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Fainting Spell -- a Fake?!

11/27/2007 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources on the set of "Dancing With the Stars" tell TMZ that Marie Osmond's fainting spell was scripted -- to the point where she had a writer just off camera feeding her lines when she stood up!
Marie Osmond Faints
Our moles say Marie has a writer on set at all times, prompting her with witty conversation. One on-set source says he was in position when Marie went down -- and didn't miss a beat.

And get this -- Marie, we're told, is seriously on the hunt for a "successful guy." We're told she's asking some highfalutin people if they know someone who's available. Marie is divorcing hubby number two.

Marie's rep tells us that reports of a writer on set are "absolutely false." "There is no writer on set feeding her lines," she says, "Her manager is there and we (her publicists) are there but no one is feeding her lines." As for a fake faint? Her rep says that's "ridiculous. Why would anyone fake fainting on a live TV show? That show happened during the wildfires and Marie has allergies, there was smoke in the air which was extremely toxic. The trailers for the show are outside the stage and she was breathing the air. It's happened before." And lastly, the rep says Marie is NOT on the prowl. "She's going through a divorce," we're told, "She's not looking to meet someone now -- she wants to spend time with her kids. Dating is the last thing on her mind."


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Ya Think    

That fainting spell was as fake as the day is long! Those of you who say "you must not have ever fainted or you'd know it was real" are sorely mistaken. People who truly faint do NOT close their eyes. The eyes stay open, but roll back involuntarily. You go instantly limp -- there's no voluntary movement or positioning of the legs the way Marie's did. And when you come to, it's a gradual thing. You don't just snap your eyes open and say "oh crap". Since your eyes are already open, they slowly come back into focus and it takes a while to acclaimate yourself and realize what happened. You sweat profusely. You're weak and shaky for HOURS afterward. Her faint was choreographed.

Dancing with the Stars, just like American Idol and Skating with the Stars, is as fixed as the day is long.

2530 days ago


A few years ago, Marie came to my town to sing at the County Fair. She did the same fainting thing on the stage at the fair!! I DEFINITELY think it was fake. If not, she should get it fixed!!

2530 days ago


sorry guys....i've seen her in concert (more than once) and can tell you she has severe asthma. This was no fake.

2530 days ago


Greg Smith: I don't think Marie "pretended" to faint at all. Just look at her face the moment before she fell, and when she did fall, she dropped hard. I'm surprised she didn't have a head injury. It is true that Marie is not the strongest dancer on the show, but you have to give her credit for giving it 100% just like the other dancers. Mel B has had extensive training in dancing before she even got on the show. What's the difference between Marie having an enormous fan base and Mel B having skill in another area? Those things are their strengths. Personally, as a 48-year-old, I don't think I could EVER do the moves that Marie does (especially after 8 children)! She is likeable, refreshing, speaks her mind, is successful, works extremely hard, and happens to be divorced twice. First of all, the full name of the church is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." We believe in the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon, which has the words "Another testament of Christ" on the front cover. We certainly are not a cult. We would welcome you to ask the missionaries (you know, the guys in the white shirts and ties) into your home where they can answer your questions fully.

2530 days ago


Don't know what a woman is supposed to look like when they faint..but don't believe she faked it...but she did fall hard and one would think she would have a lump on her head or some black and blue marks???

I am up to my ears in all this drama about what is merely the revival, publicity to revive the Osmond family...Donnie is good, but why did they choose him to be a narrator just because Marie was dancing??? They are nice people, and Mormons are not immuine from being human and having maritial problems that result in divorce..

Marie has come along way in Dancing with the Stars, but time for her to go..she is in no way in the same dancing category as Mel B or Ellio (sp)..Time for her to go home, concentrate on her divorce and grieve over the loss of her beloved father...and there is just something superficial about brother Donnie..

2530 days ago


Jeff, you must be extremely sight-challenged, calling that hag Marie Osmond a goddess, LOL. My mother is 55 and looks younger and better than Marie Osmond and my mother hasn't had plastic surgery. Marie is a has-been phony, can't wait until she is history, whether she faked the fainting or not, she is stil a has-been phony that will do anything for attention with a brother that helps her get it. Dancing needs to honest things up over there and get rid of dishonest goings-on from cheaters like the Osmond sibs.

2530 days ago


not fake....and not a ladylike fall whatsoever....I think she was out of breath and from that started hyper ventilating and from that passed out....I know it can happen cause it happened to me!!!

2530 days ago


TMZ is no different than the National Inquirer. It's nice to hear updates on celeb's, but for goodness sake... be truthful and fair! Is that too much to ask? If you are having a slow day then write nothing. No news is good news as far as I'm concerned.

2530 days ago


email me at to talk about issues similar to this one.

2530 days ago


hey did maks give u this story, he's been crying like a bitch 2 anyone who'll listen

2530 days ago


It seems that there is a LOT of misinformation out there about Mormons (also called members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). We DO have activities and congregations for the single members of our church. They plan and participate in dances, socials, pot lucks, movie nights, activity nights, and all kinds of opportunities to meet someone to marry. We DO NOT have a "dating service" out of the Salt Lake Temple! That's pretty ludicrous. All activities are planned by the single members for the single members locally. We also have a "Silver Circle" group where older members of the church can go to mingle. This would include widows, widowers, or older singles who have never been married. We want everyone to feel included and supported. We welcome and love anyone who comes to our church buildings in search of truth, or merely to satisfy their curiosity. We never "force feed" the gospel to anyone. The missionaries teach, but the person being taught is encouraged to pray on their own whether these things are right and true. It's as simple as that. Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ come before ANYTHING. And you are right--the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the fastest growing church in the world. Can all of us be wrong?

2530 days ago

Not in Denial!    

Marie MUST not be doing that well selling her dolls. She plugged her dolls lastnight and has throughout the show. Christmas time is coming.

2530 days ago

el polacko    

totally faked and PLANNED. no one from the crew or staff came to her aid, not her publicist or manager, the judges stayed in their seats, even donnie didn't come running. if it were real, she could have been DEAD for chrissake and only the host and her partner see to her ?
please. then she just pops right up again and the show must go on ! hahaha as phony as the 'voting' on these contest shows. i suppose she didn't plan to work in 20 plugs for her doll line last night either. get a grip, folks. it's showbiz.

2530 days ago


HEY TMZ -- Why must you exaggerate the headline? Nwhere does the story say the faint was fake, only that her words were prompted. Do you WANT to be sued??

2530 days ago


The mormons are the fastest growing religion because of all the kids they have.

2530 days ago
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