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Awkward Moments with Nick Carter

11/16/2007 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ photog asked Nick Carter last night if he was that guy from *NSYNC.

Nick's reaction was far more playful than those of Sheryl Crow or Paula Abdul. Quit playing games with his heart!

For those of you that don't remember, Nick is in that other boyband of yore -- the Backstreet Boys.


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2536 days ago


He is so ugly, with that big ass pie face....

2536 days ago


Keep dreaming #2...

2536 days ago


I watched that to pass the time while waiting to hear back about the Brit-Kfed verdict. It was actually relatively amusing, and I kinda liked his reaction (given that he probably had had a few drinks).

Of course, he's what, 45 and acting like a 12 year old... but otherwise great to see Nick.

2536 days ago


He's Gorgeous

2536 days ago

laughing at you now    

Another has-been-LOSER

2536 days ago


He's still hotttt!!!!

2536 days ago


Nick is 27. That picture doesn't begin to show how really goodlooking he is. Lost a bunch of weight and has been looking incredible lately. Don't think I make enough to sign up to meet the rich though....

2536 days ago


Why does he talk like he's black?

2536 days ago


See this just pisses me off. Justin Timberlake and now him. Just because you have a token blackey and talk like your from the street does not make you down. Stick to your soy latte and Mercedes you no talent having piece of s*&^! I see where little Aaron got his urban influence from. White Trash

2536 days ago


I think he looks like he was having a good time-pretty funny and nice. I suspect he talks like that because most of the guys he hangs with talk like that. Also, he didn't have much of an education-left school at age 12 and was tutored by who knows who in hotel rooms for years.

2536 days ago

the lost    

He looks like my ex boyfriend, only much cuter. And cleaner. And actually more polite. Imagine NIck Carter being more polite than a regular person??? God, TMZ this is getting scary!

2536 days ago


#14 "and NOW him"? he's always talked like that. it'd be a front if he actually put out music aimed at a black demographic a la timberlake, but he's not fronting here. that's actually who he is.

2535 days ago

Anna J.    

haha, I always love his reactions to things. He's so good-natured with questions like that. All the guys in BSB are. I remember one time they went into a fast food restaurant and the lady at the counter asked them who they were and Brian said "The rolling mulberries!...." after a minute or two with joking around with her, he finally said "no, we're the Backstreet Boys..." lol In another interview a really long time ago, a girl asked Nick "Do you have any tattoos and if you don't, do you think having a tattoo would improve your sex life?" (he giggled and basically mumbled "i don't even have a sex life right now") Another time, at a press conference in Australia a couple years ago some idiot reporter asked the guys "is the term Backstreet Boys a crude sexual reference, meaning that enduring your music is like getting rogered roughly in the behind?" And the guys brushed it off, three of them are like "ughmm..." Brian's like "niiice," AJ said "wow, that's a WEIRD one!" then Kevin said something like "I can't even honor that with an answer.--Thank you-- You can sit down now." You have to remember, that although this "are you that guy from Nsync" may seem like an awkward question, all the Backstreet Boys have also dealt with much worse questions. Their new album is fantastic by the way. I honestly think it's their best album ever.

2535 days ago


Nick is f****** hott! Anyone who hates is just jealous.

2488 days ago
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