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Oprah Threatened Again by Ex-Staffer's Slings

11/26/2007 9:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey might've thought she was done with an alleged extortionist who threatened to expose some secrets about her management style -- after he was charged with extortion. Not quite.

Page Six reports that Keifer Bonvillain, who was cleared of federal extortion charges by an Illinois court, is now on the attack again, trying to get his supposed tell-all sold via the Internet. Bonvillain allegedly tried to sell secret tapes that an ex-staffer at Harpo Productions made to O for $1.5 million, and was arrested last year.

The ex-staffer has made allegations of discrimination at O's production company. Oprah didn't return the Post's calls for comment.

Tara – Sacked for Being Stinky?

Tara Reid isn't going to be on "Scrubs" anymore, and the show's creator says that she was his "least favorite" co-star.

But, why? Rush & Molloy say that Bill Lawrence blabbed at a recent New York Comedy Festival event that it was because she smoked cigarettes, and because -- let's put it this way -- the aura of her previous night's festivities lingered the next day. (Reid's rep didn't comment.)

At least someone remembers who she is, unlike these people on Robertson Boulevard.

Party Favors: Seinfeld Gets Royal Reception ... Superman Gets His Lois Lane ... "Lost" Star Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Jerry Seinfeld went to Israel to shill for "Bee Movie" and got treated like a visiting head of state, meeting both the President and the Prime Minister, reports the AP. ... "Superman" star Brandon Routh married his longtime sweetheart Courtney Ford, reports People, in Santa Barbara. No capes or tights were worn, say sources. ... "Lost" star Daniel Dae Kim pleaded not guilty to his DUI charge on Friday in Hawaii. He was popped by cops Oct. 25 when an officer spotted him driving erratically.


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Lenn K.    

The picture don't lie, Tara Reid just looks sooo nasty!!

2461 days ago


Tara – Sacked for Being Stinky? = SO TYPICAL OF TMZ

Question - Is TMZ only POSITIVE about gay men?

2461 days ago

wa wa waa    


2461 days ago

kyle larrow (zoom)    


2461 days ago


Oprah has enough money, fame, and power to do what she wants when she wants. People hate her because of how small and insignificant their lives are in comparison to hers. They wish they could trade places with her and have what she has.

2461 days ago


I'm just waiting for Oprahs racist rants to come to life, only a matter of time. Next Tara has cleaned up for the most part and hasn't looked better.

2461 days ago

phillip Belcher    

Opra is a raciest. she dose not like white people, and i hope he dose dig some dirt up on her

2461 days ago


Oprah's "villian" is named THAT'S funny. Oh, by the way, Oprah's planning on campaigning for Obama in Iowa. I think this will be the kiss of death...for Obama. I know this country, and people vote their fears and prejudices and the idea that Oprah can shape people's POLITICAL opinion may be the thing that makes people think differently about Oprah's influence in this country - and not in a good way.

2461 days ago


So Tara got canned because she smelled like stale cigarettes? lol

2461 days ago


I bet Tara has an earthy funk, a mixture of cigarettes,vodka,semen,cocaine and vicodin.

She used to be so cute, but she looks rough for only being in her early 30's.

2461 days ago

George Jobson    

Tara Reid should quit smoking. I mean it. I love her very much as a actress and as a person, but smoking will only hurt her. On behalf of myself, I again asking Tera to quit smoking.

2461 days ago


Oprah is racist? Isn't Maria Shriver one of her best friends and former roommate? She got Dr. Phil and Rachel Ray prosperous careers. Americans believe everything that is negative. A case of a disgruntled ex-employee trying to get rich quick @ the expense of others.

2461 days ago


LMAO @ the people calling Oprah racist. It's funny that there are white people who thinks she's racist, and Black folks condemning her for loving white people too much and not doing enough for blacks. I think when you've accomplished as much, and earned as much money as Oprah has, it doesn't matter if you're black, white, female or male, there will always be people who come out and try to diminish your accomplishments. I think instead of hating her, we should commend her. She didn't inherit her money, or marry into it. She earned it. If she were a white male, we would all be studying books about her. I don't think it's possible to accomplish what she's done without stepping on toes. But I see no reason to try to tear her down.

2461 days ago

Winky Vitalic Oprah story in the same one as a Tara TMZ finally going to reveal the Stedman/Tara connection? And that Stedman is now with Dina Lohan?

I'm only asking...

2461 days ago


To Phillip Belcher, stop your burping and learn how to spell, also If Oprah was so racist then why does she have all those WHITE guests on the show. This a**hole Villain lost his job and just wants easy money but he will lose because extortion is against the law. "dose" you understand that Mr. Phillips? By the way, it's spelled does. You hope he digs up dirt on her?? Remember when you wish for something bad to happen to someone, it will happen to you first. Fool...

2460 days ago
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