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Kid Drowns in "Ocean's" Star's Shadow -- redirect

11/18/2007 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Matt Damon and Johnny Depp are the true sexy and moral men of today. Clooney and Rock ___ in both of those departments as they are so full of themselves and self centered.

2532 days ago


"way to go", kid rock,"way to blow it" nothing quite as pathetic as a "celeb" begging for attention from the ubiquitous and more typically avoided paparrazzi. viewing the TMZ video was a lot like witnessing self- mutilation, attempting to call attention to yourself, you only showcase your insecurity and announce it to the world. don't stop there "kid" show us your lack of dignity and pride. be a real pest and a nuisance with your desperate attempt to establish an association with a courteous george clooney. WTG "kid"

2532 days ago


Let me tell you all one thing.....
EVREYBODY knows kid rock at the Waffel House.

2532 days ago

My two cents    

I think everyone needs to quit bashing each other here. There are many that are having a hard time paying "the mortgage" due to strikes and a tanking economy and a very probable chance of another market crash. Pay attention people.

2532 days ago

Matt Damon    

Thank You # 19 ;-)

2532 days ago


Its a wonder if the stupid camera jockeys didnt mob both Clooney and Kid Rock. They harass contestants on game and reality shows as if they were celeberties. They love to call the police on tipsy actors to try to get them arrested. They came put at stars homes trying to get photos of them in their robes, taking out the garbage, without makeup or any other normal human activity. Why didnt they go after Kid Rock?

The answer is, because they knew that Kid Rock tould open up a can of whipass on all of them. He would probably put three or four in the hospital, break thousands of dollars worth of cameras and then walk away laughing. And to put a little icing on the cake, if the police should arrive and arrest him, he would probably put a whipping on them too.

Kid Rock doesn't care.

Clooney is a cool superstar with class. He has a hot girlfriend and could have his choice of plenty of women on the planet. If you are respectful to him, then he will be respectful of you. He may not put you in the hospital like Kid Rock would but he would hire someone else to do it when you arent looking.

2532 days ago


Kid Rock and George Clooney have two things in common: They are both alcoholics and like to poke the young ones, although in Kid Rock's situation, Pam Anderson was a used up old skank! I have no respect for George any more. He used to be funny in a smug sort of way, but that smugness is older than dirt! His movies tank and he still does the same old schtick on Leno and Letterman, like anyone cares any more about how much he drinks and about his villa on Lake Como. George is a mess and I wish he and his 13 year old girlfriend would go away!

2532 days ago

Chick in CA    

Suz #8, I drive a Mercury Sable. I hope that qualifies me as a real American. Now can I gripe?

2532 days ago


Kid Rock rocks! ;-)

2532 days ago


What do you mean Kid Rocks album wasn't selling? It was #1 for 2 or 3 weeks

2532 days ago


kid Rock RULES...He ia a true AMERICAN BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2532 days ago


Okay, I give up. . . what is the story here?

2532 days ago


I would of been more impressed had you followed Kid Rock, He is an awesome artist/muscian!! Much more exciting the old george,lol and BTW his new album is great, and selling like crazy!!!!

2532 days ago


George has really dropped in points on my list....jeez, how could he date a Vegas skank like her? She's not even pretty. Come on, buddy. You can do so much better. Bet Nick & Nina hope he doesn't come home with her for the holidays! No class!!

2532 days ago
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