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Britney and the Chinese Babies: The Inner Dialog

11/27/2007 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsHey y'all, I knowed I been quiet for a whilers, but I had to set the records straghtenin' right about this Chinese babies story.

Y'see ... I tolded my Guatermalanian maid to get me two orders of Chinese for the babies. Well she don't hear too good, and she says I talk funny, so when she told Alli, she said, "Missy Britney want two Chinese babies." Before I knowed it, Alli found a redoption agency and filled up all them papers in. Coupla weeks later she's showin' me pictures of little Chinese babers and askin' me to choose which two do I want?!

I did not order me up some Chinese chirldrens. Heckers, if I wanted me some more babies I'd find me another K-Fart and make me some! I do not need to go all the way to Japan.


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Sorry TMZ, but of late, even Britney looks brilliant next to your reporting. You're the freaks who reported she adopting Chinese Twins; spent three months dissing Brit, and ran an article that Brit was a great mother and it was K-Fed... like..can you get your story straight at all? Why not admit you're dumb as mud and get on with it?

2524 days ago


Britney obviously has a list of issues that are real. She needs to get a grip and do something about it.

That being said, I think nonsense like this shows a decided lack of taste and a personal vendetta against Britney by TMZ. The question is why?

Reporting her odd behaviors and making jest is one thing. Making up ludicrous stories out of whole cloth which are only meant to embarrass and debase someone isn't funny.

2524 days ago


ok then, ummm, the most sophomoric juvenile humor yet...

2524 days ago

Aussie Mom    

From a true Southerner with some intelligence. You have no earthly idea how southern people speak. You can't even get southern slang correct. Stop... this is insulting to those who truly have a brain and live in the south.

2524 days ago


Yall this is too dang funny.
I laffed so hard, i bout pissed my pants!

yeeee haaaw britney sure do need some more babie, uh huh, she sure do need to adopt some chinese critters so dat she canna become a true suthern blondeeee gurl.

uh huhh..dats all she needs. more brats ta feed more brats ta ignore more brats to abuse, ta drop ta pass off to da nannie.

In all seriousness, I hope she doesn't get to adopt two kids, she is just way too irresponsible to do that.

2524 days ago


Grow up TMZ, your article is about as intelligent as you are. Stupid is as stupid does. I think it's funny that you put a report up without checking it out. Where are your ethics? In the toilet with your writing skills?

2524 days ago


Hilarious!! I love it when you speak for her! LOL!

2524 days ago


Who wrote this crap? Not funny. You guys are neck to neck with the National Enquirer!!!!! Terrible twos - not going well TMZ? I wish the so called "stars" would turn the camera on the parasites - YOU!!!!!!!

2524 days ago

big joe    

adopt in the u.s.a.

2524 days ago


This website is such a waste of my (precious) time! It seems that you're always hard up for news, so you either blow up stories way out of proportion....or you just blatantly make stuff up. Bottom line: TMZ sucks!


2524 days ago


I thought this was one of the funnier brit parodies you've done!

2524 days ago


Harvey, how long before you block this email address? TMZ is apparently threatened by Pro-Britney comments that point out that TMZ turned against Britney when Kaplan took K-Loser's case. They constantly block me and delete my comments. Kaplan and Harvey had a sweet deal going on off Britney's back. I mean- it's not like she couldn't have prevented it. She has made very, very stupid decisions about her life in the name of "love", and she could have prevented all of it, but that doesn't diminish the fact that TMZ is a propaganda tool for Kaplan and his high profile friends in LA.

2524 days ago

Britney Spears    

THAT IS JUST CLASSIC. I LOVE TMZ! I know how TMZ loves to make up about Brittards for the really dumb Britney followers. The Brittards are pissed that you are insulting their queen.

2524 days ago


Why cant Y'ALL leave her alone, my god its crazy crazy, I was watching the video of her bakcing out that would absolutely drive me insane. You all need to lighten up she IS a human being and a good person in reality. You are making her the way she is becoming, for gods sake LEAVE her alone. Its pathetic how the paparazzi and the media harass her, in all seriousness, this is serious,

JUST SHUT UP please, its just not fair and leave her alone.

2524 days ago

Britney Spears    

1whoknows you are a true Brittard! If you don't like that TMZ is attacking your queen why not go to x17online they worship your girl over there.

2524 days ago
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