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Dr. Adams Blames Malpractice on Bad Patients

11/21/2007 9:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A totally unrepentant Dr. Jan Adams spews in an interview that any suggestion that he botched Kanye West's mom's surgery is "offensive" and "unfair."

Adams also tells People (in its latest issue) that the 11 malpractice suits uncovered by TMZ in the last week don't represent his deficiencies as a surgeon, but instead, "represent a bad decision in terms of choice of patient."

"When people say 'plastic surgery' they think of me," says Dr. Adams, who isn't even board certified in plastic surgery. Though he wouldn't comment on what happened to Donda West, Adams does say, "I'm thorough and I do my job well."

Rosie – Bush is a War Criminal

Ever-outspoken Rosie O'Donnell is finally, at long last, sharing her real feelings about our president, who has 425 days left in office.

"George Bush is a war criminal," she told an audience at a fundraiser for her For All Kids foundation, reports FOX News, turning the auction into a political pulpit. She also told the crowd that she's decided to register as an independent, so she can vote for New York mayor Michael Bloomberg for prez, even though he hasn't decided to run -- yet.

Party Favors: K-Fed Lawyer Unconcerned About Brit P.I. ... Heather Mills Threatens Not to Talk

Kevin Federline's lawyer tells Us that Britney's attempts to catch K-Fed in the act (erratic driving, drinking around the kids, etc.) won't be "a good expenditure of funds" but that he "can't stop that from happening." ... We're cowering in fear: Heather Mills is threatening to cut off any news media outlet that makes fun of her, like laughing at her for suggesting we drink rat's milk, reports Page Six.


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Rosie everytime you open you open your mouth you spew out hatred. You are a fat, loud, no talent loud mouth, who does not have facts to back up your stupidy! You claim to hate straight people so what don't you go home look the doors with your partner and children. The reson you mouth off so much is to cover your lack of talent, but still remain in the public eye! What a loser!

2496 days ago


Jump to the defensive all you want... I'm skinny and happy, and yes, I think most overweight people are just lazy and they don't care about their appearance or their health. They are fine with being fat, but feel the need to defend themselves because they know it's not healthy and they really want to be "normal". No one wants to be fat.

I was a personal trainer for 15 years, and I saw it day-in-and-day-out. No body wants to exercise, but they all want to eat breakfast at Starbucks and Kristy Kream have dinner at a restaurant every night, drink gobs of alcohol and still be thin.

2496 days ago


Emotional eating can account for a huge majority of overweight Americans. We eat when we're happy, we eat when we're depressed, we eat at social gatherings, even though we're not hungry.

I was an emotional eater at one time, and now I counsel others on the subject.

I'm not mean, as some poster called me- I'm extremely honest with people, like any counselor should be. I was a successful personal trainer for 15 years because of that reason.

2496 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Enough Petite - you are boring the life out of me. Go visit and make friends there.

2496 days ago


Rosie, Rosie, Rosie - you place far too much importance on yourself. Please find something to do and focus on that. And while you're at it, please go away. So tired of your soundbites.

2496 days ago


# 73

Very much so. Please stop talking about her and she might just go away.

2496 days ago


oh and btw... who the hell says I liked Rosie in the first place dumb a$$

Posted at 1:26PM on Nov 21st 2007 by SuziON

Your posts say it all. Nuff said.

2496 days ago



I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that you are one of these people that think that if we bring all of the troops home right now and quit fighting the terrorists, that they will just leave us alone and not bother us. If you think that is true then you and anyone who believes that, is dumber than a post. That is right up there with "We should just invite them to sit down and talk and see if we can work out our differences". Right. Wake up. They are called terrorists for a reason. If you do not agree with their way of thinking, then, to them, you are the enemy and need to be killed. I can guarantee you that if, in Canada anyway, we brought all of our troops home, that within 6 months or less, we would be under attack, and then you all would be whining that we didn't defend you from the terrorists.

2496 days ago


As a test, Canada should bring home all it's troops and we will wait 6 months and see what happens.

2496 days ago


Bush is a war criminal and now he's sucking us Canadians into his path of destruction!

Posted at 2:54PM on Nov 21st 2007 by SuziON

At least he is doing something to keep his country safe, as is our PM. What are you doing. OH, I know, the same as rosie-o-retard. A BIG, FAT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2496 days ago



What, no snappy comeback to my previous posts #94, #95 and #96. Or is it that there is nothing you can say to challenge them, because you know I am right. Figures. Just like your idol, all mouth, no action. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

2496 days ago


Hey Rosie-o-retard, if your actions were as big as your mouth, you might actually accomplish something, other than wasting good air. What a douche. Take all of your ass-kissers and yourself out on your boat and sail far, far away where you can rant all you want and the only ones that will have to listen to your vile anti-US crap are the idiots that are stupid enough to go with you.

2496 days ago


Shamu has really lost it now. I will never watch a show that lunatic is on again.

2496 days ago


Rosie is a social terrorist, she tosses these "hand grenades" all the time. She's never willing to explain why she believes what she believes. She cry’s that criticism of her views is homophobic or a right-wing republican attack by Bush lovers.

Rosie has serious mental health problems. In her new book, you can see these problem, and how they control her views. These mental problem force her to distrust men and hate people who don‘t agree with her. She loves anything that points a negative finger at Bush or Republicans, regardless if it's true or false. In truth, she’s obsessed with George Bush. I sure it goes back to her issues with men.

Like all loud-mouths, she wraps herself in the Constitution and the American Flag to protect her views while condemning opposing . And those lost soles that follower her, hand on every word and think she’s an expert on everything, and that’s the really scary part.

2496 days ago


Sorry Spurs... I have a life and wasn't on the computer all day ... as yourself .. to reply.
First off.... what the F is America in Iraq for anyway douche? My freedom?? Shut up... how are you helping me by going to another country and killing/controlling people whom we were not at war with in the first place. I was against "The War on Terrorism" from the beginning. I don't believe one word that comes out of your mouth you so called soldier so kiss my a$$ and even if you were a soldier kiss my a$$. I didn't ask anyone to go there, I don't support sending young men and women to have themselves killed for Bush's cause and you're damn right they can't leave now but only because of Bushs actions. They had no right going into Iraq in the first place... Weapons of Mass Destruction... eh??
Now get over yourself SPURS and get the hell out of Canada too biatch!! oh... come get me soldier

2496 days ago
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