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Rampage Can Talk White, But Is He Right?

11/28/2007 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UFC brawler Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has never been afraid to go on the attack. And when the king of the octagon learned that NFL star Sean Taylor died from a gunshot to the leg on the Monday, Rampage went off.

"Shot in the leg and died," he asked our cameraman. "Where the hell was the ambulance? Flavor Flav was real when he said 911 was a joke."

Then, just like a pre-skankified Flav would have done, Rampage got racial. "Black folks, when you get in trouble [and you] call 911, please sound white when you call ... We all sound white when we need to."

Tough words from a tough man.

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When the femoral artery is ripped open by a bullet, you have very, very little time. in fact the only way he could have lived was if he was shot in front of a hospital ER.

2458 days ago


You know I can see it now, the 911 call came in and the operators were like, "hang on it's just another black man shot guys, take your time, no need to hurry", yeah that seems realistic.

2458 days ago


where are you shopping that people are bending over backwards to assist your TEN YEAR OLD daughter? please, where does that happen that people fall all over themselves to help children? i think you are either imagining things or shopping at "Make A Bear".

2458 days ago

beautiful flower    

this is what makes black people look bad, not to say the permed out pete(al sharpton) or uncle jesse(jesse jackson)dont do a good enough job. as if we need another black man standing on a soap box screaming racism. when a person uses the race card that is to accomidate his short comings. they dont have anything else to say. they need to fill space with there warped views. "the man this the man that", these are nothing but excused, and excuses are like a-holes, everybody has one. you dont even have to be a rocket sientist to catch the jyst that if a person dies of a gun shot wound to the leg the bullet had to have hit an artery. what a numskull. dont you just love our black folks. (yes, i am black).

2458 days ago


this is a prime reason why why racism still exists in this country. this wasn't a race issue - the bullet hit a major artery in sean taylor's leg, not because he lacked medical care due to the fact that he was black. gimmie a break. as long as people keep playing the stupid "race card", they better know they are perpetuating racism & be prepared to live in a segregated society!

2458 days ago

tampa joe    

Enough!! The only thing that makes this racial is that people are sick of hearing idiots like Rampage play the race card like we're at a kennel club poker game.

2458 days ago


SEAN TAYLOR's GIRLFRIEND IS WHITE----SHE PLACED THE 911 CALL! I'm so sick and tired of the race card---there's bigotry out there, all right, but it's not the whites. It's the few blacks like this idiot Rampage that ruin it for everyone. Did it ever occur to this idiot that a black person took the 911 call, and didn't respond because the caller was white? Yea, sure, that's what happened. See how stupid you sound you black bigot!

2458 days ago


38. Yoman,
where are you shopping that people are bending over backwards to assist your TEN YEAR OLD daughter? please, where does that happen that people fall all over themselves to help children? i think you are either imagining things or shopping at "Make A Bear".

Posted at 4:49PM on Nov 28th 2007 by j

no it was a barnes & nobile & no they were not falling over themselves to help a child but if they were would that be wrong? get a clue

2458 days ago

I know    


We are trying our best to SHUT OUR GHETTO BROTHERS and SISTERS UP.

They have been given the license to say whatever, and do whatever and get PAID FOR IT over the last several years.

This CANNONT go on, it's like having to TEND TO UNRULY CHILDREN.


All Black People don't agree with this, we all know the phone lines where cut and it seems like Sean thought he could handle his wound alone.

But this Ghetto Brother just doesn't care to know or understand this.

2458 days ago


if this big idiot had half a brain he would know that Taylors girlfriend IS WHITE and surely must have SOUNDED WHITE when she made the 911 call. I am so sick and tired of people playing the race card when things go wrong. Just because there are still racists people in this crazy world does not mean everyone is racists. My gosh it was probably a black operator too!!!

2458 days ago


I work for 911 in the Miami area and the majority of the operators are black and latino. I don't understand what Rampage is talking about when he says you need to sound white to get a response. Is he saying that the black 911 operators only respond timely to white people ?

Rampage needs to shut up and stop playing the race card !

2458 days ago


fine....lets give "rampage" the benefit of the doubt. let's say he didn't know the full story. that being the case, it was very negligent and very ignorant of him to make such inflamatory commentary on a subject he did not have all the facts regarding. he knew he was being quoted/filmed and proceeded to do it anyway. this shows how easy it was for him to resort to a racist response. one can only imagine the sort of things that come out of his mouth when he's not on camera.

2458 days ago


The call to 911 was made by the football player's girlfriend who is young and BLONDE! So the whole question on race on this one is just stupid. Also, he was hit in a main artery. It's obvious the work of the paramedics is what allowed him to live as long as he did. It was God's grace and the work of the medics that he didn't bleed out and die right there on his bedroom floor.

2458 days ago


Personally I think it was his girlfriend! Why wouldn't she apply pressure? Maybe she doesn't like black people either!!! LOL Wait isn't he a criminal

2458 days ago


ACTUALLY - 911 operators will probably react quicker if the caller IS black. Black people sue WAY faster than white folks.

Opinionated... Highly - where are you statistics and data proving this? Or is another of your ignorant opinions? By the way, attorneys only take on cases that have merit and have a strong possibility of winning so they too, can get paid. If Blacks are suing WAY faster than whites and are winning, looks they actually deserve to.

Everyone - I don't agree with what Rampage said, but rest assured that racism still does exist. You may not be a racist, may not associate with any racists or simply don't realize that you are indeed a racist, but racists are definitely out there. Looks like quite a few are commenting on this sight.

Also, Sean pistol-whipped a man who'd stolen his car. How many of you wouldn't have done the same thing if you'd had access to your licensed weapon? That makes him a thug? When someone white does the same thing, he's utilizing his Constitutional right.

2458 days ago
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