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Britney to Miley Cyrus: Gimme More Turkey!

11/18/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Popwreck Britney Spears was at Petco yesterday, when a reporter asked her if she will be dining at Miley Cyrus' house for Thanksgiving, and Britney said yes. For the love of Hannah Montana!

Earlier this week, In Touch reported that Billy Ray Cyrus invited Britz to dinner with the Cyrus family, saying, "We love her. We would love to be there for you and we care about you." He also stated that Miley is "a big fan" of Brit's and "wants to reach out" to her.

Even though Britney confirmed she would attend their Thanksgiving dinner, considering her track record, Miley might want to go ahead and start passing the yams without her.


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Fly On a Wall:

What color is the wall your on? Does it face North , South , East or West?

Can you help get rid of the stupid people posting stupid sites??? Surely you must have
some power!!!

2534 days ago


I highly doubt she will be there.

2534 days ago

just me    

Where in that video was that question asked and answered about her Thanksgiving plans?

2534 days ago


What is KFed doing for Thanksgiving? Variation, TMZ... If you're gonna tote a story until there's no life left in it, please show both sides!!!

2534 days ago


I think it's wonderful Maybe Billy Ray can talk some sense into her. He seems to be doing fine with his daughter.

What Britney should do is move to New Orleans, but tons of real estate and live like the Queen of the White Trash. She could move around freely most of the year, and become a tourist attraction during Mardi Gras. She could help herself and New Orleans at the same time.

2534 days ago


Lay off paps.....treat her like you are Paris right now.....give them their space. If they need you they will call..........Don't be jealous because she is eating with this family. Mabe this is what she needs. Luv U Britney

2534 days ago


So... Paris is out and this girl must be the next up and coming media bone.
There must be better pickings or it's time to hand TMZ over to the 9 year olds.

2534 days ago


I commend Billy Ray for inviting Brittney to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Hopefully Brittney will see that a person can be successful in the business, yet at the same time be a "normal" person. I just hope Brittney can get it.

2534 days ago


Married life leeds everyone to do somethings in life just to be part of family like going to the Fredrick Fair in Md 5 yrs ago, and BR Cryus was the headliner for the fair's big event.
NOT cool, I thought....
AND now to read about Brit spending Thanksgiving...
There are just somethings you DON'T talk about, and I think this sums it up...
Sucks to be some, but when it comes to family?
Theres no excuses why anyone can't be there...
WHERE"S your family,Brit?
BRC has MORE love than your own family?
This is just embarrassing...

2534 days ago


Wow...this is really a sad commentary on most of you...kudos to the kind ones and sane people out there!
B.S. needs some peace and sanity right now, maybe the Cyrus family can help. Yeah, she could probably spend the holiday with her own family, but at this point it seems like the less exposure to toxic, codependent people is a much more preferable thing. I think that this woman is about the lonliest person in the world and her actions prove it. Personally, if some unknown household let her disappear for about 6 months in safety and security, we might be suprised at the turn around. On the other hand, she keeps feeding the beast that's killing her(the paps, drugs, alcohol, fame) in a vain effort to tame it. I have a sad feeling that she hasn't hit bottom yet and it is a scary thought.

2534 days ago


Damn...I tol dat baby mama she culd have Thangskiving diner wit me an da kids but she tol me to shove dat turkey up my whiteass. I bot some extra jus in case. She can have her pick - Hungry Man or Stouffers.
But I ain't cleanin up.

2534 days ago


I think she should crash Thanksgiving at the White House. There's always room for one more F'up at that table!!

2534 days ago


What confuses me is why the Cyrus's felt it necessary to announce the invitation to the media. Not that she needs the sales, but perhaps Miley will pick up some more fans from the Britney camp? Guess I just don't trust anyone's motives when they make it a media event.

2534 days ago


Whatever happened to the old fashioned Thanksgivings where the MOM cooked dinner for
the FAMILY at her house. God Brit, I mean you are a MOM aren't you? NOT that you ever
act like one. Why dont you surprise everyone and have your mom and sister and YOUR kids
over to YOUR house, and you actually act like a human being and not an
attention-seeking SLUT for once, and maybe, just maybe, you will get your kids back
again. You are impressing none of us Britney, especially the JUDGE! Seeing your
fat face plastered on the web is getting O-L-D Brit, just like you. Happy Turkey Day Skank!
P.S. Dr. Jan Adams did a BANG up job on those lips Brit-

2534 days ago

Fly on a Wall    

31 Harv has the power not me - he is the one coming up with the stories.

I wish I could get more stupid comments lmao

Send replys to

Harv pass the homemade cranberry sauce,

2533 days ago
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