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K-Fed Pulls a Britney -- Almost

11/23/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No, he didn't flash his privates. Britney's unemployed baby daddy went shopping for electronics on Thanksgiving, after getting most of his mop chopped off. He's almost got the Britney buzz cut!

Does K-Fed look hot or not with this new 'do? You decide!


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You are delusional or blind if you think this worthless piece of crap is parenting his kids. He is partying with Nicole Narain in Vegas (she's already given 3 interviews to the rags about Britney, and she knows nothing about what's going on in that case) and he is giving the kids to nannies.

2504 days ago


i feel sorry for britney...i refuse to believe that she is as bad as the press makes her out to be k-fed must have a good attorney they catch her but never him.....if it wasn't so sad it would be funny!

2504 days ago


There were just as many pictures of Papazao and his rich kidz when he was married as there is now!!! You can't meet porn starz or stripperz hanging out with the rich kidz!! Papazao says that $25,000 a month can't cover his, stay at home and be a good daddy billz!! How did he ever survive when he was just a worthless bum with 2 poor kidz?? I hope every dummy that continues to defend this piece of crap, winds up getting worked over by someone just as wonderful!!!

2504 days ago

This is devastating.....    

I don't care what people say the only reason he looks like the better parent is because he wants full custody of the kids which in return gets him cash every month for the boys.Maybe if they followed him around 24/7 he would not be that great either.Remember back to when britney/kevin were married.,she was always home with the kids hardly went out,kevin was always out,with her money.Now they have divorced he figures the money train will stop if he doesnt start caring and get full custody of the kids.I also hate how people say it is great that he keeps the kids away from the paparazzi and stays home with them.First,he is not keeping the kids away from the paparazzi,the paparazzi just do not care to take his picture..they would rather make britney look awful & every time i have seen the kids at his house..they are with britneys parents or nanny,.He doesnot work why does he need a nanny??how stupid.Anyway to waste money.Oh,and if he was such a great dad he would get a job not be living off his ex.Oh i also have to point out..why doesnt he want his and shar's kids??Because she is worth nothing!!It has been said he has done drugs in front and paries..He is far from perfect..maybe they should give him a drug test,follow him around..see is life style.See how awful he becomes.Atleast britney has money for the kids..This is ridiculous.HE IS NOT A GOOD DAD..JUST A USER/LOSER!!!Britney should have went running.It is stupid though,that he could go clubbing and britney was great now she goes clubbing and he is great.Neither are great just have to get there act together for the kids!!

2504 days ago


And we a thought he was the loser...Nooooo he married the loser!

Go K fed

2504 days ago


dear #95, k-trash...i am only concerned about those kids. With whom are they better off? It is kind of a lesser-of-two-evils deal. A consistent child care professional is a big step in the right direction and our Kev at least isn't dragging them out in the middle of the night to careen about LA. Is the judge in this case stupid, ill-informed or what?

2504 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

He is about one ugly SOB.

I hope the boys has better looks than their daddy. Brittney Hogan better keep her prize gold mine hidden before Fed Ex finds it in Hollywood and fills it full of his love.

2504 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I wonder how it feels to be him (not that I would actually want to find out) - but with all of these people calling him (with more than good reason) a lazy, bloodsucking, bottom sucking, good for nothing, living off of a woman, using two of his kids to get money to help pay for the other two, baggy shorted, ugly, baby mamma ditching, talentless, conniving, worthless, drug addicted, alocholic, uneducated, whore monger, piece of shiit. He wouldn't even be able to buy a quart of milk for the boys if it wasn't for Britney. Has he no pride whatsoever? And people call Britney trailer trash? What a crazy world we live in. And what a fantasy land k-douch lives in.

2504 days ago


are u happy spending Brit's money?? Be a man! earn yours!!!

2503 days ago


Papazao does want to earn his own money!! He just doesn't want a job like all the chumpz of the world!! He thinkz we all should stop being jealous and go find our own suckerz!!! In the very beginning, he was convinced the world was going to just lay a CAREER, not a job in his lap!! Sorry Papazao, but you have to EARN a career!! You can't just sit on your worthless existance, making believe you have talent, and expect the sucker train to keep on rolling your way, LOSER!!!

2503 days ago



2503 days ago


they both have faults in different areas fed may be ruthless but at least he is sane!

2502 days ago


Anybody notice he is in the cheetos isle? lol

2502 days ago


He isn't a bad looking a**hole, yes, but a semi-cute a**hole.

2502 days ago



2502 days ago
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