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Miss Puerto Rico Wins Crown -- By An Itch

11/26/2007 8:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And you thought American beauty pageants were crazy, bitchtacular dramapaloozas? Try Puerto Rico.

Yesterday, cops revealed that the gown and makeup of the new Miss Puerto Rico, Ingrid Marie Rivera, had been coated with pepper spray during Friday's final competition, giving her hives and forcing her to ice her swollen skin between rounds. Pageant officials are investigating whether a rival had a hand in the peppering, saying in a press conference that a makeup bag belonging to Rivera had been stolen as well. There was no update on the investigation today. Rivera will represent the island in the upcoming 2008 Miss Universe pageant.

Puerto Rico has a history of odd beauty queen breaks. Back in 2006, the then-Miss Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera (no relation), went on to win Miss Universe, and fainted. Boom! There goes the dynamite.


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Wow, this girl is absolutely stunning! She deserved to win. She reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones

2462 days ago


Blinkin, do you have any idea how many girls with lots of modeling experience have gone to the Miss PR pageant and NOT won???? All this girls (which maybe 2 or 3 were maybe as pretty as Ingrid) wanted her out because of her experience, well guess what, I would rather have Ingrid with the PR crown, than any of those crybabies who need to learn how to lose GRACEFULLY, as a queen should, use clean tactics to try to win, and not go to alternate methods, such as pepper spray to try to get the girl out of the contest. Truth is, she was the prettiest, most graceful contestant. And I would have her represent my island any day over those pathetic losers aka the other contestants.

2462 days ago


Let's see....Puerto Rico has a history of odd beauty queen 2006 someone fainted and according to TMZ, there was dynamite. ( I know there wasnt people, juss bare with me here! ) And with that history, when someone steals your makeup bag, and magically it appears again, you STILL put the makeup on?? Where's airport security when you need it?......"Ma'm, has anyone else had possession of your bags without your consent? Cuz you know, we have a bad history of odd beauty queen breaks."

BTW.....if she looks like that AFTER the "chemical incident", then she must be a knocker BEFORE!!!!

2462 days ago


Guys, If Puerto Rico were part of the US then there would be 51 stars on our flag. Aren't there still just 50? or am I missing something? Puerto Rico is a territory.

2462 days ago


Yeh, I do believe Puerto Rico is a territory of the U.S.
If I remember, the people of Puerto Rico wanted to become a state
but the Puerto Rican government would not go for it.
Wasn't Rozlyn Sanchez of Without A Trace Miss Puerto Rico at one time?

2462 days ago


Sorry ............Roselyn!

2462 days ago


She was also 2nd runner up in the Miss World Contest a couple of years ago.

You want someone to win who has the best chance of winning the Miss Universe

So of course she will be given bigger odds

Miss World is similar to Miss Universe

2462 days ago

Mary Worth    

Several times, Miss Puerto Rico won the Miss Universe contest over stronger candidates.
One more beautiful candidate was Miss USA (Virginia) who came in second.
Another was Miss Spain, who had, by far, the classiest female figure, and a strong personality; yet, she came in second. Many pageant watchers felt Miss Spain was robbed.

When the pageant was held in Mexico, another year, Miss Puerto Rico was in sixth place as the evening wore on. The crowd down there started to scream for Miss Puerto Rico, every time she came on stage. Result: she won. One of the judges said he was lucky to get out of Mexico, alive!

A couple of years ago, Miss Japan was highly favored by the public. But again, the favorite wound up being first runner-up!
Last year, several European countries boycotted the Miss Universe pageant. And finally, an Asian won again, as Miss Japan took the crown.

2462 days ago


I agree with blinking post # 2 something is not right about this story at all.
I think the entire thing is corrupt.
Also I saw today they decided not to being in the police but would handle it internally? why?

2462 days ago


It's too bad that people won't believe the horrors of pageantry and need "proof" that something happened. Like St. Thomas--"I won't believe it until I see it." Way to go, proud Puertorricans.

It's shameful that just because the gal had been a Miss World of Puerto Rico and went on to compete at the Miss World Pageant and was second runner up--check out the Miss World 2005 page--just google it people! and she was quite pretty even then. The fact that she has won many pageants amount to not much of anything since none have the weight of participating in Miss Universe.

So, shut up about it. Plus, I've looked at the other candidates, and truly, while there were a few pretty ones, the cattiness was uncalled for. Truly the most beautiful won--she wouldn't put herself through a case of hives just to win a Miss Puerto Rico crown--and the odds that she'll win Miss Universe? Okay--there are plenty of very beautiful women around the world...

2461 days ago


TMZ needs a geography lesson. Since when isn't Puerto Rico part of the America's?
There's North America, Central America, South America.....I hate people thinking that American = USA. We are all Americans.

And heck Puerto Rico is really part of the USA anyway.

2461 days ago


This should surprise no one....pageants are nasty business. I accompanied a friend to one a few years ago and my whole purpose in being there, other than helping her with hair and makeup, was to WATCH HER STUFF. She's seen dresses sabotaged, another contestant once stepped on her foot in spiked heels just before she went onstage. Anyone who thinks it would be otherwise must not remember high school.

2461 days ago


The inhabitants of Puerto Rico are considered United States citizens, but their country is a unincorporated commonwealth that is governed mostly by itself but it adheres to the United States. The U.S. has some jurisdiction in the goings-on within its government, but it does not have total control.

2461 days ago

new tv shows    

im really sorry for her and to think for just one crown, they got this far even ruining the person's life

2461 days ago

Ed U Kator    

The stars on the flag represent the states, PR is a territory/colony of the US just like Guam and the USVI. It has a representative in the House of Representative without a vote.

2461 days ago
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