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Dr. Jan Adams' Mugshot

11/13/2007 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained this booking photo of Dr. Jan Adams.

Dr. Adams was arrested and booked on March 31, 2006, after pleading no contest to DUI. This was his second drunk driving conviction.

This photo was taken after he turned himself in on December 29, 2006. He was released the next day.

Adams has quite a history. In addition to his March 2006 arrest, he was arrested in September 2002 after his vehicle lost control and hit a parked car. At the time, the good doc told officers on the scene that he lost control of his car when another vehicle failed to stop for a traffic signal. He was unable to provide a description of that car.


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Fred Flintstoned    

There has been plenty of white doctors that killed their patents...white or black....why should the be a outcry from Jessie or Al.

There are too many dumbasses on here..Rosey & Guess Who's Talking Now

2539 days ago


#14- Is that a syndrome I can get disability for?? Cuz I'll quit my job in a heartbeat if you're diagnosing me with such a problem! Wait, are YOU board certified??? :P

~This would be #7~

2539 days ago


Read the message board @

Read all the negative comments about this so-called plastic surgeon. Then, judge for yourself...if he is qualified to be a practicing doctor/surgeon.

Also, check out the 'Medical Board of California:$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=51004&P_LTE_ID=782

Read about the malpractice judgements against him.

Everyone, please educate yourselves before undergoing any invasive medical procedure !!!

2539 days ago


The amount of education required to become a Doctor is so great that many who succeed, do so at the expense of maturity and the ability to function in non-medical environments.

2539 days ago

big joe    

this is unreal why would she even go to him. daaaaaaaaaaa

2539 days ago


how r u not in jail with 2 dui's?

2539 days ago


"Black outrage" has NOTHING to do with this situation - this poor lady died from cosmetic surgery #6 and #12!! Clearly something went wrong, and hopefully they can get to the bottom of it. Stop using your defensive ignorance to vent on this message board and go get EDUCATED!!

2539 days ago

hey girl    

this is not a black white issue, this was just plain STUPIDITY on her part. I don't understand how a middle aged woman who was not in the limelight, could decide to do something like that after being advised not to. I have never seen her in a movie, on television just maybe a quick piece on her son. She should have had better sense than that. If anything she should have looked for a dentist to fix her boot mouth.... R>I>P

2538 days ago


Big freakin deal can't doctors have A life also.I would bet she knew A little about his past I know if I were going to do somthing like this I would be trying to find out what kind of reputation he had.wouldn't you?Why is someone else always the blame let it rest.I bet half of you people on here drink everyday.

2538 days ago


6. I'm glad the surgeon who killed Donda West was black and not white. Where's the BLACK OUTRAGE?

Posted at 11:10AM on Nov 13th 2007 by Guess Who's Talking Now?

Stupid ass...this ain't a race issue...anyone can be affected by this. If it was Dr 90210, I'd be just as pissed.

2538 days ago


Who are the idiots that are discussing race when the man just lost his mother...can you forget that you're heads are bald and bearing the swastika to acknowledge that the man just lost his mother?

2538 days ago


One should ALWAYS do thorough research on their plastic surgeon before surgery.

2538 days ago

Worried about the wrong thing    

I'm glad the surgeon who killed Donda West was black and not white. Where's the BLACK OUTRAGE?

Posted at 11:10AM on Nov 13th 2007 by Guess Who's Talking Now?

12. Come on Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton . . . . start your "work" on this outrage as you would call it!!!!!

Wonder what possessed this lovely lady to feel she had to correct something? Blessings to Kanye and their entire family....such a shame.

Posted at 11:29AM on Nov 13th 2007 by Rosey

* That is sad that you would take someone's death and turn it into a mockery!!! What the hell does someone's death due to bad plastic surgery have to due with race! Just give your condolences and leave the trashy sarcasm at home!*

Condolences to the West Family and Loved ones! Out of this cold, confused, stupid world and on to eternity!

2538 days ago


Perhaps it would be better to choose a Doctor based on their credentials, rather than the color of his skin. A commentator on MSNBC just mentioned that a lot of African-Americans went to him - the inference is undeniable.

Racial discrimination is wrong, whether it is a white person choosing a white doctor because he's white or a black person doing the same thing with a black doctor.

2538 days ago


now look kanye your "black brotha" killed your mom i guess white people are still the devil huh?i feel bad for kanye nobody deserves to lose a loved one ,i havent heard kanye or al sharpton make a peep but if it was a white man mouths would be flapping non stop

2538 days ago
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