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Donda West -- Big Trouble on the Table?

11/13/2007 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Donda West's operation lasted eight hours -- twice as long as it should have. We're told Dr. Jan Adams began the operation Friday morning and finished Friday evening. He then sent Ms. West home, rather than to a recovery center, which we're told, would have been appropriate.

Several doctors at Centinela Hospital where West was taken, tell TMZ they believe the excessive amount of time it took to perform the procedure strongly suggests either something went wrong during the operation or the doctor was just too inexperienced.

We're told she was dead the next evening at her home before paramedics arrived.

What's more, Dr. Adams is not Board Certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


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Dr. Rey from E!'s Dr.90210 is not board certified either and he has his own show too!

2507 days ago

ya get what ya deserve    

So this guy had a show about plastic surgery and he wasn't even certified?? Nice. He said he did nothing wrong, but after 8 hours of surgery he just sends her home? As I said before, something seemed off about this guy the minue he said he did nothing wrong. Not sening someone to a recovery center after 8 hours of surgery is nothing short of negligent. I have never heard of anyone getiing multiple procedures and going straight home, especially if one of them is a tummy tuck. I can't wait to see what else comes out about this shiester of a doctor.

2507 days ago


Please know that a doctor (any doctor) does not need to be board certified to practice in their field. It is up to the consumer to find out if they are and if they are not..maybe you want to look for another doctor. This is ad an gives me a reason to rethink my decision about wanting breast reduction.

2507 days ago


If you are talking about a breast enhancement, ot tummy-tuck, then yes you usually go to the centers recovery center for 6-8 hours afterwards, and sent home if no complications.

You dont send home a woman who has just had a breast reduction, that is totally different from a boob-job. And given the fact that she had another procedure done that same day. This was not a young woman with no past health issues he was working on. Where I live, they do take a womans age, health into consideration. Maybe its so common in Beverly Hills, they have lost sight of the fact that this is not routine, and considered surgery.

2507 days ago


Hello!!!!! If it does not bother a dr who performs abortions, then why would it bother this dr ?? All doctors and hospitals send their patients home the day of surgery. This is normal procedure unless some thing is wrong. You have to be all but dying before they will keep you. Call any hospital and they will tell you this. I am 80 years old and had a bone crumple in my back. I had surgery and they built up the bone and sent me home the same day. Hospitals and dr are not what they used to be. Yet we pay top dollar for them. Very wrong.

2507 days ago

Dick The Bruiser    

Dr. Adams is the same doctor that operated on Dan Rather years ago in the late 50's when Adams was working at Woolworth's in Brooklyn....he told people that he was a plastic surgeon, and if they promised not to check up on him he'd do the procedures for 300 dollars...Rather, who is a midget, had his head enlarged so that he would look normal sized sitting down and preening in the monitor while he talked out of his ass....after some 6000 procedures, Adams learned enough about it that his patients didn't look like aliens anymore....the ones who did, he convinced that it was a "good thing", that they were "unique" he told James Washington, who went to have his ears pinned back, "Hey, not everybody looks like a human should be you will get free peanuts and can pick up extra money by flinging your arm up over your head and trumpeting".....I'm just surprised that it's taken this long....

2507 days ago

double standards    

Please, nothing good comes out of someone's death. That's a fantasy. When someone dies, guess what, we want them back. There is nothing good about death. And you people who are making the most stupidest comments during this most grievous time for the family, shut up, get off the page. Life is precious, and she was not the exception to the rule. The woman wanted to look good, vainity or not, it was her choice. It's a shame that this so called doctor did not think about her welfare. He wanted money and fame, well he's got the fame now and at the expense of a life.

2507 days ago


I'm sorry this happened to Ms. West. But, I too can't help but wonder why she chose someone who is not board certified to do her surgery when she could afford the best. No matter what procedures she had she was still going to only end up looking like a reasonably attractive 58 yr old woman. Not, a beautiful 30 yr old. She wasn't going to wake up looking like Beyonce or Halle, so why risk her life to have the surgery? At her age why would it matter if her breasts weren't as perky as they used to be? Or, her tummy as flat as it used to be? Now the only people who are going to get to appreciate the work is the coroner and the undertaker. She was a great lady and didn't deserve to die over something like this. My heart goes out the the West family.

2507 days ago


Hey, #3 - Pride is a deadly sin, is it not? Here are some synonyms of pride:


Perhaps, my dear, you should take a look at your own sins before pointing out your opinion of other's.

I, personally, don't believe in hell so I can condescend to you all I want! :-)

2507 days ago


At least this butcher won't be able to kill so easily next time.

If it was some random white woman he'd still be slashing away.

2507 days ago


My heart goes out to Kanye and his family.

2507 days ago


I am married to a doctor, and let me tell you yes itst true that all doctors do not have to be borad certified- mine is in a few specialties. This docotr would of had to had training- did a residency program in plastic surgery, but that could have been in Mexico. They do have to have specialized training in the desired field, but it doesnt mean they know what they are doing, this is why many of them chose not to take the testes to become board certified. In fear they will fail, and that would look worse to thier insuranc carriers, or public if found out. They can practice in the field, and make the money, and no tests. I think the medical profession should make every doc, be board- certified period.

His mother was foolish for not looking into this mans credentials. Anyone can call you state and get this info. I guess this is a lesson for us all.

2507 days ago


Do I smell a law suit brewing???

2507 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Eleanor, sorry to hear about your negligent doctor. My mother-in-law had several vertebrae in her lower back fused and she was sent to a post-op nursing home for a week. This was in Maine though so maybe location makes a difference.

It is difficult to know what doctor you can trust even if you google them because you don't always know the terms and saying someone graduated from Harvard doesn't mean he was high in his class. This is why I've stayed with Harvard Vanguard for the last 25 years. They've already done the basic research for me. Still, if I'm not comfortable with a doctor I fire them and find a new one.

2507 days ago


Stop blaming the dr. She knew she had other problems and went ahead any ways. The blame is hers. She knew the risk and she did it any ways. It was HER choice. Remember that before you point fingers. A very sad thing to happen, but she made a very bad choice and maybe this dr did not know she had other issues. Wait for the autopsy before you point the wrong finger. No one is trying to be hurtful, but this site is for messages and people have the right to say as they think.

2507 days ago
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