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K-Fed: I Don't Want to Be an Ass Anymore

11/27/2007 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is through with being the bad guy, or so he says.

The Fed-Ex tells Details magazine (via MSNBC) that he's glad to be getting more acting gigs, but he feels he's been typecast thus far. "I'd actually like to play somebody other than a bad guy or an ass," he says. K-Fed has been named one of the mag's "50 Most Influential Men under 45."

As for his parenting approach, he reveals that his television tastes "are pretty much G-rated right now. Anything from 'SpongeBob' to 'Finding Nemo.'"

Oprah "Resolves Everything" at School

Oprah Winfrey made a secret trip over the weekend -- to her South African academy. The father of the girl who was the alleged victim of abuse by a teacher says Oprah has "resolved everything" for his daughter.

The father, whose identity wasn't revealed by People, which spoke to him, said that he is "very happy and pleased" that Oprah heard his side of things, and adds that the school is "planning new rules and staff" in response to the abuse scandal.

Oprah surprised the girls at the school by showing up to their end-of-year party.

Party Favors: Emeril Gets 86'd from Food Network ... Divorce Talks for Evangelist Bynum Break Down

It's official -- Emeril Lagasse will throw down his last "Bam!" on Dec. 11, when he tapes his last "Emeril Live!" for the Food Network. The show is being canceled after 10 years, though the network says his studio show will remain on the air. ... The divorce talks between bigshot (and bigmouth) evangelist Juanita Bynum and her estranged and allegedly slap-happy husband have broken down, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, after Bynum blabbed about to Essence magazine about her marriage.


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He's Boring now    

Ok Oprah now go resolve everything for your latest venture----Barack Obama.

2484 days ago


Yo, the only people that hate on k-fed are haters. Period. This dude is actually getting jobs, making a name for himself, and *gasp* actually being a decent parent! Oh my god! K-Fed's actually being responsible, more responsible than Britney. To paraphrase TMZ, DING-DANG Y'ALL!!

K-Fed just needs to actually keep being the responsible parent in this group. He has my support. And, no, I've never bought one of his albums or listened to it.

2484 days ago

blow me    

HERE HERE, Lenn K. I couldn't agree with u more!!!

2484 days ago


Who cares about K-Fed? We knew Oprah would "make it all right"....but....but.... Emeril's show is being canceled from the Food Network! He's had that show for 10 years!

I'll miss the "Bam" guy...

2484 days ago


"Spongebob" is HARDLY appropriate for a 1 and a 2 year old, and is not G-rated. "Finding Nemo" is too complex for most 1-year olds. How about Barney? That's what real 1 and 2 year olds watch. Listen, people. Pay attention. This is a contract between TMZ and Kaplan to attempt to persuade the stupidest people in America that this loser is a father- driven by both money and their hatred of women.

2484 days ago


Well, Daddy will go from a mud hut to a mansion thanks to Oprah's 'resolve'
Wonder if she also gave them new automobiles?

2484 days ago


K-FED - you're talentless and not that attractive. You're just lucky that you got to hitch your PR machine to Britney Spears (and HER money).
Type cast? What else can you do with a talentless dancer? Go away. Get a real job and stop being a leech.

2484 days ago


K-Fed is tired of being an ass?

I'd like to be about 3 inches taller, but you are what you are. You being an ass is who you are. Go away.

2484 days ago

double standards    

Please, Oprah is so self obsorbed and a hypocrite - the one who is not seeking to improve only their own race is the one who is truly a humanitarian. She thinks she walks on water because her money in her mind and in the public's mind makes her "powerful". Last I remember, she didn't walk on water and she has not laid down all her money for all of mankind. Please........

2484 days ago


I'm so not impressed.........hater much?

2484 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Lenn, aren't you smart? I see you all over the Britney posts - Lindsay too (are you obsessed with young girls?) - and you are generally an angry, judgemental person. You can't resist name calling, which only tells the rest of us that you are an angry, judgemental person with EVERYONE in your life. Why not do everyone a favor and save your startling "insight" for your friends (do you have any?) and spare the rest of us on TMZ your wisdom.

Britney - you have many fans who only want to see you happy & healthy! We love you!!!!

2484 days ago


brit proposed to Kevin and made sure he didn't go back to shar..

2484 days ago


Step 1. Stop dragging the mother of your children through court!

2484 days ago


How can you resolve sexual abuse? Apparently you can't. Okrah's life is one big therapy session. Guess "rushing" over to Africa to "lay hands" on the victim takes it all away. She continuously talks about her abuse. Can we assume that it is not resolved? Okrah on the campaign trail. What a year....Hillary who already "knows" she's going to be President and Okrah resolving another's pain....looks like some women are a little too pumped up on themselves. Why doesn't Okrah have or adopt her own children to know the day to day scrifice emotionally and psychologically that is invovled rather than do the "Queen" role? She appears to need to be more and more prevalent everywhere. God complex, perhaps? Maybe if Hillary is the candidate, then Okrah could be VP for her??? or for Obama??? Imagine, nightly news with Hillary and Okrah. Think I'll unplug my TV.

2484 days ago


#28 "Barbara? refering to Ms. Winfrey as "Okrah" makes you seem small and petty. Watch out now, your racist is showing!

2484 days ago
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