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Awkward Moments with Sheryl Crow

11/15/2007 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ photog asked Sheryl Crow her feelings on Lance Armstrong's kid bringing her dad's new girlfriend, Ashley Olsen, to school for show-and-tell.

Lance's ex fiancee was clearly unamused.


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When is TMZ going to interview Harvey Levin about his kewel boyfriends...he's so tiny, I bet he gets to be the girl .. Rosie is larger than Harvey .. no wonder she's the male figure and he's the twit and girlie guy.... BARF TO TMZ.. they have little to write about of any substance if you've not noticed .. ugly stuff .. making money off dummies .. as for the query about Lance Armstrong .. ask Harvey's last boyfriend about him next. Lance was on something to win when he did, he's a walking loser who's a nothing male. I'd be shocked and disgusted if I'd dated Harvey or Lance and I'd have nothing to say from a stupid question either ... is Harvey Levin really five foot two?

2498 days ago


GREAT QUESTION TMZ...Now that is just the type of ball-breaking I expect
from a visit to your site. Let ET and Extra pucker up the celeb's asses while
you bust em right in the chops with the truth. Sheryl was at first stoked
to be noticed respnding with a Phony "Hello." Then she goes into Real anger.

2498 days ago


That was really uncall you ever consider anyone's feelings or had you just rather get a good story?

2498 days ago


I'm utterly shocked they didn't throw a "y'all!" in there to make this post even more obnoxious.

2498 days ago


It's too bad you can't beat the hell out of the paps, that was very low and completely unneccesary. Way to step it up TMZ! Douchebags!

2498 days ago

just wondering    

...I feel sorry for her, she has enough on her plate trying to beat breast cancer and being a new mom, and u pop out of no where right into her face with a hurtful question. WHY would u do that?????????...I honestly don't get it...So unfair.

2498 days ago


Just another example of how vile paps are. You people are so hurtful. How do you live with yourselves? As if (1) Lance Armstrong dating Ashley Olsen is prominent valueable news that requires comment by Sheryl Crow and (2) there isn't more important causes in Sheryl's life such as BREAST CANCER RESEARCH or ADOPTION ADVOCACY that might be more suitable for her to comment on?

I'm sure she appreciated that PAP taking footage of her with wet hair too. Losers.

2498 days ago

He's Boring now    

Why didnt TMZ go find Lance Steroids Armstrong and ask him that question?

That guy is a complete jerk, rip off artist, who suckered the world into sympathy while all the time using steroids. he's a liar and a dumbass. And running with that wretched little example of a bad eating, lots of money and dressing poorly as a "girlfriend" is just another example of how far off the curve he is.

Go ask him the question directly if you really wanted an answer instead of this Howard Stern catch someone Fart kind of ambush reporting, of the wrong subject.

2498 days ago


Next time ask her about some of the countless other men this nowhere slag has banged.

2498 days ago


I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Mary Kate is the anorexic/bulimic twin, not Ashley.

2498 days ago


TMZ--unafraid to admit that they're lame morons!

2498 days ago


Poor taste TMZ !! Just stand in the road with all the other photogs and let Britney run you over next time... like you didn't know this was hurtful and mean spirited .. someone needs fired...

2498 days ago


That was cruel, unnecessary and borders on obscene ... what was the point? I was glad to see how much class and dignity this woman had as she said nothing and drove away.

2498 days ago


Cheryl should keep her head up; Lance is clearly no prize and his looks are not that great, he will get old and be alone like he deserves

2498 days ago


tmz u used to be agood site, now all your stuff is stupid and lame. your photogs/camera people are brainless idiots.

2498 days ago
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