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11/21/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Supermodel Helena Christensen was spotted leaving a restaurant in New York yesterday.

We're just sayin'!


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Helena in person looks like a man, and not even an handsome man at that, without her hair and make up there is no natural beauty to be find.She looks worst than my 50 years old cleaning lady.
this is a fact that the glamorous beauty was a scam and a fake.
I saw her in person and she is frightening, her mouth is bitter like too pull and narrow, her nose is a bad nose job, if she would have kept her beak nose she could look like a witch.
I am an hairdresser and I have saw in my life true beauties "au naturel" all natural and she is not one of them but more a triumph of ugliness when make up with the result is some gifted artist who make her looks like zillion time better than the poor face structure she got.
Sorry but you have a very despicable face Helena. Lets hope you have a great personality

2523 days ago


r u guys morons she was a beautiful young ladie in 85 on cover and hot in 80s early 90s she aged damn people

2523 days ago


hmmm lisa etc etc thats her b4 she became model u morons she was hot she aged shes in 40s now wow unreal

2523 days ago


Helena is absolutely beautiful. Maybe some of you are too old or too young to remember who she is or to have been lucky enough to see any of her work. That's a shame though because you wouldn't be so harsh toward her. Anyone could only be so lucky to have half her beauty. And wow the girl on the NG cover does favor her some.

2523 days ago


amen oppsdaisy

2523 days ago


Helena Christiansen hasn't modeled for years - she is no longer a model, super or any other kind - do your homework please....

2523 days ago


Not at all, the eyes of Christinat are smallish cold and beady, her mouth is mean and pulled like a string she looks in person so scary, I never understood, why people could be so gullible and believe the fashion is made by homosexual and their rules////totally mysoginistic they do hate beauty in women thats why they take women like Christina who looks like a man in drag and not even a good looking man at that.
I own an hairdresser salon and I know beauty , er, natural beauty

2523 days ago


Helena looks like a witch, always did, the fashion world is own by gay guys who hate women
thats why they will take women who look like ugly men without their make up as super models
Helena is so UGLY in person, she is a transsexual that's why she is not able to have children. wake up people you can't see perceive a man in drag?

2523 days ago


the girl in the right pic was taken yrs.ago-she has the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen..

2523 days ago


Her name is Sharbat Gula, and she is Pashtun, that most warlike of Afghan tribes. It is said of the Pashtun that they are only at peace when they are at war, and her eyes—then and now—burn with ferocity. She is 28, perhaps 29, or even 30. No one, not even she, knows for sure. Stories shift like sand in a place where no records exist. Time and hardship have erased her youth. Her skin looks like leather. The geometry of her jaw has softened. The eyes still glare; that has not softened.

“She’s had a hard life,” said McCurry. “So many here share her story.” Consider the numbers. Twenty-three years of war, 1.5 million killed, 3.5 million refugees: This is the story of Afghanistan in the past quarter century.

What a sad sad 'life' for such a beautiful young woman... and millions more like her... everyday of life at war...

And then you have the spoils of the 'rich & famous'... seems so 'unbalanced'... not to mention UNFAIR! Ahhh, yes, I know.... but who said life was fair?

And that is what it is... what really bothers me more is the hunger of 'leaders' for WAR.

So wondering.... can ANYBODY out there tell me WHY is life so filled with power hungry 'leaders' that this is how human beings have to live? I mean really... HOW EASY WOULD IT BE TO LIVE IN PEACE..? ALL living out our lives helping each other rather than spending millions OF LIVES.... not to mention dollars to fight each other.... and for WHAAAAAAAT??? WHAT is it that can be gained?

Ahhh, I know..... "man made religion", yes? Well that be said... guess what? You cannot take Him away, even in death. So then, the point is?

It's really like running in a circle leaving a bloody mess and so much suffering... with no POSITIVE end results.

Life as we know it, is a test... the most important test you will ever take. ARE YOU PASSING?

2523 days ago


Not for nothing, but the Afghan girl with the green eyes looks way prettier in that pic than the "supermodel" does in hers....

2523 days ago


You know it's bad when a supermodel doesn't have time to wash her face...

2523 days ago


All I can say is...the model is an average person just like us. She just didn't have on all the make- up and airbrushing and computer imaging this time. To compare her to the green eyed refugee who was real all the way is awful to me. She is beautiful, and so is the story behind her if anyone has ever heard it....about the photographer who took her picture and went back years later to find her. And I don't believe her green eye's are creepy...I think they are beautiful and have a sort of sadness in them.

2523 days ago


Good for her. A super model who goes out and doesn't care if people see her without makeup. I have a lot of respect for her. American women are so into themselves, but when you take the makeup off they look like any other plain and simple person.

2523 days ago


Unfortunately, peace is difficult to acquire when there is so much greed in this world.

2523 days ago
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