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Quaid Twins Medical Screwup -- How it Happened

11/21/2007 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid and TwinsSources tell TMZ that a pharmacy technician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center mistakenly stocked a massive dose of a drug that ended up being given to Dennis Quaid's newborn twins.

Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace are in stable condition. But a well-placed source at Cedars tells us they are "still very concerned because of the bleed out," adding they won't know for another week if the mistake will cause "longterm effects."

Sources tell TMZ that pharmacy technicians stock the drug Heparin, used to prevent clots and flush out IVs. The drug comes in vials -- 10 units for babies, up to 10,000 units for adults. Protocol at the hospital is to keep the different units separated, but a technician accidentally put 10,000 units in the drawer where the 10 units were stored.

Last Sunday, both infants -- born November 8 by surrogate -- were each given two, 10,000-unit dosages. They began to bleed out just before midnight and were transferred to the neo-natal intensive care unit.

Cedars issued a statement last night, acknowledging the mistake and calling it a "preventable error." That's highly unusual. Also, the hospital claims seven patients were given the wrong dosages. Our sources say 13 patients got the wrong dosage.

Klum Loves Her Bazooms

Heidi Klum: Click to watchIt looks like all the guys who drool over Heidi Klum's fantastic rack aren't alone -- Heidi likes playing with 'em too!

In preparation for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 4, Heidi made an amazing video, showcasing the hidden talents of her two best assets.

She would have made a great Fembot!

Dr. Adams Won't Talk, Neither Will Oprah

Harpo Development: Click to watchThe doctor who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died bailed on Larry King last night, but his reasons for walking off the set don't add up.

TMZ has broken story after story, showing Dr. Adams has had multiple malpractice lawsuit filed against him, sexual battery allegations, three DUIs and a domestic violence restraining order.
The director of the Medical Board of California is currently going after his license.

So when Dr. Adams told Larry King the West family didn't want him talking, in reality he had plenty to talk about that did not involve Dr. Donda West.

Discovery statement: Click to watchAnd speaking of not talking, TMZ has been hounding Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health for more than a week, asking if they did background checks before putting Dr. Adams on the air. If they did, they would have discovered -- for starters -- that he's not a board certified plastic surgeon.

Oprah's company and NBC, which featured Dr. Adams on "The Other Half," have been completely unresponsive -- not a word. Discovery Health, which put Dr. Adams in a starring role in a plastic surgery series, finally responded yesterday claiming they did a background check but refused to say what it turned up.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

68 years after "The Wizard of Oz" hit theaters, the Munchkins finally got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. What's a little person gotta do to get some respect around here?!
The Munchkins from
Seven of the original members, all well into their 80s and 90s, followed the yellow brick road to Grauman's Chinese Theatre to receive the 2,352nd star on the Walk of Fame. There's no place like home!

Let the joyous news be spread! The wicked old witch at last is dead!


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I wish the best for the twins, what a awful thing that is happening to them....I will pray for them and GOD BLESS you babies and their family. Happy Thanksgiving too :o)

2527 days ago


Please for one time, keep things in perspective. Keep the race issus out of something. What did that statement have to do with big boobs??? Ignorant, agitators !!!!!!! I feel sorry for men that sit and drool over two large bags of water. Get a zip lock bag, fill it from the faucet and you have the same thing. Cover it with all the skin you want to----it's still two big bags of water.

2527 days ago


you know all i have to say to this is "GOD BLESS THE LITTLE PEOPLE!"

2527 days ago


The hospitals comments that this type of error is rare is total bs. Hospital erros, like this one, occur every single day. However, due to the refusal of the medical profession and those who own and opperate helath care facilities nation wide to openly, honestly and accurately report these errors, very few are aware of this fact. Medical mistakes, like this one, are under reported grossly.

2527 days ago


Only reason Oprah had the so-called DR. Adams on her program before was because he was black. I wonder why she doesn't interview him again?????? hmmmmmmmmmm Since she thought so highly of him, I wonder if she'd go to him to have some plastic surgery done?

2527 days ago


Actually, they are 2 big bags of fat, not water. And the reason guys "sit and drool" over them is because women are so protective of them. If they are just "two large bags of water" then why are they so protected and feared. Why do they have to stay covered up all the time????

2527 days ago


i hate to say this .How can men be attracted to fake boobs well ill be nice an not comment .but if i was male i would want the real thing

2527 days ago


10, units of heparin, hmmmm? look like the nurse forgot the 5 rights of medicaiton.
besides I see it all the time, just adm vit K via IV line, check pt/inr. monitor for 24 hour and wirte up the nurse and place the write up sheet into another file thats not in the employee file. that how titworks. the pharamacy never gets the blame, it's the nurse. in the medical field all blame goes downhill.

2527 days ago


you know there is NO exuse for this, yes human error IS human. but just because the drawer says its supposed to hold 10 unit vials, doesnt mean you shouldnt LOOK at the vial first. instead of just grabbing and giving. I will say in favor of the hospitol, thank you for admitting your mistake. most places would try to cover things like this up, and docs used to be told its not ok to admit a mistake. at least they are starting to realize people make mistakes and should own up to it, but this was sooooo avoidable. this isnt an accident cut by a shakey surgon, or a simple missdiagnose. someone should have read the damn lable before it was giving to those babies

2527 days ago


For Lynda: you are right about the racial remark! But boobs are sooo not the same as bags of water!! Try bags of fat!

2527 days ago


5 rights of medications, please follow the rules.
this happens all the time, check the Pt/INR and adm. Vit. K via Iv line.
write up the nurse, and put the write up in a seperate file so when they get audited they can see a clear file on the employee record. no medication error ever existed.

2527 days ago


mr. r---they probably never get a chance to see nor feel the real thing. All they know is fake and I guess that is better than nothing to them. Those of us who do not have to pay for ours, keep them covered because we have pride in what we have and who we are and do not need to exhibit them to the world. Heaven help us when the "MEN" start uncovering themselves. But on the other hand, everybody needs a good laught every day.

2527 days ago

Rebecca Phillips    

Folks need to remember that what has happened to Mr. Quaids children is not an isolated incident. Far too many mistakes and other dangerous behavior by hospital staff, intentional and otherwise, are being made in our nation's hospitals.
1. There's the security guard who tasered the father of a newborn baby -- WHILE HE WAS HOLDING THE CHILD.
2. There's the hospital in Texas who insisted on taking a ventilator off Baby Gomez against his mother's wishes because "it's not natural."
3. There's the hospital in Northwest USA who admitted to breaking the law by performing "growth stunting" treatments and a hysterectomy on a brain damaged girl named Ashley so her parents would have an "easier to care for" child.
4. There's the hospital in Florida that allowed Terri Schiavo's estranged husband Michael Schiavo to murder her by pulling her feeding tube.
5. There's the hospital in New Orleans that overdosed several patients during Hurricane Katrina.
The number one thing people are dying from in this country is doctors mistakes. Combine that with the millions of "drug mistake" deaths and the large quantity of drug recalls and class action lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies and you might want to seriously consider staying home, taking an aspirin and taking a nap next time you consider getting medical treatment. Demand better health care in the USA. There's plenty of room for improvement.

2527 days ago


To all the girls saying that fake boobs are nasty you need to keep your opinions to yourself all your doing is making it obvious that your either small chested or fat because I have a busting over C and am 100% real but I dont hate.

2527 days ago

Old School    

Hedi Klum is an A**hole! First it was Seals Package and NOW her Boobs and you know what they say about people those who talk about it aint getting it so Seal is probably done with hitting it and wouldn't you be if you had to hear A VI a Zane evrything figging time she comes or goes?

2527 days ago
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