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Hulk Doesn't Sulk

11/28/2007 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught the Hulk today, and he was all smiles -- looking as if he weren't splitting with his wife, and as if his son's recent car accident didn't leave his friend in a coma!

Hogan rolled up to the Sony lot today to start filming "American Gladiators," and gave a shout-out to the writers picketing outside the gates.

The show was busing in students as an audience for the show -- and TMZ heard NBC is paying the schools $10 a head. It's a good thing NBC is free.


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Jo Jo    

bald headed weasel

2523 days ago


I think the hulk should walk away from this nut case,for good.

2523 days ago

Dawn Day    

Back to work Hulkie Baby! Youse got alimony and child support to pay now!!

2523 days ago


AHHHHH How Cute! Is he still wearing his wedding ring?
Ditch the whole freakin family and marry Chyna. She a skank like your last wife and should fit right in.

2523 days ago


Paying $10 bucks a head. Good Lawd! $10 a head!
Paris better get her butt over there and make some Pizza money.

I like Hulk. He is my future father-in-law.
Too bad my future brother-in-law will be a convicted felon by the time me and Brooke takes our honeymoon cruise.

2523 days ago


NBC is NOT free! You pay dearly with your brain cells! The cost of the severe mental anguish from watching the insulting advertising for 10 minutes out of every half hour of TV!

Oh, and life goes on. The Hulk didn't run anyone down, and we certainly can't let the failed marraige scam to hide the old money, get in the way of earning enough new money to pay for the enormous and well deserved future lawsuit, brought on by the Grazianos....I hope they get it all.

2523 days ago


I like steroid Hogan. He has plenty of trouble with his "I can not drive a car son". Now his beautiful soon to be ex wife is taking him to the cleaners. Thank God, his daughter Brook is normal. Putting your family on TV for the money has a price. I guess they needed the money?

2523 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Oooohh, poor, poor Hulkie! The same idiot who started the family off into the world of illegal street racing many, many years ago. The same idiot who kept buying his spoiled, dangerous son 700+ horsepower cars ( Ferraris have about 500 hp) to street race in. The same idiot who who kept buying cars as his son wrecked them. The same idiot who knew his son was having frequent serious brushes with the law, yet he did nothing to literally slow his kid down. The same idiot who apparently bought his idiot son and his friends beer. The same who got on TV and flat out lied about Graziano's condition. The same idiot who then shifted blame away from his son and onto a defenseless, and therefore silent, victim. The same idiot who has been caught suddenly hiding his money oversees to hide it from future lawsuits. The same idiot who never wanted to utter an apology to their victims. Oh yeah, he's a great guy? I guess his loyal fans will always love this slimeball! To me, he's an overinflated, steroid using, morally bankrupt, poor excuse for a parent and human being.

2523 days ago

4 me 2 know    

Linda knows now that Hulk is not going to make the money he once did and she wants a dig for herself alone. If you watched the show you can she that all she wanted to do was spend money and find other ways for Hulk to make more. What has she ever done to contribute?

2523 days ago


hey hulk hook up with one of the divas of the wwe,thats what vince does...

2523 days ago


LOL! Now TMZ is blocking my blogs? Who got to you, TMZ- the same puzzy that welched on paying John Graziano's medical bills?

Hey NBC- let's see how much you have to pay people to watch this idiot once we get done talking to the sponsors of American Gladiator!

Next, TMZ will be reporting on Hulk's humanitarian efforts..... How much Hulk money did it take for you to sell out, TMZ? Time Warner getting nervous about their franchising deals?

Hey- why not have Hulk wave a flag in the show, and that way you can make a complete mockery of justice!

Well played.....


2522 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

UPDATE (since TMZ is always too slow)

In a story that made the front page of newspapers in both Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida today, authorities released a 133 page official report on Nick Hogan's car wreck last August, which left passenger John Graziano severely injured, criminal charges filed against Nick and a civil suit expected to be filed in the future by Graziano's family.

According to the report, Hulk Hogan was with his son Nick, Graziano and two additional friends, Barrett Lawrance and Daniel Jacobs, when he purchased 2 cases of Miller Lite beer, 2 cases of Corona Extra beer, 1 case of Miller Chill beer and 5 bags of ice at an Albertson’s store in Clearwater. Hogan and Nick's friends carried the alcohol from the store according to the report.

The five spent time boating before being turned away at a local establishment, Shepard's Tiki Bar, because Nick was underage. A bouncer at Shephard's was interviewed by authorities and said everyone in the group was holding bottle of Corona beer when they entered the bar area, except for Nick Hogan, who was drinking from a green cup. Nick Hogan was later charged with operating a vehicle with a breath-alcohol level of .02 or higher while under the age of 21.

The decision was made to drive to Arigato’s Steakhouse in Clearwater with Bollea and Graziano driving a yellow Supra and Jacobs and Lawrance taking a silver Dodge Viper; Both cars were owned by Hulk Hogan.

Investigators have alleged Hogan was racing the Supra against the Viper when he lost control and crashed. Jacobs and Lawrance both denied racing with Hogan at the time of the wreck when interviewed by investigators. Lawrance claimed that The Viper he was in, Nick's Supra, a motorcycle and another vehicle were all at an intersection at Court Street and Missouri Avenue at a red light. When the light turned green, Lawrance claimed Jacobs cut in front of the motorcycle to pass Nick. They did, and then heard the Supra crashing behind them.

Authorities have previously acknowledged that the road was wet from weather conditions. Lawrance told investigators the Supra was “at or near 100 miles per hour" at the time of the crash. The posted speed limit for that area is 40 mph.

Authorities ruled that Jacobs was not a direct cause of Nick's crash, but he was issued a court summons for reckless driving in the wake of the crash. Nick Hogan, charged as an adult, not a juvenile, is facing the following:

* Reckless Driving Involving Serious Bodily Injury.
* Use of a motor vehicle in commission of a felony (the aforementioned)
* Being under the age of 21 and operating a vehicle with a breath-alcohol level of .02 or higher.
* Having illegal window tint on his vehicle

Nick Hogan's driver's license was suspended in the wake of the wreck. The wreck has also caused a ripple effect including the likely cancellation of the Hogan family VH-1 reality series and the announcement that Linda Hogan had filed for divorce from Hulk Hogan after 23 years of marriage. Some, including the Graziano's family attorney, have surmised that announcement could simply be a strategic move to prevent assets from being lost in the expected civil suit since the cars were owned by Hulk, not Linda Hogan and any assets split in the divorce could be protected from the suit.

Hulk Hogan's attorney was contacted by Tampa Bay Channel 10 but declined comment, stating he had not yet seen the official report.

2522 days ago


#28 EOO
Nicely done.

2522 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

thanks FIb!

BTW, love ur posts.

2522 days ago


Hulk did not directly do the bad deed, but he supported and permitted his son to be on the roads driving like a maniac when he should have taken the damned car/killer coma mobile away from him about a thousand speeding tickets and tickets not given for speeding a long time ago..before he killed an innocent victim or destroyed a life..i.e. John....and we have a young warrior, who fought in Iraq to protect his country and our people , who lies in a coma and even if he revives, he will never be the same..Little did the poor young man know that Iraq was a piece of cake compared to riding in a car with a irresponsible, spoiled brat, and never dreamed that he would be in the condition he is in, because of a friend??

Both Hulk, the idiot himself and his mother and the police department are responsible for what happened to John..

2522 days ago
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