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Celebs Who Save Face

11/29/2007 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spends a lot of time pointing out the stars who have had an unfortunate relationship with Father Time. Now let's take a moment to look at some celebs who've gotten better with age -- and perhaps a little work. But we're still TMZ.
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2484 days ago

her penguin

2484 days ago


Sorry, but Nicole Kidman does NOT look good for her age.

Her plastic surgery made her face look harsh and her fake hair color makes her face look washed out.

And what's up with these retards who post "First!"??? Get a life.

2484 days ago


Oh please, most of these women have had tons of plastic surgery and the Botox is seeping from their pores. LOL, Madonna looks awful and Nicole Kidman will never have a normal looking forehead, her habitual over-use of Botox has deformed it and removed any trace of expression from her face and she looks older than her years. Other stars like Demi Moore have had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery - and as for Demi, she doesn't look a day less than what she is anyway even with all the plastic surgery she has had. Come on, most of the stars only look great with tons of make-up and/or the air-brushing they get in the magazines. You know, most of the "stars" don't look any different than "us" and knowing that makes them nuts, LOL. That's why they hate the paps, they can't hide the truth about that. Look at Melanie Griffith, if I looked like that, I sure as hell would see a plastic surgeon - TO FIX ME.

2484 days ago


And where is Keanu Reeves tmz.???

2484 days ago


Well first.....why, why why are you covering this? Yes, these people look good...some have been tweeked a bit but that's ok. I don't know why it so surprising to people that we can still look darn good past 25. Just take care of what you put in your bodies and move around. Watch what you do and if you're lucky enough to come from a good gene pool, time won't totally let you down either. Americans are way too obsessed with physical "perfection".....there's plenty of beauty out there but perfection is way over-blown. Peace of mind SHOULD come first.....maybe someday we'll figure that out.

2484 days ago

Scandalous Candice    

Sorry that's not aged to perfection. That's preserved in Botox. Figures too. She is box office poison and preserved in it too!

2484 days ago


She looks like the most boring lay ever, like she doesn't sweat when she does it.

2484 days ago

Scandalous Candice    


Don't you know that botox injections help prevent sweating. That's why hags like Omarosa got it injected under their arm pits. Of course Nicole doesn't sweat. Imagine how many injections it must have taken to paralyze that huge fore head?

2484 days ago



I'm not up on the latest in botox, I just know fun girls when I see one, Nicole is not one....

2484 days ago


You're being sarcastic, correct? She looks rough...I don't think she looks good for her age at all. Her hair is in terrible condition, and she looks very pasty - and bad color lipstick. Try Demi Moore, Diane Ladd, or Catherine Zeta Jones...I like her as an actress, but she is certainly not the best aging actress - she looks very rough.

2484 days ago


2484 days ago


Take away their many thousands of dollars of makeup and surgery...they are just like us, getting old, frail, dried-up, vain and there's not a thing they can do about it. I only ask when they get old that there grey stringy hair doesn't turn yellow and the ladies don't put on too much lipstick.

2484 days ago

Baba Wawa    

How could you forget Fran Drescher?? She just turned 50 and she's still smokin hot!!

2483 days ago

Baba Wawa    

Wait...what? Madonna hasn't had work done??? HAHA!! Yeah right!!

2483 days ago
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