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K-Fed Pulls a Britney -- Almost

11/23/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No, he didn't flash his privates. Britney's unemployed baby daddy went shopping for electronics on Thanksgiving, after getting most of his mop chopped off. He's almost got the Britney buzz cut!

Does K-Fed look hot or not with this new 'do? You decide!


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he lookz like a nazi skkkinhed.

2471 days ago


He looks immature...which he is.

2471 days ago


#7- You're right, woman HAVE been doing that for years, I never implied that they haven't. But for a "man" that acts as if he got where he is with his own talent, it's merely embarrasing. Oh wait, there WAS the dancing. Good to know that if the prostituting hadnt worked out, he could have done extremely well as a stripper. :D

2471 days ago


did brit shave him. matching dews. sign of love.

2471 days ago


Kevin, you're a really good looking guy. I'm serious, I'm not being sarcastic. You clean up nice... has it ever occured to you to maybe stop wearing hip-hop garb, silly hats and having weird hairdos? Seriously, if you cleaned up your act, got a nice IN STYLE haircut, started wearing sexier clothes (think European - maybe some fitted designer jeans and long sleeve oxfords or T's?).... I think you'd not only be taken more serious, but it might open some doors to other things. And with Brit making a complete fool out of herself these days... if you all of a sudden went all GQ.... it would be a big deal (in a good way). Just try it. See what happens. You're a hottie, you just insist on keeping it hidden for some reason.

2471 days ago


Who ever let these two breed and reproduce should be givin the longest prison sentence possible.........neither one should EVER be allowed to be with any child alone......much less have children.

2471 days ago


Ding Dang Y'ALL!!!

2471 days ago


I've not posted on this site ever, but I gotta lay it on the line here. Yes, he did earn that money. He married her. I keep remembering that horrible Matt Lauer interview when she declared, "I'm country!" When asked about her marriage, Brittney explained, "Oh, God, yeah, I need him right now. Look at me, I'm a mess!" I may not have the exact words correct here, but you get the general gist.
Brittney is not special. She has a truckload of money; however, she has chosen to surround herself with yes-people. Kevin has hired a publicist. and an aggresive lawyer. He doesn't not flaunt his time with the children. He appears to be fairly private about he whole mess.
Could anyone admit here that he is a good father? Certainly, with the media frenzy upon both of them, he is appearing to be more responsible.

2471 days ago


I think any man that takes care of his children are sexy. Regardless of who the bread winner is. I dont see him driving around with the kids around the paparazzi. He stays home with them. I wonder how many comments on here are from dead beat parents? Although will never know because you bashers are hiding behind the internet. I hope Brit and Kevin can find peace with each other and take care of those kids.

2471 days ago

Michelle LL    

# 7 : How old are you ? Twelve ?

2471 days ago


he looks alot better than trailer trash brit. he is a good dad that wants his kids. so what if he got an updated hair cut. its not his privites showing like brits, ( i wished i would have never seen. ugly ugly i might add)

2471 days ago


I bet if anyone checked on it, you would find out that without the money from Britney, he earned more then most people who are commenting...

2471 days ago


da flat top is better 4 spinning on ur head.

2471 days ago


Here's what Harvey Levin himself had to say about Spears and Federline as parents, back in November 2006, from the TIMZ archives --
"Federline has been an absentee dad from the get go. He's shown no interest in parenting his kids. On the other hand, people who are around Britney all the time tell me she's an amazing mother. Trust me, we did more stories about the car seat than you can count. But she's with these kids 24/7 and does a really good job."

2471 days ago

just wondering    

....Kevin always strived for the spolight, doens't seem to pleased with it these days, Brit is used to the good, the bad and the ugly..oh well..lets just pray he doesn't give his hair cuts to his kids!!!!

2471 days ago
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