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Howard Stern Reporter Drop-Kicks Pap

11/15/2007 10:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Garver, a sometimes reporter on Howard Stern, got into a fight with a photog outside a West Hollywood party last night -- and was booted.

It's not clear how the fight started, but a photog got the ninja treatment after he spit in Garver's face. Gary retaliated with a kick -- but it was Gary who got bounced, screaming, "He's got f**kin' AIDS!" on his way out.

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Logo Designers    

pap mustve deserved it

2492 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

AWESOME!! More paps getting crushed!

2532 days ago

Sir Patty    

1ST! Good...this guy's a JERK..Garver!

2532 days ago

baby girl    

I invented the internet! King of all media.........

2532 days ago


Boucer made a good arguement against hate crime legislation. That is exactly whey it should not be...he will get Garver on a hate crime even though he does not know the full story, nor by his own words, does he care to. He was the jackass in all of this...

2532 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

2nd pap attack of the day! whooohoooo!

2532 days ago


Why the hell was a photographer spitting on someone in the first place? He deserved to get his rear end kicked, and the facility was wrong for not banning the spitting POS.

2532 days ago


It looks like the photog deserved it.

2532 days ago


gary garver is completely insane and his freak outs are not uncommon. i have witnessed it many times and have known him for years.

2531 days ago


let me seeee your shooooes

2531 days ago

He's Boring now    

Does anyone even listed to Howard Stern anymore? You gotta have satellite radio and I dont know one person who does so how do they pay him all these millions? Whatever, the guy was revelant and current when he was in the Air. Now nobody talks about him. Only STern you hear about is the Howard K one.

2531 days ago


A few years back there was a ruling in CA that spitting in someone's face is assault. Garver had every right to defend himself against this assault, and, in my opinion, showed extraordinary restraint. What kind of lowlife spits on someone? Ah, yes, paparazzi.

2531 days ago


you call that a drop kick? my 7 y/o daughter kicks better than that!

2531 days ago

so what    

those paps are woking hard for that money, embarassing themselves jumping infront of cars, spiting at people now?

2530 days ago

formerfriend II    

"...So I'm being PROSECUTED for that..." (I'm sure he meant persecuted) Not only is gary a moron, he also has major anger issues. There's talk about spitting way before the guy spits on gary, I wouldn't be surprised if gary spit first.

I predict gary will be in at least one road rage incident in '08 (If you've ever been in the car with gary driving, you'd know what I'm talking about.).

P.S. GARY: You won't get aids from saliva schmuck!

2473 days ago

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