integrity as long as it fits their point of view. They used to tell the " whole story", now it's only what they want you to hear. It no longer matters whether it's the truth , they have created a borderline truth. I hope that the WWE and John Cena won't take this sitting down.

2501 days ago

midlo meance    

Those Rat Ass Bastards at CNN!!!! How DARE they lie & fake like Cena said yes to roids.
The CNN BASTARD reporter that did this should be spoon fed "roids" & hopefully he will
"roid rage" some fellow reporters, then the BASTARDS at CNN can have a story about one of their own... Long live TODD RUNDGREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2501 days ago


you dont have to take steroids to get a huge cut body, you can have a well balanced diet and a well maintained training regiment and get the same results it just takes longer. so to say that its humanly impossible is a very ignorant statement. Not everybody that has a good looking body is on steroids

2501 days ago

John Cena fan    

Good for WWE...

2501 days ago


.... DAMN!

2501 days ago


This is not about if you think John Cena did steroids, it is about a media outlet trying to make us doubt if he did not not. CNN should be ashamed and should be fined by the FCC so they can be useful for once.

2501 days ago


Im glad CNN got exposed.

Cena gave a very intelligent reply and CNN probably didnt expect a wrestler to be that well spoken. So, they edited it to their liking.

CNN is pure crap.

2501 days ago

LMAO @ you a$$hats    

Only a TOTAL retard doesn't think this tool isn't on roids! And I love wrestling, but come on morons!

2501 days ago

Eric Walker    

John Cena was actually BIGGER when he was wrestling in UCW in California and Ohio Valley, Cena is not abnormally big, but he is ridiculously legit strong, Anyone who can lift 500 lb wrestlers up, hold them up for a period of time, then send them flying with his finisher the F-U. Cena's name has never come up ever in talks about steroids or any performance enhancers, and it is possible he got his size legitimately. Cena has been training for wrestling since he was a teenager, so I'll take his word at face value that he is clean.

Speaking of F-U, this was a big F-U to CNN. I am so shocked CNN would take this out of context. They are usually so unbiased, just like Fox News, just the other side of the fence. Watch Fox and CNN once and compare how they report stories. Same stories, same facts, 2 completely different versions and neither are very close to the truth.


2501 days ago


CNN is a washed up "news" organization. They are into tarting up stories so they can get people interested in watching. Nancy Grace is a preachy loudmouth buffoon with next to no ethics and Larry King's best years were in the '80s.

2501 days ago
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