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Dr. Adams Blames Malpractice on Bad Patients

11/21/2007 9:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A totally unrepentant Dr. Jan Adams spews in an interview that any suggestion that he botched Kanye West's mom's surgery is "offensive" and "unfair."

Adams also tells People (in its latest issue) that the 11 malpractice suits uncovered by TMZ in the last week don't represent his deficiencies as a surgeon, but instead, "represent a bad decision in terms of choice of patient."

"When people say 'plastic surgery' they think of me," says Dr. Adams, who isn't even board certified in plastic surgery. Though he wouldn't comment on what happened to Donda West, Adams does say, "I'm thorough and I do my job well."

Rosie – Bush is a War Criminal

Ever-outspoken Rosie O'Donnell is finally, at long last, sharing her real feelings about our president, who has 425 days left in office.

"George Bush is a war criminal," she told an audience at a fundraiser for her For All Kids foundation, reports FOX News, turning the auction into a political pulpit. She also told the crowd that she's decided to register as an independent, so she can vote for New York mayor Michael Bloomberg for prez, even though he hasn't decided to run -- yet.

Party Favors: K-Fed Lawyer Unconcerned About Brit P.I. ... Heather Mills Threatens Not to Talk

Kevin Federline's lawyer tells Us that Britney's attempts to catch K-Fed in the act (erratic driving, drinking around the kids, etc.) won't be "a good expenditure of funds" but that he "can't stop that from happening." ... We're cowering in fear: Heather Mills is threatening to cut off any news media outlet that makes fun of her, like laughing at her for suggesting we drink rat's milk, reports Page Six.


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Rosie seriously is a lunatic.

2495 days ago

Lenn K.    

Rosie, no one cares what you think. You're a idiot, and extremely fat. Heather, the world is making fun of you, liar, moneygrabbing, one-legged piece of garbage!!

2495 days ago

Donda West was a stupid, stupid, stupid woman, that was a partner in her own death. She KNEW she was told NOT to go ahead w/ any type of *purely* cosmetic (non-life threatening) plastic surgery by another p.s. a few weeks ago. But, the vain Black woman kept trying to find a plastic surgery who would skirt logic and ethics so *she* could feel secure about her looks. She's EQUALLY to blame for this. I feel for Kanye, but not his bored, "rich-bitch" old mother. Rosie's bonkers, yo! :-D

2495 days ago


Well, the surgeon is right about one thing. He is "through."

2495 days ago


If we ignore this Rosie person, will she just go away? FOREVER!!!

2495 days ago


Rosie announced today that she will be throwing her vote away.

2495 days ago

Jo Jo    

Walk in front of bus Rosie. With the food you won't be eating we can feed the world.

2495 days ago


Kyle, what does Dr. West being black have to do with this? There are plenty of "vain" women of all races. While I agree that this was not a good decision, it was hers to make.
Unfortunately, things went tragically wrong. The challenge is not to define the woman solely by this. She was an intelligent, well-respected educator, mother and friend.

2495 days ago


really, tmz, you're further damaging your own credibility by even posting rosie's face/comments up here. no one cares what rosie thinks. no one has ever cared what rosie thinks. rosie is a media punching bag who's, i guess, deftly, turned it into a franchise for her extremely dysfunctional self. enough is enough. posting rosie's comments is like giving airtime to racists or religious fanatics or other people whose voices are best left echoing in darkened hallways.

2495 days ago


Rosie, your village called and left a message:

"Our idiot is missing. Please come back home."

2495 days ago

Lenn K.    

#3 Kyle, I can't tell you just how much of an dumbass that you are, I sure your mother has told you that most of your life. First, calling her a vain black woman is sooo over the top that words can't explain that racist statement like vain white women don't get plastic surgery. She might have not used the best judgment, but the medical person can assure a person that the other doctor might not be right. Finally, why in the hell would you call his mom a rich bitch, that soooo disrepectfully to Kanya and his family. Learn be a man and understand others hurt.

2495 days ago


Rosie should stick to teaching children how to be homosexual and be on Broadway. If she keeps mouthing off, her bank accounts might suddenly disappear or worse.


2495 days ago


Give the world a present Rosie and lay across some train tracks.

2495 days ago


The Donda West 's tragedy is a wake up call to all the vain, fat people who would rather have it sucked out that work it off. Get off your fat ass and exercise, and quit eating fattening foods. *POOF* you've lost weight!

I don't think most good doctors will do Lipo on such an overweight person. I had a friend who wanted her tummy Lipoed, and her doctor insisted that she first lose another 10 lbs. before he would do it.

This isn't LaLaLand- you can't expect a doctor to just suck all your fat out that you've been growing for years!

2495 days ago


Rosie--There are medications that can help you. Please take some. NOW!

2495 days ago
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