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"Sopranos" Star Puts a Hit on Joy

11/17/2007 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Schirripa kibbitzed backstage at the Comedy Cares Celebrity Poker Tournament in Las Vegas last night by attempting to sign Joy Behar's boobs. Joy is clearly enjoying the most action she's seen since Rosie's fight with Elisabeth.
Joy Behar, Steve Schirripa
The event benefited Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. And Joy.


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I love Joy. Miss Rosie on the view though.

2346 days ago


wow, interesting. I saw her nude photos and profile on nudist site called Maybe she is dating with a nudist guy. And she enjoy the nudist lifestyle now??

2346 days ago


She's a hoot.

2346 days ago


Well this looks like it was all done in the spirit of fun and for a worthy cause. But I am sure someone will think of something cruel and mean to say about Joy or Steve.

2346 days ago


Ok .4, leave and go take your meds. Feel better soon.

2346 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

He's actually writing "aim here". He will then kiss her on the mouth.

2346 days ago

Allred Tree    

"The View" needs to get rid of Joy Behar just as they need to get rid of Elisabeth; if Sherri doesn't shape up she'll be next. As Joan Rivers said, Joy Behar has an ugly voice. It matches her personality and her body and she is not one bit funny. She is dumb, rude and could not be more obnoxious and her constant twitching hands along with the sight and sound of her is far more annoying than anything George Bush.

Her boyfriend Steve only stays with her for her money.

2346 days ago


Its hard to believe that Joy has a career in show business. She's not funny, attractive, entertaining, or interesting. She is obnoxious, rude, loud, and offensive.

2346 days ago


Joy Behar is the reason I watch the view .........this is an intelligent and very funny woman and luckily tonight I will see her perform in Las Vegas.....

2346 days ago

Julie G.    

Last October, Joy was guest starred on the Martha Stewart Show. I notice the body language between Martha and Joy as little tension. One time, after Joy displayed the crafts for pumpkin mask, and Martha politely said Joy, It is my show, don't talk, please Joy, then Joy kept chatting on for one minute more. Martha said Joy, you shut up.. let me show you something else. I could see that as how Joy can be over her head sometimes. I am not crazy about her. Some what from seeing them on the View in past, I always feel like Joy only makes friends if they are democrats to match hers, the same way as Rosie. Political parties labeling profile in others play big role in these women. I just wish they just drop the political party labeling and accept everyone for their affications of political groups they are in,and less blasting and less high opinion of others.

2346 days ago

jo ann    

Sherri and Whoopie make the view worth watching. Joy shows her stupid side everytime she opens her mouth! She doesn't know what she's talking about 90% of the time. She is a VERY negative person and I bet the people on the View wishes she would just get lost or at least keep her BIG mouth closed!!

2346 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Oh, boy, look at the ugly, fake, and probably paid planted commenters smearing Joy Behar strictly because of her views. AS George Orwell stated, "Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act."

Anyone who watches her knows she is EXTREMELY clever, can crack hilarious jokes out of thin air using a previous comment or two, is astute and on-point as only a seasoned and sharp woman at her peak who has seen more than enough of this world to recognize a few truths can. Oh, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with her voice. When I hear it, my head smiles in waiting because I know there's going to be another great zinger any second...If Joy has a problem, it's that a lot of her humour is too witty for the bulk of the curve to understand.

2346 days ago

Allred Tree    

Joy's daughter was lucky enough to find someone to marry her recently. Sadly, she is as homely as her hideous, mean mother, Joy Behar. Her daughter's husband at least made an honest woman out of her unlike Joy's greedy loser boyfriend, Steve. Why buy the fat cow Joy when he is licking the cream? UGH!

2346 days ago

Allred Tree    

OMG Joy is so frustrated that her goldigging boyfriend, Steve won't marry her and probably won't touch her that she is having an orgasm at the mere touch of this man's hand on her SHOULDER - even he couldn't stand the thought of touching her boob.

2346 days ago

Allred Tree    

Joy Behar is the reason "The View" never wins an Emmy....she just uses the excuse that "it is always one of them they don't like." She has been in the group from the beginning and it is now obvious that they lose because of her.

2346 days ago
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