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K-Fed: I Don't Want to Be an Ass Anymore

11/27/2007 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is through with being the bad guy, or so he says.

The Fed-Ex tells Details magazine (via MSNBC) that he's glad to be getting more acting gigs, but he feels he's been typecast thus far. "I'd actually like to play somebody other than a bad guy or an ass," he says. K-Fed has been named one of the mag's "50 Most Influential Men under 45."

As for his parenting approach, he reveals that his television tastes "are pretty much G-rated right now. Anything from 'SpongeBob' to 'Finding Nemo.'"

Oprah "Resolves Everything" at School

Oprah Winfrey made a secret trip over the weekend -- to her South African academy. The father of the girl who was the alleged victim of abuse by a teacher says Oprah has "resolved everything" for his daughter.

The father, whose identity wasn't revealed by People, which spoke to him, said that he is "very happy and pleased" that Oprah heard his side of things, and adds that the school is "planning new rules and staff" in response to the abuse scandal.

Oprah surprised the girls at the school by showing up to their end-of-year party.

Party Favors: Emeril Gets 86'd from Food Network ... Divorce Talks for Evangelist Bynum Break Down

It's official -- Emeril Lagasse will throw down his last "Bam!" on Dec. 11, when he tapes his last "Emeril Live!" for the Food Network. The show is being canceled after 10 years, though the network says his studio show will remain on the air. ... The divorce talks between bigshot (and bigmouth) evangelist Juanita Bynum and her estranged and allegedly slap-happy husband have broken down, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, after Bynum blabbed about to Essence magazine about her marriage.


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Lenn K.    

K-Fed is right about one thing and you can tell he's listening to advice. He maybe be a turd, jobless, leech, but at least he is will to try and change that's something Britney hasn't done. But if she does she'll alot better for it.

2522 days ago


Kudos to Kevin...that's what a parent does, watch Spongebob and Finding Nemo. And how do you know he is jobless, Lenn K? You are always on here yourself, go do something productive with your life.

2522 days ago

c arndt    

Well maybe if he wasn't an ass he wouldn't be typecast as one!!!!!!!

2522 days ago

Lenn K.    

I will if you will MOM!!

2522 days ago


i got nothing against k-fed but detail magazine should be used if youre out of toilet is homeboy influential? explain that to me...again im not a kfed basher...or her retarded ex...

2522 days ago


So, K-Fed is influential, huh? Sure...if you include influencing teens to become thug wannabes. Or just plain asses!! Or downright loads!!

2522 days ago

alex wooldridge    

k- fed is an ass, a human peice of trash just like that whore britney spears, they all act like rich spoilked little terds who should be beaten and left crying in the streets, they can all goto hell. there nothing but trash and have slowly became a joke of americans.

2522 days ago


Sorry Mom the end of the day, Federfreak is still a punk with no redeeming values. He will always try and skate his way through life, as you can see by thinking he can act. Act his way to an easy paycheck is how he sees it. For a magazine to put him on a 'Most Influential' list is irresposible and an attempt to stir up controversy and sell more magazines.

2522 days ago


k-fed, influential? are u kidding me? the only thing he is influencing is all the thug wanna be's out there to do is go out and fine a rich girl, impregnate her and leach off her for the rest of your life and be a fame whore for doing absolutely nothing.

2522 days ago


I give him credit for at least now trying to get a job.......I really don't know who is going to hire him though.....have you ever seen a more worthless low life? Brit has kept him up for the past few years and I guess it is hard for him to work. Maybe he will get the hang of it. His only shining moment in life was to con Britney in to marrying him....what a con job. He's not fighting for his "other kids" now is he? They are not as lucrative as Britney's kids.................makes you think doesn't it?

2522 days ago


k-fed is a douchebag

2522 days ago


My God this is a joke ....right? One of the most influential men? Give me a break.......
He couldn't influence anything,,,,,,,,,,,except maybe employers not to hire him..........this has got to be a joke......way to go TMZ for the laugh!!

2522 days ago


goes to show you that we need better influential men to start standing up.
the pickings are getting slim

2522 days ago


Yeah, Oprah resolved everything. With a big fat check no doubt. I'm sure that's why Daddy is so 'pleased'.

As for punkboy, nobody is hiring you for your acting skills. They want the curiosoty seekers dumbo. You'll always be a sideshow, as long as the media keeps you alive. And you only influence other lazy punks who think that kinda life is cool.

2522 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

The chances of him not being an ass are slim to none. What a no talent loser.

2522 days ago
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