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Brit's Going to Piss Off the Catholics -- Again!

11/13/2007 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has discovered the truth behind the priest and the rosary in Britney's "Blackout" CD booklet! Hail Mary!
Brit Priest and Rosary
It seems that the priest in the shot has another job ... as an "International Male" model! When he's not in his vestment, he's in hardly anything at all!

And as for the rosary, well, it's been blessed by the Pope himself! It's made by SpearJewelry, costs $298 and can be purchased at ShopKitson. Ding dang, y'all, I is blessed!


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George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

MisanthropicGirl your understanding of Christian doctrine and western history is inductive of someone who has been through or fantastic public school system. So quick to bring up the Crusades or blame Christianity from something some fool or a group of fools do or say.

Homosexuality is a sin in Christianity, so if a Christian speaks out against it then they are just following what God has told them to do. If a fool says "a homosexual should be shot" then that is a fool speaking. See the difference?

You described religion as "silly superstitions" says it all to me. You are an atheists and so everything I say here is going to fall on deaf ears, but I will continue anyway.

The Crusades are a black eye on Christianity and every bit of the criticisms are deserved. However, it happened over 1000 years ago. When are you going to let it go? Also, how come we never hear about the Crusades of the Muslims? Had it not been for Charles Martin the entire western civilization would have been different. Public schools don't teach that because its not politically correct.

The Spanish Inquisition is again a black eye on Christianity, but put in the context of history shows your lack of understanding of the time period.

The Holocaust of the 20th century is not the doing to the Christians. Here you are telling full lie, the others were all misleading or half lies, but this one is a full lie. The Christians did not bring on the Holocaust of the 20th century!!! The Holocaust of the 20th century was the work of the Nazis and people who helped them. The Church did not help the Nazis with this murder against humanity. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such a thing and you owe all Christians an apology. How dare you tell such a lie!

I teach high school history and I don't know where you learned your wester civ, or your knowledge of Christianity, but it is severely lacking.

2536 days ago


oh, my gosh i know that guy !
Nice fella

2536 days ago


Hmmm, Joe Bazooka #140. I found your comments very interesting. But I do beg to differ. As a former Catholic and non believer in organized religion, I don't quite get that you say the Nazi's and their followers are responsible for the Holocaust. How many were raised Catholic? Let me see, Heinrich Himmler, Hans Frank, Ernest Kaltenbrunner, Adolf Hitler, Martin for forgetting and getting over the Inquisition and the Crusades...NOT. Murder of any people in the name of religion or government is still murder and it is wrong. I was educated in Catholic schools and taught how it was right...NOT. I questioned it then and I still do. No I am not an atheist. But to listen to the teachings of any church, Catholic or Protestant? Not in my lifetime. I don't apologize to Christians today for what any murderer has done. You don't get it. If you support the beliefs of murder in the name of any religion that is your choice. But don't you dare come down on any of us who refuse to accept the so called christian teachings which applaud wholesale murder in the name of religion. To this day there are religious idiots who proclaim that homosexuals should be put to death, Jews have no business living, that the only true church is the Catholic church, that Muslims have the right to murder non Muslims and on and on. No, never again will I be a member or believer in any organized religion. I like the Native Americans believe in the Great Spirit and try to respect what He has tried to give to us so freely. Not what some priest, minister, Pope or Mohammed has taught. Those who believe in the religoins that were a part of the Inquisition, Crusades, Holocaust, the Pograms of Russia, they owe the apologies.

2535 days ago


Ummm... TMZ, you CAN'T sell blessed articles, including Rosary beads, because as soon as money is exchanged for a blessed article, the blessing will go off of it. This is why people buy Rosary beads and THEN have them blessed by a priest, bishop, or the Pope. Take it from someone who IS Catholic and owns sets of Rosary beads blessed by Pope John Paul II AND Pope Benedict. And please, PLEASE stop the Catholic bashing already. I ask nicely as a fan. Please respect the religions of your fans.

2532 days ago


1ST B I T C H E S!!!

2537 days ago


1ST B I T C H E S!!!

2537 days ago


Brit now is the most hated USA citizen in the world - esp. the Catholic world. There may be dancing on her grave now when she dies.

2537 days ago


PSA - yes Robinn - you are a total bitch jerk.

TMZ - thanks for exposing the reality perverse Brit.

2537 days ago

shaking my head    

R, I don't think she is necessarily the most hated...she is not worth it at least, but what an ignorant moron she is...good grief! She is a self-absorbed, pompous, unkind, and uncaring arse, that's all she is. Hope she deflates REAL fast!!

2537 days ago


Hey the Catholics should be ecstatic! How many other Catholic priests can say that the last person to sit on their laps was over 18 AND female?!

2537 days ago



2537 days ago


Nothing new to report ehhh tmz? lay off brit for a while. I couldn't care who she pisses off, I'm gonna be a fan for life. Go follow someone else for a while. Leave britney alone already.

2537 days ago


Blegh, Britney SERIOUSLY needs to get it together.She needs to forget her 'career' for now and take care of her kids! Her 'career' can come later, she has two beautiful boys she needs to take care of! Eventually if all this continues she will either kill herself in a accident or do it on purpose, someone needs to help her.

2537 days ago


Ha! Thanks TMZ for finally getting off of the 100 stories about that doctor.

Britney pics not so controversial - just stealing ideas from Madonna (circa 1987).

That pic of the guy in the g-string thing is DISGUSTING! Ugh. And I thought he was a real priest... Hmm, go figure.

2537 days ago


He got a lap dance from a little hottie and the whole Catholic world is going to be mad? Not hardly...maybe jealous!

2537 days ago
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