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Britney's Bookstore Hysteria

11/29/2007 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears caused chaos in the most unlikely of places last night -- a bookstore! No, she wasn't picking up the latest additions to the bestseller list -- she was just gettin' her coffee on.

Barnes and Noble has a Starbucks, y'all! And as the percolated popwreck weaved through aisles of books, paparazzi literally jumped out at every turn, causing utter insanity inside the usually quiet location. Apparently, Barnes and Noble has no issue with paps running amok through their aisles!

Brit took refuge in the Starbucks kitchen and hid in the bathroom until her order was ready. It took eight, yes eight, LAPD officers to escort her safely to her car -- now there's taxpayer money put to good use! Britney, shockingly, purchased no books.


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Dog is a racist mutt!    

Hey Surfer Duuuuuude, I don't do drugs, but you obviously have a lot of experience with them. You've obviously snorted Drano before. You promote your beliefs when I don't care to see them and I will return the favor. Go cower on your knees some where. I kneel to No One!!!

2459 days ago


118. Should have known she wouldn't be in a bookstore to buy a book, nah she just needed to make all the other people shopping there miserable just so she could get coffee! Maybe we should all chip in $.25 and buy the girl a damn coffee maker and a bag of starbucks coffee for christmas. Maybe then she would stay at home.

Posted at 12:38PM on Nov 29th 2007 by buffay
She left with a large bag of books. TMZ just didn't bother to include those shots here.

2459 days ago


I actually WORK at the barnes and noble, and she did in fact buy some books. especially for her kids!

and, she wasnt escorted out of the starbucks by lapd, she left barnes CARYING A BAG OF BOOKS!

way to go

2459 days ago


HELLO!! SHE DID BUY BOOKS...She bought a couple for her kids and one about weddings! Get your facts straight too...she was hanging in the stock room of the bookstore for some time...the sellers were bringing books back to her.

2459 days ago

name withheld    

she totally got skinny and lipod her double chin

2459 days ago


To #51 and others who read posts about Britney every day: her name is spelled B-R-I-T-N-E-Y, not Brittany, idiots.

Show me one person who would not go insane if they were stalked inside and outside of their home... just yesterday there was crap in mainstream news about the sex toys that she keeps IN HER OWN HOME!!!!!!!!! So what if she likes sex toys, millions do. It is turning into a desperate and ridiculous situation.

The laws need to change today. This woman does not enjoy the basic right of freedom, she can't even be inside her own house or backyard without somebody snapping shots or blabbing to some website or magazine. I used to enjoy gossip as a window into American pop-culture (yeah Canada) but it has become ridiculous... this woman cannot even take a dump without being filmed.

Why don't all you greasy, bottom-feeding paps film yourselves all day and show the world what YOU are made of?

2459 days ago


You guys are morons... Anyone with an IQ knows your stalkers paps are the waste of taxpayers money, don't blame the person trying to get out the door. As for you others who want to continue the myth that Britney calls the paps herself, I have just a couple of "logic" questions to hit you with. (Yes, I know this will be hard for some of you!) If Britney called them herself, why do they have to stalk her residence in order to catch her leaving? Wouldn't they just chill somewhere until she called?? Also, you believe that cuz hmmmm.... TMZ or Perez said so, right? So it must be true.... LOL

2459 days ago


thank you tmz!! i like britney!!

2459 days ago

the lost    

What a lame and pathetic excuse for attention. Coffee at Barnes and Noble. She is seriously addicted to the spotlight. At first I thought maybe it might be hard for her with all the pap around, but now I see that it's all a big scene for her that she loves creating. Anyone who feels bad for her now is as stupid as she is. I mean seriously. Running through a bookstore for coffee KNOWING you will be followed. No one is going to go through the trouble of doing that unless they love it.

2459 days ago


maybe she went in there looking for a better parenting book how to be a better parent!! lol that camera stuff is plain insanity if thats the price of being a celebrity i am glad to be who i am i could never live that way!!!

2458 days ago


Britney is out every day acting bizarre and seeking negative attention at every turn. She really needs to be in a pysch ward somewhere. She's either crazy or demon possessed.

2458 days ago


I guarantee you that most retail businesses would not permit the paps into their buildings or let a customer, whoever he or she is, into one of their back rooms. Barnes and Noble carries much of the blame for the outcome. I'm not a fan of Britney, but she is not to 100% to blame for this.

2458 days ago


I hardly ever go to a regular starbucks.. I usually go to the one at the grocery store, barnes and noble, etc. To a certain extent I can understand why Britney doesn't have people going and doing her stuff for her, sending people to get her coffee, groceries, clothes, etc. Who wants to be bottled up in their own house all day every day while someone else does everything for them? It's not as glamorous as it sounds. Even having someone clean your house and wash your clothes has it's down side, when you don't wash your clothes yourself, they don't get washed the way you want them to. When you don't clean your house the way you want it cleaned, things get put in places where you can't find them. Britney's made a lot of mistake's in her life, but she's human; everyone makes mistakes.

2455 days ago


Until Bush and his cronies get through taking away everyone's civil liberties, which is something everyone on this website should be concerned about instead of Britney, this is still a free country. Britney should be able to go to a bookstore or coffee shop whenever she wants to; she should not have to be held hostage in her own home by the paparazzi. Yes, she could be a better mother based on what is reported--if it's true, but she still had the right--just like everyone else to go where she wants.
Perhaps everyone here should read about the PATRIOT ACT and be concerned about that or maybe a little war in Iraq that is costing billions of dollars and untold suffering rather than watching Britney's every move.

2452 days ago


Misspelling -- Britney HAS the right to go where she wants.

2452 days ago
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