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'Dancing' Stars

Predict Winner

11/20/2007 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Dancing with the Stars" finale is only a week away -- and TMZ caught up with a few of the rejects last night, giving their picks. Check out who Jane Seymour, Mark Cuban and dancer Tony Dovolani chose as the winners.

Also out on the town: former Mess USA Tara Conner, sign-happy Jason Alexander, a solo Ron Jeremy, attention whore Michael Lohan and Hilary Duff, who was in NYC with boyfriend Mike Comrie.

All this and more in today's "Get ready to rumba!" edition of Star Catcher.


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Kathie is a phony    


2498 days ago


I have voted for Marie each time BUT I wish Donny would go away, he is not helping and is just over the top. Donny -- give it a break and get your own life !

2498 days ago


Hey Prnzez, I wouldn't be making fun of Donny's name when yours is Prnzez, and you know what they say, "people who make fun of other people or who feel the need to put down people usually don't think to highly of themselves. If you don't like watching Marie or Donny, then don't. I just hope Donny is on next season just to piss you off!!!

2498 days ago


Ok guys, just because most of you are prolly young and just can't stand that Marie Osmond is still the oldest on DWTS, give her a freakin break. Gosh how many 48 year old women can still move that good and not to mention looks that good. At least she has a family who closely supports her. I like Mel B too, don't get me wrong but I would love to see Marie win! I know i'm probably gonna see comments that are telling me to Shut Up but thats ok. Anyways I'm not in my forties, I'm 21 and I still think Marie Rocks!

2498 days ago


I like Marie and it is a good thing when someone older has gotten better each week. But they need black women to win this time and I really do believe the show is somewhat titlted. My vote would go to the race car driver. My favorite was the blonde who outdanced everyone but taken off so early. At least she made an appearance this week. I think Mel should have gone this last time.

2498 days ago


I agree with #12, The Osmonds are a great family. They show the world to be positive. They as a family have what many people wish was in their lives. God Bless the Osmonds. Marie, you go girl. It would be nice to see you win. However, Helio is doing well. I loved that Pachuco outfit. Marie you like Jane are classy ladies.

I looooveeeeeee, Dancing with the Stars, great enjoyable fun. The contestants all try so hard and the improvement is beyond words.

2497 days ago


Marie is not a good dancer she just goes through the moves she has been taught and yes you are right her fans have kept her there i have voted for her a few times myself because i feel sorry for her but when it comes down to it the winner i think should be Helio and Julianne they couple good dance very well flow really nicely together and have class...... when they dance people stand up and take notice......i think that is there name maybe not but i am sure you people know who i am talking about......Marie has a way of getting on peoples nerves that laugh of hers can reak a persons nerves she thinks everything is funny almost like a nervous laugh.......and she laughs out loud to loudly and almost shows her tonsils when she does laugh......i myself do not care for Maries dancing that much...... Mel and her partner is also very good........Stephanie

2497 days ago


I'm tired of seeing Marie win.. She has learned alot, but is NOT the best dancer, by far!
I t hink this show is rigged, and if she wins, I will stop watching it!

Enough already!!
This is not a popularity contest or religious event!
She makes me sick with that laugh.

2497 days ago


Is ABC trying to "jump-start" the Osmond's career? (Donnie & Marie) I'm calling for a congressional investigation - this s-i- is unreal. Marie should have left the show about the time Wayne Newton left. The remainiing dancers should walk off the show. They don't have a chance in hell of winning with the deck stacked against them. I was of the opinion that the show was about dancing ability; not how popular "has beens" are. What a rip-off!!!

2497 days ago


Marie needs to go. You realize that she has the entire Mormon religion voting for her maximally. She should have been removed a long time ago...for her sake. She's a mess. Her family's a mess. Eating disorders, drug addicts, etc. Mormon women take more anti-depressants than any other demographic in the nation. To the twit that thinks she and her family-and all Mormons, for that matter, represent clean-cut, good families, I say that your definition should be reconsidered in the absence of rose-colored glasses. A big cheesy smile doesn't necessarily represent a happy interior. The real shame is that Mel and Helio are really terrific dancers. The cheeta girl should be in the finale with them. Marie's routines will be worthy of extra visits to the kitchen.

2497 days ago


If history repeats itself, it will definitely be HELIO that wins!

Marie has the bubbly personality and the age (therefore years of fame with the "older" crowd) that gives her a big fan base, but as mentioned several times, she's definitely not the best dancer. I think they show her family so much because it's it's more consistant familiarity with the 40 + crowd than anyone else in the audience.

Mel B is a fantastic dancer too, but since she's a performer already, I think when it comes right down to the nitty gritty, because of the personality and really stepping out of his "comfort zone", it will be HELIO.

2497 days ago


Enough already with the Osmonds. Everywhere you look now, they are on TV. I think Marie is an awful dancer, and should not have gotten this far. Helio should win. The Osmonds have such a large family that Im sure they all vote and vote. And as for Donny, he is just an overgrown a==hole--. All I know is if she wins, then I will never watch this show again,, and I also have alot of friends who feel the same way.

2497 days ago


Go Helio ! your the best .As for Marie her footsteps haven't been right ever.
Heck even Wayne was much better then Her. Helio you've had my vote and
will continue to have it all the way .

2497 days ago



2497 days ago

Trudy Jackson    

I love Mel. I want Mel. She is hot and sexy and a great dancer. Not to mention that Max is the best male professional, and also so hot. Please vote for mel. The cute little brother and sister are great, and if they were dancing together, I'd vote for them, but I love Max and Mel the best!!!!

2497 days ago
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