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Britney to Order in Chinese ... Babies?

11/25/2007 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTake this one for what it's worth: Britain's News of the World is reporting that Britney Spears is going to adopt Chinese twins. Run for the hills, the end is near!

The paper says the popwreck is telling friends that "she's in the final stages of talks with an adoption agency." Can she even find China on a map?

K-Fed and Brit are set for another round of custody talks tomorrow morning. Neither is expected to be there, but we hear part of the hearing will revolve around who gets the kids at Christmas and other holidays.

If Britney loses custody of her kids, News of the World feels she can just get two more!


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Believe nothing of what you read and half of what you see. This article is a fake. Harvey have your " reporters" check their stories or I will call Judge Judy!

2527 days ago


This sounds dumb as hell to us, but to Britney it would make sense.

2527 days ago


Are you sure they weren't Alien Twins? Come on TMZ, this sounds like something The Enquirer would report!

2527 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Roo and Oh My,

You both make me sick. I am a Korean Immigrant and I think Britney would make a great mom! She is fun and has the wealth to provide these Chinese orphans with the options to have a good life and education. Conditions in mainland China can be harsh especially for little girls...what kid won't want a cool fun loving mom like Britney. It seems to me that many of the posters on here put down Britney because of jealousy. Yes I know she has made some mistakes...but who would survive the scrutiny of the American press and come out perfect? You all need to look in your mirrors....what do you see? Overweight slobs from fly over states in cheap wal mart clothes made by Asian slave laborers...yet you pretend to care about these Chinese children. Roo and Oh My... your posts are full of horrendous typos ...I hope you aren't representative of our education system...


2527 days ago


That sounds ridiculous. Too ridiculous to be true. So lame that people have to make up crap like that.

2527 days ago

a guy    

#32- "recent korean immigrant" Funny, you sure don't spell like an immigrant. It's almost as if you were taught english all your life the U.S. I've been around kid, and I know plenty of immigrants living New York. Your opinion sounds like an American wrote it. SO YOU'RE NOT CONVINCING ANYONE THAT YOU ARE AN IMMIGRANT.
"She is fun and has the wealth to provide these Chinese orphans with the options to have a good life and education" THAT'S A JOKE! HA! She doesn't put any college money away for her own kids, and that's been proven. You say were jealous? I do fine with my business and I am not concerned abuot being broke anytime soon. I bash her because she DOES HAVE ALL SHE NEEDS, AND TAKES IT FOR GRANTED. I do charity work on the weekends, and I have a schedule that hardly allows it, but I get it done. SHE DOES NOTHING BUT RIDE AROUND GETTING GAS FOR HER CAR AND HELPING DEPLETE OUR ECONOMY. "Korean Immigrant" you should not post here with your ignorant idealogical thinking you.

2527 days ago

a fan    

Hey I highly doubt there is any truth to this. I cant see an adoption agency letting a mother whos lost custody of her own kids adopt another!!!!

2527 days ago


Korean Immigrant
I agree, if this is true (in which i doubt it is) the children would be better off with Britney. Some peope don't know what it's like to live in a life in poverty and abuse. And why the hell would Britney need to put college money away for the kids?? Come on, she could buy the college for them!
She looks so sad in the pic. I hope bashing troubled people makes you feel like a good person oh charity guy.

2527 days ago


her boobies were made in china too.

2527 days ago


Give the boys to KFED! Then lets see how much he wants them. Get the chinese Twins which will be beautiful girls. Then you will see kFed trying to make her spend time with the boys who just lost their inheritance! In just a few years those boys will grow up to hate Kfed for this. Kfed wants money so he doesn't have to got back to being a regular person!HOHOHOhahah!

Go Team Britney!

2527 days ago


Wow, she looks tired in that pic. This story is totally false. Anyone who let's her adopt a kid needs their head examined!

2527 days ago

Lenn K.    

#34 So our educational system isn't very good, it's run by the same people Hillary wants to run the healthcare system. Anyway, just because Britney has money doesn't make her a good mom we see that now. People from third world countries think that the money makes the person, well it's really the other way around. If that's the case Ryan O'Neill would have been a great dad, but we all know that he knocked his kids front teeth out. Also, don't knock overweight people from flyover states, they are the backbone of this country. They maybe be fat, but they love this country and will die for this country and won't belittle this country like that communists on the left coast and the right coast. I don't feel bad for China if the chinese won't rebel against their own government. Every problem in the world isn't the USA problem, sometimes it their own problem to solve!!!

2527 days ago


OMFG is this serious?!?!?! So, lets get this straight. She is a horrible enough parent that, as a mother, she gets her children taken away and only left with supervised visitation, and just figures, what the heck, I'll just go get me some more babies!?? Who in their right mind even let her IN the adoption agency?? They should have locked the doors the second she stumbled outta her car

2527 days ago


Delusional now-The last chapter is truly near

2527 days ago


Nope - not going to happen. China is no longer allowing singles to adopt, and now that Brit is single again, she is out of the running. If she is in "talks" with an agency, it has to be for another country - not China. And no reputable agency is going to approve a parent who has already lost custody of her other children. I suspect her "talks" are all in her head.

2527 days ago
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